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Elias Landsmanas – Circular Economy

Elias Landsmanas Promotes Sustainable Business and Circular Economies

Recognizing that a culture of food waste is prevalent in most countries, Elias Landsmanas, director of a leading Mexican foods-services conglomerate, Corporativo Kosmos, has taken charge of not only food quality and safety but also the promotion of sustainable-practices awareness among collaborators.

A key topic for Elias Landsmanas is plastics and their excessive use and long-lasting and resistant attributes. The Mexican government itself has implemented reforms, prohibiting the use of some single-use plastics to cut down on environmental impact.

Additionally, Elias Landsmanas has implemented company waste management practices based on the four tenets: reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.

A primary objective for Elias Landsmanas is the development of circular economies, in which food banks work to recover surplus foods from food service establishments and even distributors. The practice has the support of government entities and agency alliances as well.

An agency engaged in food recovery and waste prevention is the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, named for Elias father and Corporativo Kosmos founder, Pablo Landsmanas, and directed by Elias Landsmanas as well.

Tips for circular economies discovered by Elias Landsmanas include:

  • Endeavoring to repair rather than dispose of electronics
  • Choosing reusable, not single-use , products
  • Identifying and purchasing essential products
  • Purchasing second-hand clothing or donating clothing
  • Reducing garbage output and separating compost and recyclables
  • Installing solar panels and reducing water usage

Elias Landsmanas is the director for a major Mexican food-services provider with over 50 years of history, Corporativo Kosmos. He also serves as oversight for philanthropic activities at the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation.

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A New Awakening For OSI Industries

One of the most prestigious names in the food industry is OSI Industries. This American-based food provider is headquartered in the state of Illinois, but it has satellite facilities all across the globe. OSI is a mega food giant that’s made up of test kitchens, office buildings, pilot plants and culinary innovation centers. In addition to that, the company has partnerships with a number of farms, warehouses and processing plants. Thanks to having so many working types of facilities, the company can supply the world with a ton of foods each and every year. OSI has a long supply chain that stretches across multiple continents. Clients will have the benefits of food processing, food distribution and food management if need be.

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The food industry is going through a transition as of 2019. As people began to look for healthier food solutions, plant-based food companies have begun to thrive. This is the case with Impossible Foods, and this particular company has created one of the most popular plant-based products of the 21st century. Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger has caught everyone’s attention as of late, but Impossible Foods doesn’t have the necessary production power to reach a broad audience. This is where OSI Industries comes into the picture. By working hand-to-hand with Impossible Foods, these exclusive meatless products will be distributed and sold at nearly 17,000 restaurants by the end of 2019. Without the help of OSI Industries, these phenomenal meatless burgers would only reach an estimated 3,000 restaurants.

OSI Industries has been keeping an ear to the streets in a sense. The company was already aware of meatless burgers before partnering with Impossible Foods. By conducting business in such a proactive way, OSI Industries will only sustain its dominance in a crowded field of top-tier food providers.


OSI Industries Collaboration with Impossible Foods Beefs Up Production

Animals have been hunted and eaten for survival since the beginning of time. With the evolution of food technology, bio-technologists have created plant-based food sources that are sustainable and taste like real meat. Compton-based food company Impossible Foods has joined OSI Industries, a distribution company originating in Aurora, Illinois, and uses genetic engineering to create a meat substitute that closely mimic flavor and texture. Impossible Burgers are plant-based meat products composed of 21 ingredients including water, coconut oil, sunflower oil, yeast extract, and soy protein base. While not organic, Impossible Burgers are halal and kosher. Impossible technology also makes the burger bleed like red meat. Find out more about of OSI at Craft

OSI Industries has already installed Impossible Food-capable equipment and have begun production this past August. The OSI Industries merger came to fruition after the Impossible Burger demand increased more rapidly than the demand. Large chain restaurants including White Castle, The Cheesecake Factory, and Qdoba currently serve Impossible Food products. Burger King has an Impossible Whopper selling in 59 St. Louis, Missouri locations with great success. This burger chain, globally ranking second behind McDonalds, aspires to expand the Impossible Whopper to their 7,200 national restaurants before 2020.

