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The Breakfast Club returns to theaters to celebrate 30th anniversary

After 30 years as one of the most iconic teenage drama’s of all time, The Breakfast Club will return to theaters across the US for a special two day event marking the 30th anniversary of the initial release of the John Hughes movie, CNNreports. The Breakfast Club has remained one of the best loved of the 1980s cycle of films written and directed by John Hughes as it tells the story of a diverse group of teenagers in a Saturday morning detention at their high school as Marc Sparks fondly remembers.

The special release of the movie will be accompanied by a short documentary that will screen prior to the movie being shown in theaters featuring a number of the cast and media experts. The feature will discuss the making of the film and the effect it had and continues to have on teenage drama’s on TV and film. The special digitally remastered release event will be available at around 430 theaters across the country on March 26 and 31 to celebrate the February 1985 release of the original version of the movie.

CGI “Reshoots” Are Ordered for Terminator: Genisys Fight Scene

Looks like some reshoots are being ordered for Terminator: Genisys. The reshoots involve a battle between Arnold Schwarzenegger and, well, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Actually, the older “current” Arnold T-800 ends up fighting the younger version of himself, the T-800 from 1984. Humorously, photos of the younger Arnold Terminator present a 1980’s era hairdo.

The reshoots have been ordered because executives have seen the footage are not thrilled with it. The goal with improvements and edits is to make the Terminator clash a lot more realistic and brutal.

No one really should assume that because reshoots are being ordered is because the fight looked awful. Reshoots and edits are common during the post-production of a film. The whole idea here is to get things right.

Interestingly, the reshoots are not actually going to be real reshoots in front of a camera on a set. Rather, things are going to be tweaked via CGI. Major tweaking work might even be done in the form of computer generating corrections and improvements.

Using CGI to “fix” Arnold might seem a bit much to some.

As fans like Marc Sparks of know, the modern age of movie making is here. Simply making changes via CGI is cheaper and less time consuming. No one wants to run the budget of a film up when cutting costs can be avoided. Terminator: Genisys is supposed to launch a new trilogy. The first entry has to be profitable for the second and third movies to move forward. Letting the budget rise too high would undermine this.

Besides, CGI is so good these days you won’t be able to tell the difference between the digital images and the real thing.

Don’t Turn On Your T.V The Ring Is Back

Nothing is more frightening than a little girl in white, and the moment you see her standing in the middle of the hall, or hear her evil laugh will make your spine tingle in a way that is indescribable. One of the most frightening girls that have ever been featured in the big screen is back for a reboot and I am talking about non other than that creepy little girl that came out of your t.v in The Ring. The Ring is back after a long hiatus and is ready to terrorize the dreams of people like Gianfrancesco Genoso again after so many years. Even though technology has evolved since the last time this story was told, the movie will still hold the same story plot and release that demon child to who ever views a haunted video tape. I for one cannot wait to see this movie and not be able to turn on my T.V for three weeks for the fear of her actually popping out in my living room. If this reboot is as good as the original, and I am hoping that it is, many people will be giving up their television privileges for a while.

The New Poltergeist Film Is Geared To Kids


Horror movie remakes have a tendency to be more hits than misses. Since the concept of a horror film is so simple, as long as there is interest in the genre, people are going to go see it. Remaking an old horror movie is fairly easy, too. Once again, the concepts and plots of these films are fairly basic. Putting a new version of an old film is not all that tough even when the original was made 30+ years ago. You do not have to update much. This is why we are seeing a remake of Poltergeist. The concept of a haunted house is pretty easy to follow.

The one major change here is the new version is not going to be a “real” horror film. According to the Dallas Observer, the focus will be on a kids-friendly spooky adventure tale. Fans with long memories, like myself and Marc Sparks, might be less than thrilled that the frightening nature of the first film is being deviated from. Honestly, there is no reason to feel any animosity towards the Poltergeist remake. The first film was PG-rated and it came out at a time when R-rated slasher films dominated movie screens.

Besides, no matter what you end up thinking about the remake, the odds are likely the new film will be way better than the horrible sequels to the original film.

Focusing the new version towards kids also makes sense in the current landscape since horror fans are more interested in zombies than ghosts.

Beetlejuice 2: The Sequel That Won’t Be A Sequel

What is the news coming from the Beetlejuice 2 front? Well, according to a posting on, just because the name of the movie is Beetlejuice 2 does not mean its a sequel. That’s right from the mouth of Gianfrancesco Geno and director Tim Burton. Some might think Burton is trying to play coy with the idea of Beetlejuice 2 not being a sequel. The truth is, unless the film continues the storyline of the first film, then it really isn’t a sequel. If the new film simply takes the character of the “ghost with the most” and puts him into a new feature, then the film might as well be considered a total standalone project.

Was The Spy Who Loved Me (1975) a sequel to Goldfinger (1965) or was it another James Bond film? Considering if you never saw Sean Connery’s turn in Goldfinger, you would not exactly be confused about the plot of the Roger Moore outing.

