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The 2010 Sale of Rizhao Steel and Du Shuanghua

Du’s involvement in the steel industry is rooted in his personal experience. He was born and raised in Rizhao, where he began his career as a teacher at a local high school. In the 1980s, Du became an entrepreneur after realizing that the local economy was not producing enough to support its citizens. He started his career by investing in several small businesses, but it wasn’t until 1997, when he created Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd., that he began to make the most money from his investments.

Starting as a small businessman, Du Shuanghua took over several smaller companies and, through mergers and acquisitions, became one of the largest steel companies in China. Within five years of starting Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd., Du had become one of China’s top ten steel producers by revenue (2011). This rapid growth resulted in Du becoming one of China’s wealthiest men with a net worth of $1 billion (2012) (Financial Times). More on Forbes

Du became chairman of Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd. in 2006 when the company was still owned by China National Iron and Steel Corporation (“CNC”). Du assumed control of the company after his father, Du Yuhua, passed away in 2005. He worked for many years in an administrative role for CNC before becoming its vice-chairman in 1998. He was responsible for the iron ore industry and developing CNC into a large-scale corporation with various businesses.

Du Shuanghua served as the chairman of Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd. from 1995 to 2005. He began working at Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd. as an engineer when CNC still owned it; he worked through various positions such as manager and vice president until he became its chairman.

The sale of Rizhao Steel to Shandong Iron & Steel Group is one example of how private companies can benefit from state-owned enterprises when ownership changes hands. Rizhao Du Yuhua served as chairman of Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd. from 1995 to 2005. It was sold to Shandong Iron & Steel Group for $2.4 billion (USD) and became an independent company again.

Du Shuanghua is a crucial figure in the Chinese steel industry because he is known for being involved in many large-scale mergers and acquisitions, including the sale of Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd, which happened on December 28th, 2010. He has also been very influential in merging factories, which has improved efficiency and helped companies become more competitive.

Yves Mirabaud Speaks About Financial Success

The world of financial management can be complicated and confusing. That is why you’ll want to someone on your side who knows all about this. This is very much something that Yves Mirabaud and his team know all about. Yves Mirabaud have a long and impressive track record when it comes to the world of finance.

Anyone who is interested in money management can see what he and his team at Mirabaud Group have done in the past and what they are planning to do as they look the new year ahead. They have earned the trust of the world. This is part due to the fact that he and his team are all about knowing how to make sure that people can get what they want with his help. Many investors are looking for a high rate of return. Over time, this is something that his firm has demonstrated they can get done.

Staying Conservative

One of the things that Yves Mirabaud prides himself on getting done is sticking to a given vision. For him, this means staying conservative. That means picking a path in work and having the determination and ability to stick with it. That also means an understanding that such principles have worked in the past and will likely continue to work as he looks at what is going on.

He and his team know that it helps to have the ability to remain calm even in the face of issues that may be affecting the markets as a whole. This is what Yves Mirabaud has been able to do over time and make work. It’s a principle and concept that he continues to stick with as they think about the future. He knows it will pay off the end with the kind of returns investors really need. Refer to this article for more information.

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Nitin Khanna: Entrepreneur and DJ Kitten?

 Nitin Khanna is a paradox, a mystery man. Successful entrepreneur, devoted family man, dedicated Portlandian, and electronic DJ? Nitin Khanna is all of these things and more. Born in India, Khanna was educated at the renowned Lawrence School in Sanawar, near Chandigarh, India. The school’s motto, “Never Give In” would become the foundation for his approach to life. Nitin Khanna immigrated to the US and attended Purdue University, obtaining degrees in Industrial Engineering before starting his career in major US corporations including International Paper.

Knowing that the path to both fulfillment and wealth was via entrepreneurship, Nitin Khanna and his younger brother started Saber Corporation in 1998. Saber became the largest standalone government solutions company in the US, riding the wave of the need for voting technology improvements after the 2000 election. In addition to voting software, the company supported state government motor vehicle and child services agencies. Nitin Khanna remained with Saber for a year after he sold it to EDS in 2007. He worked on structured merger and acquisition deals for EDS, and increased his Portland profile. This laid the groundwork for founding MergerTech, a startup technology M&A advisor, in 2009.