Servicing over 10,000 restaurants globally, Impossible Foods is esteemed to contribute to the plant-based industry eventually grossing $140 billion. Impossible Burger creator David Lipman perfected his recipe as a generational meat expert; David Lipman’s father owned a meat market in New York. Collaborating with OSI Industries is a great move being that they currently own 65 plants in 17 countries globally. Since the announcement of the business partnership, $300 million dollars has been raised to increase production efforts. Since joining forces with OSI Industries, Impossible Foods has tripled weekly production. With such an increase, Impossible Burger is finally acknowledged as a competitor to existing plant-based company Beyond Meat.


OSI Industries: Expanding their Business for a Century

OSI Industries is one of the world’s leading food suppliers. they recently completed a merger with another company to expand their Australian operations. This is the latest move in nearly a century of continuous innovation and expansion. While the company started in Chicago, Illinois, it is relatively rapidly outgrown its humble beginnings as a simple butcher shop and meat market. It was started in the early 1900s by a German immigrant and his sons, and remained a local supplier until the end of World War II.

With the rapid development of American suburbs and an increased demand for fast food, OSI Industries was able to become one of the first suppliers for the McDonald’s franchise. This was later pronounced when McDonald’s consolidated it’s supply line and the company became one of four core suppliers. the company also use McDonald’s international expansion to move their operations on to new continents.

A key component of OSI Industries expansion, was being able to provide a consistent product to each customer so that no matter where there product was served it would taste the same. This meant that the company had to remain on the cutting edge of technology in order to supply consistent and affordable products that could be transported over great distances to more and more restaurants.For example, the development of flash freezing food with liquid nitrogen reduced the cost of their products and allowed them to expand the number of goods that they could supply to customers. Recently, this has been realized with the opening of three new research centers to improve the quality and quantity of their products.

As the founders of OSI Industries retirement age Sheldon Lavin joined the company as a partner. Soon, with his negotiating skills and the company’s expansion in the international sector Lavin became the CEO in the early 1980s. this transition led to substantial growth for the company and led to the eventual expansion into Central and South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. This was followed by similar expansion into Taiwan and the greater Asia – Pacific area along with the Philippines and China. The company continue to grow its product lines, new plants were opened both in the U.S. and abroad.

OSI Industries also begin processing chicken to provide even more products to all of their customers. Still headquartered in Chicago where the company had started nearly a century before, they began to consolidate diversify and expand as one of the leading multinational food suppliers. The recent growth as focused on China and Europe as well as an expansion of their Australian presence by merging with Turi Foods. This is one of the latest moves buy an international company that has remained focused on providing quality products, research Innovations, and customer service from their inception as a small meat market in Chicago.

Consumer savvy company, OSI Group saves Tyson Foods plant

I know you’ve heard of Tyson Foods, but have you heard of OSI Group? In this short article of truth and innovation you will learn just what this group is. Here, you will learn of Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and chairman of this company. You will learn how they saved hundreds of jobs within Tyson Foods. You will learn why they are providing one of the most positive, consumer oriented services for the companies you rely on the most.

Sheldon Lavin, a man little know of when thinking about what meat they will buy. Yet, he is one of the most historical figures in meat processing in our recent history. OSI Group wasn’t always known by that name, but in the 70’s when the company was known as Otto & Sons, Lavin financially backed this company. In 1973 Otto & Sons opened a plant in Chicago that became the first dedicated facility for McDonald’s. In 1975 the company rejoiced in becoming OSI Industries.

In 2016 they acquired a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, Illinois. Why, you may wonder? Because the plant was closing, losing employees, and losing it’s ability to maintain innovation with the changes of consumer America. OSI Group acquired this company and offered many Tyson employees an opportunity to maintain employment with their company. Literally hundreds of people dreaded losing their job and we’re saved thanks to OSI Group.

This is a company who doesn’t look for recognition, stays behind the scenes, and truly cares for its customers. In 1955 they became McDonald’s first fresh ground beef supplier. Who doesn’t love McDonald’s? OSI Group continued on to become international in over 17 countries! Becoming one of the largest, trusted, manufacturers of fresh ground beef and other meats that you love and eat every day.

Despite being awarded many awards from both Britain and India, they have remained humble and centered around safe, quality foods for people not just nationally, but internationally. While still providing amazing products and services, OSI Group provides amazing employment opportunities and care for the whole world, not just a select few. I used to work at a plant in Arkansas for Tyson Foods, and wish there had been a company as true as this make the changes required to worry about all of us!

