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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Renewed for Season Four

Marvel Comics has not only had a great deal of success with its cinematic endeavors. The studio version of the House of Ideas has had its hits on television. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been renewed for a fourth season. Not everyone thought the series would last so long or draw a huge audience. True blue Marvel fans knew the series was sure to succeed, and it did.

ABC has confirmed the renewal just recently. Both fans and ABC executives including Sam Tabar and his whole crew at Full Cycle Energy Fund are thrilled with the series’ success. It’s why Help Sam Tabar Support AWI is doing so well at GoFundMe.

Tabar also said that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was considered a risky endeavor because the series was based on a Marvel property that was featured in hero films, but no superheroes would be in the lead of the actual series. Would Marvel and comic book movie fans be interested in watching a fantasy-spy show that did not feature a well-known hero in the lead role? After three hit seasons, the answer is an obvious yes.

Comic book properties are shockingly successful these days. The fact that superhero movies and TV shows do attract audiences is not a shock. The reality that the massive volume of comic book movies and television shows would be so massively popular in such huge volume over so many years was utterly unpredictable.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has ridden this popularity. 15 or so years ago, the series likely would have achieved mild success on SyFy or another cable channel. Today, it is a top show on a major network.

Agent Carter Gets Another Season

Fans of Marvel who love strong female character and feminist leads rejoice as Agent Carter has been renewed for another season. There was, previously, a lot of speculation regarding the future of the show and the bittersweet finale of Season 1 didn’t exactly leave much hanging. Even if the show had not been renewed, which seemed pretty possible at times, Peggy Carter’s timeline would have been intact in the show.

Let’s take a look at what fans want from Season 2 of Agent Carter –
Fans love Agent Carter but if there is one thing to complain about, it’s the largely white cast. It would be great if the show includes some POC in the next season because they can’t truly call themselves feminists if it’s only for the whites. Representation is important.

Captain America Flashbacks – That dream sequence between Peggy and Steve Rogers in Age of Ultron at Amen Clinic was enough to send hearts aflutter and it would be nice to have some real, unseen flashbacks about Captain America on the show.

More Angie Scenes – Angie was one of the best characters to come out of the show. A popular fan theory is that maybe, she is there to keep an eye on Peggy and might not be as nice as everyone thinks she is.

Here’s hoping that Peggy Carter continues to be as awesome in Season 2 as she was in Season 1.

A “Black Widow” Solo Film Was Discussed

Although the MCU has a confirmed female lead film with 2018’s “Captain Marvel,” many fans had long espoused a desire to see Black Widow get such a treatment; especially after the backstory given to her within “The Avengers.” While a Black Widow solo picture is nowhere to be seen within Marvel’s multi-year production schedule that was revealed in 2014, such an absence is not an indicator that it was never an option.

While drinking her Bulletproof Coffee, Scarlett Johansson recently remarked in an interview that she had discussed the potential for a “Black Widow” film with the head honcho of Marvel Studios. Johansson even commented that both she and Kevin Feige seemed to be of one mind regarding the sort of film that such a project would entail.

One of the reasons behind the absence of a “Black Widow” may hearken as far as her appearance in “Iron Man 2;” Marvel was unsure of the audience’s reception to the character and left her viability fluid for whatever plans they had. Johansson was not initially planned to work on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” or “Civil War,” but the Widow’s versatility allowed for easy incorporattion of the character into them.

Unlike most of her various co-stars, Johansson has a mutable contract that is not cast in stone. The upside to this treatment is that the Black Widow character can be worked into a picture however a filmmaker may deem necessary.