Nitin Khanna has invested in numerous companies, both based in Portland and elsewhere. He believes in supporting other entrepreneurs and serves on the boards of some of the companies he supports. In 2015 Khanna was asked to become CEO of Cura Cannabis, now the largest cannabis oil company in the world. Khanna is sold on the future of cannabis and cannabis products, and with his track record, I wouldn’t bet against him.

Like all successful business leaders, Nitin Khanna has many demands on his time, and must work to find balance. He doesn’t believe in work-life balance in the traditional vernacular, however. He subscribes to a work-life integration model, and holds that all successful leaders have free time if they know how to manage it. Khanna is able to sustain a variety of pastimes, including his devotion to his four children and his very successful avocation as an electronic DJ.

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The Unique Balance between Sports and Education by Mark Holyoake

A lot of people develop interests in sports and athletics globally. However, only a few manage to pursue their talents such that they can earn a living from doing what they are passionate about. Some of them quit due to the lack of resilience that is required for one to excel in any activity. For instance, for you to excel in sports, you require a lot of persistence while at the same time, endure a lot of pain. This is necessary for the body fitness that will keep you in an excellent position, ahead of your competition. Another challenge that sports enthusiasts face is that of balancing between their passion and other fundamental aspects of life, such as education and family. A lot of successful athletes find themselves in a situation whereby they only excel in sports but forego their education. Eventually, they find themselves in a difficult situation after they retire from sports, and their source of income is gone.

An exception of this life-trap scenario is Mark Holyoake, a renowned professional gymnast globally. Born and raised in New Zealand, Mark Holyoake developed a passion for sports at the tender age of 9. By the time he was ten years old, the sports scouts in New Zealand had recognized his talent. They incorporated him into the national academy, where he would train with other upcoming talented children. His developing talent and passion for gymnastics snowballed, making him internationally recognized at a very young age. He started competing at the international level when he was 15 years old.

One unique aspect of Mark Holyoake is that even as he tried to nurture his talent in sports, he continued to have a positive attitude towards academic excellence. At that age, he was lucky to have a macro-mind, which enabled him to appreciate the importance of education. He put a lot of effort into both sports and school, hence excelling in both fields. In academics, he went to Auckland University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science. In the Gymnastics field, Mark Holyoake exhibited a brilliant performance by winning significantly during the 2010 Olympic Games.

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James Reese and and the Complex Nature of Running TigerSwan

James Reese Tigerswan

The market frequently factors into a business’ success or lack thereof. No small business can survive when demand doesn’t exist. James Reese, the CEO of TigerSwan, discussed the critical factors that play a role in small business success stories. Market demand was among the top two. Since TigerSwan offers private security services, people don’t think about traditional factors such as market demand. However, the reason the company exists is that people require assistance from security professionals. TigerSwan meets a need, albeit one in a unique industry.

While market demand establishes a business’ need, the business won’t last unless other aspects of effective management come into play. James Reese found TigerSwan as a “Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.” Reese is a former Delta Force officer who is 85% disabled per VA regulations. In discussions about the company, James Reese mentions many complexities go into running TigerSwan.

James Reese Tigerswan

Reese mentions the concerns he has for his staff. Besides worrying about their safety while performing security work, be suggests he feels concerns about making sure TigerSwan remains solvent. Employees rely on the company to make a living. If the company closes down, all the employees find themselves in a difficult situation. So far, TigerSwan does well in the industry. The company employs 300 people. The team consists not only of former military and police workers, but civilians who come from many professional backgrounds.

James Reese says being a good listener helps him stay in tune with employee wants and needs. Listening to employees gives him insights into business-related decisions. Once again, running a private security firm comes with many challenges. So, Reese must run as smooth a proverbial ship as possible.

Understanding the value of promotions and publicity, Reese utilized a training facility he co-founded to give civilians a chance to train like special ops teams. Chevrolet served as a co-sponsor generating more publicity.

