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CEO Smita Shah on The Steve Cochran Show

On April 25th, 2019 Smita Shah, CEO of SPAAN Tech sat down with Steve Cochran of The Steve Cochran Show on 720WGN to talk about her work as an entrepreneur, engineer, and CEO of her growing tech business. Smita Shah graduated from MIT with a Masters degree in Engineering, and only two years later, in 1998, started SPAAN Tech with the simple goal of creating a company where talented people could come together to work on projects that support communities. Today SPAAN Tech works on putting solar panels on homes, building roads, lighting streets, and more. Learn more:

Smita Shah describes herself as a naive twenty-four-year-old when she started SPAAN Tech who wasn’t concerned about failing at creating a company. This kind of attitude she still expresses today.

“If something doesn’t work, you try something else,” she is quoted as saying. Smita goes on to explain that she never feared failure because at worst it meant that she might have to go on to work for someone else. Twenty years later SPAAN Tech is still going strong and is getting bigger than ever.

Steve asked several questions regarding her status as a woman and minority CEO of a tech firm. Smita recounts her early childhood interest in mathematics and science and coming from an Indian family, where her father was an engineer. Though she was aware that she was different from the other girls her age she didn’t think twice about choosing this as her career path. Still, even today, Smita fights the stigma of women in STEM and believes that women are each other’s strongest allies when it comes to succeeding in this field. Smita Shah argues that math and science are fundamental parts of education and modern life, for both men and women.

When Steve asked her about the advice she would give young girls who would consider STEM she stressed the importance of leading by example,

“You need to see it in order to be it,” she says. She empathizes that when women do enter STEM they are competitive and that they do succeed. More than that, as technology advances the demand for STEM fields increases, and we will continue to need bright minds applied to the task of solving the world’s problems. She attests that the work is great for women and men because it is balanced work that leaves time for family and self-development. Her company places emphasis on the support of the family and the community. Her final advice is to embrace the challenges that life will send your way. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn

The Innovation of Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov has made a successful career in the world of business. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of JetSmarter, the world’s largest private air travel and lifestyle group. Petrossov has been recognized for his work on many occasions. He is one of Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Consumer Technology. He is also considered South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel. He is considered an innovator in his space.

Petrossov has a long resume that begins long before his work with JetSmarter. He is the co-founder of two major IT projects which include an online chat system for customer service and a platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions. These projects have been well-embraced across the world. Petrossov’s resume also includes serving as the advisor to Florida-based private jet operator. This company was responsible for the world’s largest on-demand Gulfstream charter fleet.

JetSmarter is the result of a need for change in the flight industry. When flying private for the first time Sergey Petrossov realized there are a number of challenges facing the normal brick-and-mortar approach to booking charter flights. Petrossov believed that technology could be part of the solution to these problems. As a result, JetSmarter was born. Soon after its conception, Petrossov began developing the application that could connect flyers with top-rated private jet operators. The app officially launched in March of 2013 and has been growing quickly ever since. JetSmarter has been credited with helping some of the world’s biggest companies. This group includes Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, NASA, and several others. Petrossov’s vision has given birth to a ground-breaking app that has changed the flight industry forever. JetSmarter is an innovative application that continues to grow around the world.

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Shervin Pishevar: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Global Distribution

The global distribution of goods continues to advance at an incredible pace. More consumers are ordering more goods at increasing speeds. And, they expect them sooner every year. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can help meet the needs of modern supply and demand.

To understand how blockchains and cryptocurrencies benefit the global distribution of goods, one must first grasp how they are different. A blockchain is a digital ledger. Essentially, it is an accounting record that is secured by cryptography. Cryptocurrencies are generally made to run on blockchains for the purpose of establishing a medium of exchange.

The advantage of blockchain is in its data management. By also incorporating cryptocurrencies, users can exchange value and ownership rights. This system would replace the cumbersome coordination of multiple accounting ledgers and regulatory mechanisms involved in currency exchanges of fiat-based systems.

Blockchains have uses for all industries. However, they find their inspiration in operations like aviation. The speed of transactions in the aviation industry demonstrates how defunct the current system of data management has become. Global distribution is limited by the capabilities of its data management practices.