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OSI Food Solutions Amps Up Chicken Production After Tyson Plant Buyout

OSI Food Solutions continues to expand, as evidenced by the recent purchase of a Chicago area Tyson manufacturing facility. According to Cook County Records, the Tyson Foods plant was bought for $7.4 million. While the money may help Tyson restructure its organization, the sale of the plant may have done more for the people and economy of Chicago.

Before news of the deal was made public, Tyson Foods had reported that they would be forced to close the plant. The shutdown would have meant putting 480 people out of work and the organization was already beginning to trim its belt. At the time OSI Food Solutions took possession of the plant, there were still 250 employees on staff. Instead of letting them go, OSI stated that each person would be offered a job.

The former Tyson plant is near another OSI facility, which is what drew the company’s interest. The new acquisition will be used to support the existing plant and help promote future growth. In a statement, Kevin Scott, who is the senior executive V.P. for OSI North America, said the company’s customer base is continuing to evolve. As such, the new plant will help meet increased demands more efficiently.

OSI Food Solutions Boosts Chicken Manufacturing

Elsewhere, OSI is amping up chicken processing to meet higher demands. In Toledo, Spain, the corporation installed a high capacity production line, costing over €17 million, so chicken products could be processed faster. The improvement will double the 12,000 tons of chicken previously processed at the plant each year.

The upgrade will bring the total production of meat products, consisting of pork and beef, as well as chicken, up to an annual total of 45,000 tons. Additionally, the new line has created 20 jobs, bringing the workforce for that one plant up to 160 people.

José María del Río, who serves as the OSI Spain managing director, revealed that chicken demand is up in Spain and in Portugal. As a result, the company needs to increase production to meet that higher demand. Over the last ten years, there’s been an average increase of 6% in the demand for chicken products. In the last three years, that ratio has risen by 8% for the region.

As OSI Food Solutions grows to meet increased customer demands, their facilities may see even further upgrades to existing production technology. The higher demand may be the result of people looking for healthier eating options or it may just be a response to a growing population. In any case, OSI is eager to meet the needs of its global customer base.


Is OSI Group A Top 100 Company

Operating a business can be very challenging as well as very frustrating at times. On many occasions, life will definitely throw you a few curb balls here and there. When it comes to custom-food production, there are a number of high-quality food providers to choose from. These food providers are located all over the world, but the United States is home to one of the leaders. OSI Group is the food provider of choice for the majority of the world’s population. This company can reach just about any point-of-interest on the map thanks to its many facilities. OSI Group is a mega company in a sense because it has more than 20,000 employees. On top of that, the company has 65 state-of-the-art facilities that are located in 17 different countries.

Ever since its birth in 1909, this phenomenal wholesale-food provider has been growing. This growth comes in the form of capability, knowledge and physical size. Back in the day it was known as being a small meat market. This meat market was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowski. Though being rather small, the family-owned and operated business produced some of the best tasting meats, and these meats put it on the map. Forbes listed OSI Group as the nation’s 136th largest private company in 2011. Yes, being listed by Forbes is a big deal, and it says a lot. Thanks to its consistent growth the company jumped to the 58th position by 2014.

This company meets and exceeds all expectations. In 2016, OSI Group won the exclusive Globe of Honour Award for its excellence in environmental management. OSI’s Kelly Grimwood was presented with the award by the British Safety Council. The event took place in London at the prestigious Drapers’ Hall. OSI Group has many more reasons for being a top 100 company and this only scratches the surface.

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Why Beneful Brand Dog Food is a Healthier Alternative

One only needs to look at how their dog responds when they are eating Beneful dog food to see why this is a better choice. Not only does the dog food look appealing, it tastes even better. That’s because each bag of Beneful dog food is stuffed with healthy ingredients like spinach, blueberries, pumpkin, and farm-raised chicken. Your dog will be unable to resist when you fill their bowl with Beneful dog food.

In addition to the dog food tasting incredible, the health benefits are impressive too. Each bag delivers a balanced and complete nutritional meal that is packed with 23 minerals and vitamins too. Your dog is getting all the healthy ingredients and none of the fillers you find in the popular dog foods brand on the market today. There will be no fillers like wheat or corn, only all-natural ingredients your dog loves.

Don’t take our word for it, look at the employees throughout the US-based Purina dog food facilities who are performing quality checks at several key points during the manufacturing of the Beneful dog food. They see what goes into each bag, and they will tell you that this is the only feed that they will feed their own pets.