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Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist from Arizona. As a futurist, he is adept at predicting technology trends. He is a firm believer in opportunities created by the internet of things. He provides businesses with the advisory on strategies to maximize emergent technologies. Jason Hope has published numerous technology articles. He explores connected technologies, trends, security, applications as well as strategies to discover the value of developing technologies.

Jason Hope is vocal about the impact of technology on our lives and business. Modern technology helps harmonize people, things, and places. Take the internet of things for example. It will only get bigger and make our lives more connected. He believes there is opportunity for businesses to provide utility solutions to consumers. The technology is eliminating waste and redundancy in technology and improving lives.

Smart technology has also increased confidence in public transport systems. This has resulted in better uptake, less pollution, and quicker logistics for businesses. He is also a keen advocate of using social media marketing strategies. The platforms empower businesses to grow new opportunities. You can generate new leads, share news and stay relevant with millions of potential customers through social media.

Most of Jason Hope’s investments are in the technology sector. His expansive portfolio includes companies involved in online marketing services, business information systems, digital media and interactive solutions. He is the founder of Jawa, a mobile communications firm. He challenges entrepreneurs to use doubt to fuel change and growth.

Jason Hope is a passionate philanthropist. He supports education, scientific research, and biotechnology. He also backs local educational programs providing all-round education. He donates to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit that promotes rejuvenation bio-technologies that focus on slowing down aging. He is confident that anti-aging therapies being developed will be able to prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s, lung cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

He is also associated with numerous other charities. These include the International Education Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International and the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix. He also works as a director of the Arizona Science Center. He also provides grants to youth technology startups.

Entrepreneur, Revolutionary And Philanthropist, Jason Hope

In today’s economy we are headed more towards a world where advances in science and technology are primarily pioneered and spearheaded by entrepreneurs and philanthropists. One of these stands out, Jason Hope. He firmly believes in the Internet of Things, a connectedness of technology in everyday lives in a variety of facets to increase overall efficiency and decrease waste to optimize our lives.

This Internet of Things provides such an efficient working environment that, according to Hope, it could well be one of the smartest large investments today’s corporations can invest in and those who do not may well fall behind the curve. This smart technology, Hope continues, will continue to offer increasing levels of convenience for both consumers and corporations alike.

Jason Hope not only devotes time and effort to technological advances such as mobile apps, desktop and gaming software and devices that utilize the power of connectivity to bring more ease to everyday life and improve overall health and enjoyment. He is also a very active philanthropist, donating time and resources to not only his own local region but to larger humanitarian efforts as well.

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Hope continues to seek out new areas in which he may invest his time, energy and resources to further increase the overall health and enjoyment of day to day lives. He also helps entrepreneurs with his expertise as well as grants to get ideas of today’s up and coming generation of entrepreneurs so the future of science and technology may better assist us in our day to day lives.

What Is Your Online Reputation Like

When you join a club or organization and you are an active member, you will soon develop a reputation. Our reputation follows us everywhere we go. Some of us have really good reputations while others reputations are so bad we don’t even mention that persons name.

The average person may not think that they have an online reputation since they don’t really do anything on-line; that’s where we are mistaken. Anything you put on the Internet goes straight to your on-line reputation. A mean tweet, a rant on facebook, a bad product review, you name it, it goes to your on-line reputation. So, why should one care about their on-line reputation?

In today’s world, we strive to make life easier. For employers, finding the right employee can be daunting; you just never know who you are interviewing these days. Companies want to protect their assets, and part of doing that means hiring the right people for your business. 77% of the HR departments are required to run a basic Google search for potential employees. It’s also cited that 45% of the people doing the Google searches have found something to make them decide to not hire who they were searching.

How do you find out what your Online reviews is like? Simply Google your first and last name and see what pops up. If you see a bunch of negative content, you have a negative online reputation. Fear not, though, because there are several ORM (online reputation management) firms out there that can help you build the reputation you desire.

Be careful to not get connected with the wrong firm. If a firm guarantees a certain search result or a quick fix (less than six months) beware, they are probably scamming. Another good sign to look for is their advertising. If an ORM firm is spending a lot of money on ads, it’s safe to say they prioritize getting new customers instead of keeping current clients satisfied.