Ultimately, Reese realizes TigerSwan’s success relies on the performance of his team. Market demand and publicity help, but the employee’s work ethic and performance provide the necessary results. What small business would last in any industry without the support of its team?

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Bhanu Choudhrie’s Gratitude for the World

rticle Text:

Bhanu Choudhrie continues to impress the world on a daily basis, an opportunity he is quite happy to have. For someone like him, showing people that you are capable of doing a good job is more than just a hobby. It is a passion, and he knows this because he has been involved with business for a long time. The reason he decided to become involved in the first place was that he knew he had the potential to pitch great ideas. Pitching is one of the most important parts of being an entrepreneur, as if you are not capable of demonstrating the charisma necessary in order to sell an idea, you simply will not make it in the field. This is something that Bhanu Choudhrie was made aware of from a very young age, having access to great mentors throughout his life, and because of this, he made sure to sharpen his social skills and persuasive skills all throughout his natural life.

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He knows that there is something quite special about being a person in business, and he wants to make the most of a good situation. He thinks that he has been given a great opportunity to help the world, and he thinks he would be foolish not to take that opportunity. Quite simply, he is a man of integrity, and when possibilities come knocking on the door of Bhanu Choudhrie, there is nothing he can do but accept his fate.

He knows that everyone has to find some sort of passion in their life if they are hoping to make it in the world, and for him, business just came naturally. Bhanu Choudhrie believes that some people simply hold this connection for various aspects of living, and he is happy to be one of those people. His career benefits from this reality every single day, and he thinks that his personal life does, too. Because he is able to create long-term connections within his business, he has felt more connected with the world in his current stage of life than ever before, and for this he expresses eternal gratitude.


Gino Pozzo, The European Football Club Owner, Who’s Changing The Game.

Gino Pozzo, sports club owner, is passionate about European football. Gino is known for transforming lower-division football clubs and turning them into top contenders for their respective countries.

Gino’s father, Gianpaolo, had a wood working and tool making business that was sold to acquire the Udinese football club, in their hometown in Italy. The Pozzo family is known around the world for the Udinese club’s rise to fame, under the Pozzo’s ownership.

The initial purchase of the Ubinese Club, was to give back and help boosts the moral of the local community, during a low financial period for the club. Gino admits that the purchase started as a passion project, but soon become the focus for the entire family. The family gave their time and money to turn the club around to make it into the sports club they are today.

Gino is thought to be the mastermind in the family who takes on major projects of failing sports clubs and turns them around. He turned the Udinese club around once he came on board in 1993 and in 2009 he was the driving force for the family to acquire Granada F.C. After two years, Granada rose from a lower division club to the Primera Liga.

Gino found success once again, after purchasing the struggling, Watford club in England. Gino’s family moved from Spain to London to give the Watford club their time and attention. Four years later, the team was competing at the highest level. In 2015, all three of the Pozzo’s clubs were competing for their respective country.

Gino Pozzo remains to have success with his clubs, by staying involved and knowing the ins and outs of the daily operations. He also stays up-to-date on players and their daily training to allow for appropriate trades that have, and will continue to make, the Pozzo’s clubs a success.

Raffaele Riva: International Success

Raffaele Riva the founder and president of the AUREA Multi Family Office. He is a businessman who spins several plates at once: real estate, wealth and asset management, wealth and estate planning, international business, and other niches within the financial industry. His main focus is providing maximum value to his clients.

Prior to AUREA, Raffaele Riva has worked as a senior executive in a multinational conglomerate. This is where he developed an in-depth, hands-on understanding of the issues behind international business, as well as logistics. This experience has helped him become a sought-after board member at several companies in Europe, Canada, and Latin America. He has also been an auditing and accounting specialist for a “Big 4” firm located in Milan, providing him valuable practice in these areas.

Raffaele Riva is an Italian Dottore commercialist, having specialized on banking law, accounting, corporate financing, M&As, and other business-related areas. He is a Swiss and an Italian citizen.

Raffaele Riva constantly draws from his past experience in order to help clients make better business decisions. He has learned through experience to only work with partners that prefer to build solutions instead of complain over problems. He also has a vast network from years of experience and membership in several professional associations. He is also an avid reader who is constantly informed about new opportunities and niches.