Shervin Pishevar discussed tech monopolies. He pointed out how large companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google have too much control over information. The main argument is that the information which they so freely take advantage of, and sometimes sell, does not belong to them. This issue has become so dire that the U.S. government is now taking action.

Shervin Pishevar’s argument against tech monopiles applies directly to small business innovation. With tech monopolies guiding the distribution of innovation and the eyes of Internet users, small business innovation cannot meet the needs of the local communities that need their services. Shervin Pishevar and others believe this to be one of the great downfalls of the modern economy.

In terms of global distribution, blockchain and cryptocurrencies become ways to solve the issues raised by Shervin Pishevar. Blockchain offers new accounting solutions for both private and public operations. Cryptocurrencies represent a new medium upon which to fairly execute transactions. Together, they can empower users and streamline global supply and demand.

Nitin Khanna Shares Business Hacks That Have Made Him Successful

Nitin Khanna is a respected investor and entrepreneur in the USA. He owns Mergertech where he is the CEO. Nitin Khanna is skilled in making profitable investments, and many companies seek his help whenever they are thinking of investing in various stocks. Nitin Khanna was exposed to business at a young age and fell in love with it. Since he was young, Nitin Khanna was surrounded by business people in his family. His aunts, uncles, and cousins ran different business, and Nitin Khanna got to learn a few things about business from each and every one of them. Before moving to the USA, Nitin Khanna lived in India where he was born. The pursuit of further education is what led him to the United States. After college, Nitin Khanna co-founded Saber software with his brother. By combining both of their skills, Nitin and his brother drove Saber to success. The company produced election software and sold them to different states in the USA.

There are a few hacks that an entrepreneur needs to incorporate in their business to have a fruitful career like Nitin Khanna’s. Khanna shared some of these hacks during an interview. They include;

• Work with the right people – Nitin Khanna insisted on employing the perfect people for the job. The employees should be hardworking, talented, and self-motivated. They should not be pushed to work but should do it voluntarily and with the company’s interest at heart. Nitin Khanna carefully picked the people to work with at Saber and Mergertech and together they propelled the companies forward in terms of business. Entrepreneurs should, therefore, choose their employees with a lot of caution.

• Develop growth strategies for any business – As an entrepreneur, Khanna’s expertise lays in creating viable growth strategies for companies. He was in charge of the growth at Saber while his brother focused on the operational side of the business. Before launching any business or companies, its founders need to draw a growth strategy that will earn profits for the company for a long time.

By combining these tips from the investment guru, Nitin Khanna, with other business strategies, any business is assured success.

Read more about Khanna in an interview he gave recently

Innovacare Health And Penelope Kokkinides Focus On The Changing Health Care System

The healthcare system is changing and with this change, people are finding that payment methods aren’t able to meet the new demands. This is why Penelope Kokkinides and Innovacare Health are dedicated to supporting solutions for the new age of medicine that the world has entered. This is why the company started participating in the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. The system that they are promoting lets doctors focuses on providing quality care to their patients instead of going for quantity. By reforming how payments are made, Innovacare Health is hoping that the relationships between doctors and their patients will be strengthened. The healthcare system needs to move forward and they are dedicated to helping it do so.

When Penelope Kokkinides joined the team at Innovacare Health as their Chief Administrative Officer, she knew that the position came with a lot of responsibility. She has been in the industry of health care for more than 2 decades and has spent much of it working with the government programs Medicare and Medicaid. She enjoys the fact that there is a lot of variety in her works days in her position and she is always trying to stay as productive as she possibly can. Her job requires a lot of travel and she states that she is able to focus on her work effectively while she is on a plane and free of distractions. Being able to work on the go thanks to technology has made her a much more productive person as she doesn’t have to be in the office to get a lot of work done for Innovacare Health.

