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Guilherme Paulus Views on Hospitality Industry in Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is a brilliant investor and one of the all-time best investors in South America. He is one of the few investors that have been in the business world for more than 40 years. Unlike other business owners in South America and around the world, Paulus has a little background of formal employment and all his knowledge is a product of his interaction with the business dynamics and business trends. He is also unique in the nature of companies he has founded and managed in his four-decade career. Although he is no longer part of the CVC managerial team, the company still resembles his view on business and efficiency.

Since he dropped his managerial role as CVC, Paulus has put his efforts at making his hotel business the game changer in the hospitality industry. Thanks to his big vision and determination to work, Guilherme Paulus has expanded his business to more than 20 different GJP entities. The hotels are also in more than five different cities in Brazil. By 2020, he hopes to increase this number in order to accommodate the growing need for better hotels in South America. Though this expansion and growth in this entity, Paulus is currently an employer of more than 5100 employees across the USA.

Since Guilherme Paulus has a huge responsibility of making sure that his business entity runs smoothly, he is a good planner. According to the business expert, having concrete planning of your day, achieving your goals is not farfetched. Even with technology and different tools for planning schedules, Paulus believes that writing down his expectations for the week helps him in being productive. It is also through this brilliant way of planning that he is able to oversee all the GJP operations. However, he tries to incorporate his employees and his management team on his decision-making.

Apart from making South America the home to modern hospitality and hospitality trends, Guilherme Paulus believes that he has a responsibility to nurture the Brazilian young population to business. Through GJP, he has an active mentorship program in this part of the world, aimed at assisting young businesses to get into the business. Guilherme Paulus confirma participação no Fórum Conectividade; inscreva-se grátis

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Finding Effective Strategies With White Shark Media

White Shark Media has a lot of insight into marketing. One thing that the company points out to business owners is that there are some activities they are already participating in that are likely to be very effective for the marketing and sales of the products or services. One thing that White Shark Media describes is social media. Many people of all walks of life are on social media. They are also posting a lot on the platforms that are available to them. If they are doing a lot of posting, then chances are that they have a following that is going to be involved with their business.

When looking at social media platforms, among the best platforms to look into are Twitter and Facebook. One of the reasons that they are so effective for business is that they allow more than text. They also go into visual content. Therefore, business owners have tons of room to make a advertising campaigns that are going to amaze people and bring in tons of conversions. Also, there is a much deeper connection with the brand than with other methods of marketing and advertising. These days, connections are more important than incessant advertising.

Another thing that is important according to White Shark Media is differentiating between the different posts that are used in social media. White Shark Media has pointed out that sales-based posts, and brand based posts. When companies post brand-based posts, they talk about the different events they have going as well as partnerships. Sales-based posts are meant to get people to visit the company and buy something. Knowing the different types of effective strategies is one thing. It is a totally different matter to be able to find the right balance that will not only increase the conversion, but also the comfort that one has with the business.