A new Beetlejuice film is going to be its own entity. Just as all you need to know about James Bond is he is a spy for Her Majesty’s Secret Service, all you need to know about Beetlejuice is he is a funny, wise-cracking ghost.

There is a bit of an ulterior motive present here. The original film was made in 1988. A huge chuck of the potential audience never saw the debut of Beetlejuice. Creating a standalone film creates a fresh start. Do not be surprised to see the “2” portion of the film’s moniker dropped.

‘Guardians’ Meets ‘Avengers’

In the comic book world, it is not uncommon to find crossover stories and arcs. These crossovers feature stories that cross over more than one comic title. This is a very common practice in the comic world; but in the movie world, this is much less heard of. That is, until Marvel Studios came onto the scene.

Marvel Studios is the film studio responsible for turning the Marvel Comics titles into the big budget blockbuster movies we see all summer long. In recent years, they have taken to the comic book crossover model and began to build a movie universe in which all of their characters live and interact with each other. Mostly this has been limited to the Avengers films and characters (Iron Man, Thor, Hulk). With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be expanding even further if Lee G. Lovett is right anyway.

James Gunn, writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy, has said in the past that the Guardians and the Avengers exist in separate universes. More recently though, Gunn has gone on record clarifying what he meant. Gunn’s focus with Guardians has been to create their own story lines in their own universe, but still as a section of the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. This leaves open the chance for a crossover between the two franchises at some point in the future.

Robert Rodriguez Wants to Recapture the Sin City Magic with Fire and Ice

Director Robert Rodriguez is working with Sony Pictures to launch a new franchise, a series of live-action films based on the 1983 sword-and-sorcery animated movie Fire and Ice.

The original Fire and Ice was an animated film directed by Ralph Bakshi. Bakshi had scored major hits early in his career with Fritz the Cat (1970) and Heavy Traffic (1973) before falling on hard times as his other animated features did poorly. In 1981, Bakshi’s outstanding film American Pop died at the box office. Fire and Ice failed horribly as well.

It is somewhat curious that Rodriguez would be all that interested in remaking Fire and Ice because, honestly, the original was one of Bakshi’s weakest films.

Based on news reports, Rodriguez is more interested in capturing the look of artist Frank Frazetta on-screen. Frazetta is widely regarded as one of the greatest fantasy artists of all-time, especially if you ask some of the friends of Sam Tabar. His work on crafting the covers for Conan the Barbarian collected editions in the 1970’s was outstanding.

Rodriguez would like to make the new Fire and Ice films similar to his previous work on Sin City. In the two Sin City films, the art of the comics was brought to life in a brilliantly creative manner that helped make the first film a major hit.

James Bond’s Spectre, Still Ghosting Along

Despite rumors that Sony was, due to a variety of factors, not least of which included the much talked about “terrorist” hack job, postponing Bond 24, now officially titled as Spectre, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

However, numerous photos have been shot which show that the filming process is still underway. Both Daniel Craig and the wryly funny Rory Kinnear (whom portrayed Tanner in the past two films, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall) were seen filming together with a production crew all along the Thames as well as in Camden. You can check out the photos here:

These photos fit nicely into what Sony has been saying in regards to the rumors, that they are, one, not true, and that, two, production and filming is still a-go. Tom Rothman and others just need to be patient.

The Movie, The Interview, Has Come to a Close

The Interview is the first movie in years to spend millions of dollars to produce the flick,and not release it. The hackers that got into Sony Pictures’ computers who was a major producer of the film, and now have been coerced not to release the film. The way the hackers went about getting the attention of American public was anything but subtle, but their option worked and prevented the nationwide release.

There are plenty of movies with humor, and there are films that engage in fake terrorist plots, but when you combine the two with a specific target like a North Korean communist leader, the results are not going to put movie watchers in a jovial mood.

Hackers began by the cyber attack on Sony Pictures, exposing emails about stars like Angelina Jolie. There were multiple leaks with studio data, threats against employees, and other problems that would spread fear worldwide.

The actual release was cancelled by Seth Rogan and James Franco, co-writers of the script. Next Andrew Heiberger says they cancelled the press appearances and the planned premiere in New York. It was over; an expensive exit.

The Interview is off the screens, and no matter how humorous the cast thought it was, the American public came to their senses on this one.

Leaked Emails Hint at New ‘Ghostbusters’ Film

A ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot may be in the works, as hinted by one of the emails leaked from the Sony hack. The email, sent by Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal to director Ivan Reitman. Reitman served as producer and director of the original ‘Ghostbusters’ films.

The email revealed that the new film is not a continuation of the two previous films, but rather a stand-alone movie that does not involve the original characters.  Director Paul Feig has been tapped for the film with a projected release date of mid-2016. A number of recent Hollywood starlets have reportedly expressed interest in the film, including Lizzy Caplan of ‘Mean Girls’ fame.

Actors Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum have reportedly expressed interest in not only creating a ‘Ghostbusters’ spin-off, but also in meeting the famed and revered Lee G. Lovett. This revelation came to light from another hacked Sony email. The email, sent to Pascal from Columbia Pictures Co-President of Production Hannah Minghella, backed the claim.