All this past experience is brought to him to AUREA. Raffaele Riva is very experienced in corporate financing, wealth management, corporate restructuring, M&As, international cross-border activities, and estate planning.

His motivation early in the morning is to find new ways to better serve his clients and help them achieve their goals. Customer service and a good working environment is how he managed to ensure that both his business partners and his clients remained loyal to him.


Tj Maloney Talks Lincolnshire Excitement

Lincolnshire Management Inc. is a private equity company based in New York with an office in Chicago that specializes in middle-market companies. Since 1986, the firm has invested in and acquired companies that primarily operate as manufacturing, distribution, and services businesses.

Recently, Lincolnshire announced that it would be introducing four new team members to help grow the company’s portfolio. Lincolnshire Chairman and CEO, Tj Maloney, spoke about the four new team members in a statement. He mentioned how exciting it was to have Matthew Nacier back at the company and to welcome Yashna Ginodia, Nicolas Vega Llona, and Georg Stolt-Nielsen to the firm.

Matthew Nacier used to work as an Analyst in 2014, but left to work with another company. He returned to Lincolnshire as a Senior Associate. He specializes in go-to-market strategies, add-on acquisitions identification and diligence experience, and growth opportunities analyst.

Nicolas Vega Llona used to work with several industries, including automotive, agro-export, and construction industries at a company called Grupo Alese. He served as their Director of Business Development and Finance. He joined Lincolnshire alongside Nacier as a new Senior Associate.

The two young professionals joining the company are Yashna Ginodia and G. Stolt-Nielsen. They’re joining Lincolnshire as Analysts. Both recently graduated from their respective universities and have a small amount of real-world experience working on due diligence teams. Ginodia used to conduct diligence at Noonmark Capital, and Stolt-Nielsen worked at a Norwegian company the summer before joining Lincolnshire Management.

Tj Maloney, an active member on the Investment committee is also actively involved with the firm’s portfolio companies. He believes working closely to ensure their success is the best way to ensure Lincolnshire’s success. Tj Maloney learned his hands-on approach while practicing merger, acquisition, and securities law. Shortly after leaving law, Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management Inc.

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How Bhanu Choudhrie Mastered His Credible Investment Skills

Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian strategic investor that has built a brand in the strategic investment industry over the years. Born in June 1978, the C&C Group founder has achieved more than many older investors. His aggressiveness and expertise in the sector are top rated. Bhanu’s investment interests revolve around banking, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. The talented businessman has also achieved significantly in the utilities, aviation, and real estate industries.

His contribution to the upcoming companies by helping them understand the market is admirable. Bhanu Choudhrie has won a reputation from mature businesses through offering guidance on the ways of achieving their investment goals. His heart goes to Boston University for sharpening the skills that help him survive in the competitive world. The International Business and Marketing training he acquired from the institution is the recipe of his unmatched success. The Harvard School of Business fine-tuned his expertise after graduating from Boston through the Owner Management Program.

The C&C Alpha Group opened its first office in 2001 paving the way for Bhanu Choudhrie to face the industry more professionally. The company has gained from the sectors through significant and profitable investments. India and the Philippines are some of the markets that the company has made successful investments. The leadership skills of Choudhrie have attracted other players in the market that seek his services in their executive boards. Bhanu serves Bancorp that operates from America as a member of both the Risk and Executive committees and Board of Directors.

Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation benefited significantly from the services of Bhanu Choudhrie as a Director. He also sat in the Compensation, Executive, and capital committees. His contribution to the Nominating as well as Audit and Governance committees before Ameris purchased the company in May 2018 were remarkable.

Besides acquiring the investment skills from the University, Choudhrie grew up in a family that specialized in business, starting with the real estate. The early exposure to the industry contributes to his confidence in trying out new investment strategies. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the family had invested in different sectors, and he follows in the same direction. He pointed out in an interview that his great grandfathers had interests in India’s Punjab National Bank with one of them serving as a Chairman in those days.