Innovare Health is one of the United States’ leaders in managed healthcare services. They are committed to following sustainable health care models so patients are able to get the care that they need while ensuring that doctors and health care systems are paid fairly for their work. In the end, making sure that patients are given access to the quality of care that they deserve is the most important thing at Innovacare Health who understands that above all, patients should come first.BusinessInnovare Health is one of the United States’ leaders in managed healthcare services. They are committed to following sustainable health care models so patients are able to get the care that they need while ensuring that doctors and health care systems are paid fairly for their work. In the end, making sure that patients are given access to the quality of care that they deserve is the most important thing at Innovacare Health who understands that above all, patients should come first.

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Stream Energy Has Been Working Through Its Stream Care Program to Bring Positive Change

Ever since it was launched in 2005, Stream Energy has been integral to providing energy, wireless and protective services to customers all over the US.

Its presence is especially profound in the East Coast, where it serves states including but not limited to New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. It has also gained traction in Texas, where it has been named one of the Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers in the state.

Stream Energy has been at the forefront of developing community infrastructure in a number of ways. In addition to energy, it also offers services such as digital voice and digital MD. Overall, these facilities contribute towards an enhanced infrastructure that collectively improves the quality of life in its target locations.

In addition to providing these services under its corporate umbrella, Stream Energy also employs philanthropic efforts through programs that are setup with charity in mind.

One such program that has been setup by the firm is Stream Cares.

What is Stream Cares?

Stream Cares was launched in 2016 by the firm as its main philanthropic arm. Over the years, it has participated in various charitable activities across a variety of regions.

From the American Red Cross to the Services to the Armed Forces Giving Program, Stream Cares has ensured to provide support to these exceptional entities through its funding and donation efforts.

With that, through Stream Care, Stream Energy also holds events for fundraising and donations whenever the need calls for it. It has also donated to relief efforts for natural disasters through initiatives such as the Texas Tornado Benefit.

With Stream Cares, Stream was able to bring together its extensive philanthropic efforts under one umbrella. With over a dozen years’ of experience behind those efforts, Stream Cares benefit from what the team at Stream Energy had done before the philanthropic entity was formed.

At the time of writing, Stream Cares continues to uphold the mission of Stream Energy to contribute to society not only through its corporate efforts, but also through its philanthropic activities.

Stream Cares is the Philanthropic Face of Stream Energy

There are many instances where companies go above and beyond in the way they reach out to communities. Often times said companies have been providing services for quite some time, but it is isn’t until one major event that those contributions come to light. For Dallas-based direct energy seller Stream Energy, the event was Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey ripped through many Dallas communities and Stream was right there offering as much support as possible. It funded many recovery initiatives and even provided huge breaks to customers affected by the disaster. Many might see this as going above and beyond but for Stream it was another normal day at the office.

This is because philanthropy is part of Stream Energy’s business model. It is as integral as a memo. Stream Energy believes in charity so much it actually created a separate philanthropy wing inside its own company to handle it. This wing is called Stream Cares, and it functions as a full fledged charity organization attached to Stream itself.

Stream Cares uses resources and funds from Stream to support local charities throughout Dallas. It worked with agencies like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to lend aid during Hurricane Harvey, and supports many initiatives that advocate for homelessness. Stream Cares is a proud partner of Hope Supply Co., which provides diapers, school supplies, and clothes for homeless children. Stream not only funds such charities it also assists them in planning community events. Stream executives volunteer, and Stream itself provides a special service. For Hope Supply Co.’s partnered Splash for Hope event, Stream Cares covered the entrance fees and meals for over 1,000 homeless kids that attended.

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a direct energy seller and alternative energy provider that operates in seven states throughout the U.S. Like many alternative energy sources Stream provides cheaper rates and provides a wide variety of plans. It also sets itself apart by treating its energy provision like a hedge fund portfolio. In an effort to create better customer service Stream executives personally deal with customers they bring in. Stream also donates a lot of money to charity initiatives through its Stream Cares organization.

How HGGC Determines What to Invest In

One of the most important traits that investors need to have is the ability to forecast which direction that certain markets will move in. This is a skill that is very rare. Only a few of the best investment professionals have it. One private equity company that has repeatedly shown the ability to make accurate market forecasts is HGGC. This company is based in California’s Silicon Valley. There is a lot that goes into the way that they choose their investments. They do not simply pick them at random. They have several formulas that they use in an attempt to project if an investment opportunity is a winner or a loser. Needless to say, they have been right much more than they have been wrong.

