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Meet Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is one of the most promising young ER physicians in the Southeastern United States. Educated at the University of Louisville and Louisiana State University, he has practiced in both Louisiana and Florida. Unlike many physicians, Dr. Forsthoefel has a broad background. In addition to understanding biological sciences, he also has a BS in Religion Studies. This has improved his ability to communicate and understand with average working people. Dr. Forshoefel is board certified in emergency medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Since 2012, when he started his residency, Dr. Forsthoefel has seen a lot. In the world of emergency medicine, everything can change in an instant. What was a slow day can quickly become a very busy one. During his career, Dr. Forsthoefel has learned to think on his feet and triage cases as best he can. He has become an expert at acute care, treating people with a variety of illnesses and traumas. He has diagnosed and treated broken bones and deep cuts. Dr. Forsthoefel is also experienced when it comes to cardiovascular issues like heart attack, stroke and more.

Dr. Forsthoefel practices at an emergency room in Tallahassee. During his time there, he has become a valued member of the local medical community. Though he focuses mostly on patient care, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has also become something of an advocate for reform. He has noticed that many people in his community have come to rely on emergency rooms for situations that aren’t emergencies. This can create some real problems at his workplace.

To Dr. Forsthoefel, the issue isn’t that patients are being wasteful, or that they’re misinformed. The problem is overwhelmingly that people lack access to proper primary medical care. With access to a good primary physician or urgent care, people would be able to deal with small issues like ear infections and sprains without going to the ER. However, the way that the healthcare and insurance systems work in the United States can make it difficult for people to access or afford that kind of treatment.

Emergency rooms are required to treat every patient who presents. Dr. Forsthoefel has no problem with this. In fact, he always makes it a point to offer the best possible care to everyone. He tries to offer good customer service in addition to good medical care and advice. However, the strain on the resources at his emergency department is serious. Wait times are long. Another problem is that many of the patients who present are indigent. Because they can’t pay for services, prices for other patients necessarily go up to cover these costs. The middle class is getting squeezed; Dr. F sees this every day.

Dr. Forsthoefel is still in the first phase of his career. As the decades go on, he hopes to remain a force for good in the world of emergency medicine. His community of Tallahassee is also important to him. His patients appreciate the level of service he provides. He hopes to get even better with time.

Drew Madden, the Managing Partner Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Drew Madden, former president of Nordic Consulting Partners is now the managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He joined Evergreen after he developed an interest in healthcare technology. He had set up a new role of becoming a leading Healthcare IT entrepreneur after his resignation at Nordic. Drew joined Evergreen as with vision to transform the technology used in healthcare.

After joining Nordic in 2010, Drew had to serve for one year before becoming its president in 2011. He then served as president in glorious 5-year term up to 2016, his year of resignation. Nordic Consulting Partners, which is the world’s most famous Epic consulting company, gained a lot from Drew Madden during the 5-year period of his presidency.

During Drew Madden’s tenure, the company was recognized severally for its consulting excellence. Nordic Consulting Partners ranked top as far as Epic implementation services ware concerned. The company did well to win the award twice, in 2012 and 2014. Moreover, the company has been a consistent recipient of KLAS awards after doing a wonderful job in Consulting. This serves as a testament that Drew Madden was playing a significant role scaling the business to a new level. Nordic will miss the service of devoted and enthusiastic team leader.

Mr. Madden initiated change at Nordic. During his time as the president of Nordic, the company increased its clients from 3- 150. This enabled the company to record a significant increase in its annual revenue. The company was able to make an extra $30000 after Mr. Madden took over. The number of employees grew steadily from 10 to 725.

Before joining Nordic, Madden who has a B.C.E in Industrial Engineering from the University of Lowa was working for Ingenix. However, the company changed its name to Optuminsight. At Ingenix, Madden served as an Epic consultant as well as participating in business development at the company. Drew began his healthcare IT career at Cerner Corporation.

Immediately after joining Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew could not manage to hide his joy by saying that he simply cannot afford to wait to take on an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) projects. He has done a perfect job in meeting with great people in the field whom he has found motivation.