So what makes HGGC so good at what they do? First of all, they stick to investing money in industries that have a tremendous growth potential. There are various methods that can be used to make accurate guesses as to which industries are going to do the best five and ten years down the road. The company has also used modern technology to their advantage. For example, they have designed software which can use various mathematical computations in order to determine the safest investments in a specific industry. The software will lay out all of the pros and cons of a certain investment opportunity. The execs at HGGC will use this data when making their final decisions.

Technology is playing a greater role than ever before when it comes to investing on a global scale. HGGC was one of the first private equity firms to design algorithms for the purpose of analyzing the potential risk and rewards of certain investments. This proved to be so successful for the company that other large companies decided to copy the idea. It is now a standard practice for all companies in the investment field to use algorithms to varying degrees. It is a testament to the brilliant minds in charge of HGGC that they have been a leader in the private equity field almost since the company was founded.

For Effective Results, Marketing Expert Steve Lesnard Recommends Keeping Things Simple

In the technology-driven world in which we live, many long-established practices and traditions have been replaced with more modern ways of doing things.

This changing of methods is also something that applies to the marketing of different types of products, says marketing and consumer expert Steve Lesnard in a recent article on the Medium website.

The new choices that online and social outlets are providing in the field of marketing can be quite beneficial, says Mr. Lesnard. These same choices, however, can end up being harmful to a marketing campaign, if they are not utilized correctly.

One principle that Steve Lesnard recommends following when marketing a product is to keep things simple. By keeping things simple, marketing teams are more able to focus on the features of the product that are the most important and relevant to consumers.

Mr. Lesnard states that Apple repeatedly shows that it understands how important simplicity is when marketing a product. From a portable music campaign for its iPod, to its emphasis on safety with its watch, Apple knows how to effectively reach consumers.

The Peleton fitness products company is another organization that is recognized by Steve Lesnard for its effective use of simple marketing techniques. The company chose to focus on bringing the feel of a New York City fitness studio to consumers, in place of promoting the actual products.

An interesting point that Steve Lesnard makes in the Medium article is that some of the tools that are available today to enhance the overall digital experience provide great opportunities for marketing products.

When a product is marketed online, the use of consumer testimony or comments, videos that appropriately feature the product, and space where the product’s best points can be presented are very useful.

For marketing professionals, Steve Lesnard recommends that they spotlight the consumer benefits of the products they are marketing. Additionally, this marketing pro recommends finding the most creative ways to promote a product, and utilizing good brand ambassadors.

Robert Deignan: How to Thrive in Business

Robert Deignan knows how to become successful in the tough American market. As the chief executive officer of a company called ATS Digital Services, the businessman knows what it takes for an individual to make it in the tough environment. Robert Deignan co-founded this company with the help of a friend, and he has been offering digital support to customers in the local and international market. To become a successful individual in the current world, the businessman advises everyone to use the following tips:

Follow your Gut

Regardless of the size of the business you are about to start, it is important to trust all your instincts. As an investor, it is your role to sit down and analyze every negative and positive feature about the idea you about to bring into the market. For many years, the businessman has been following this inner feeling, and most of the times, he finds it to be correct. When taking on this route, it is always important to have discipline and courage so that you remain focused and in the right path. Sometimes you will realize that following your decision will be hard, but always trust yourself. Hesitating, according to Robert Deignan, is one of the most dangerous things in business. Decision making in business needs to be undertaken at the right time.

Don’t choose to work with the people who are close to you

Robert Deignan has been successful, but he has also learned his lessons in a hard way. Having people who are close to you is a way of failing in business. Sometimes, people are tempted to employ the people who are close to them in their company. This idea, however, can be too risky for a business, whether it is new or thriving in the market. When the people who are working in your business are close to you, your judgment, in most cases, will be clouded. Friends and family should always have a position in your life, not in your business. These are the relationships that will only destroy the business. People who are not related to you will respect your business and give you the best.