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Jose Hawilla: Powerful Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Looking for information about successful entrepreneurs? Want to start your own successful business? If you want to become successful in life and business, you need to emulate successful people. One of the most successful entrepreneurs out there is Jose Hawilla. Although there are many entrepreneurs who have achieved great success in their respective fields, Jose Hawilla is considered a leader in the industry.


Numerous seek advice from Jose Hawilla and he takes the time to guide them properly. When it comes to seeking advice or tips on success in business and related issues, Jose Hawilla is your clear choice.


Jose Hawilla is passionate about advising ambitious individuals and ensuring that they understand what it takes to become successful. It is imperative that you follow in the footsteps of someone who has achieved great success.


Jose Hawilla emphasizes on the importance of having a positive mental attitude. He also talks about the importance of focus and persistence as you run a business and progress towards your goal. No matter how many rejections or obstacles successful entrepreneurs face, they never give up. They always come up with alternative routes to reach the success they desire.


Immersing yourself in a positive environment helps to inspire and motivate you. You need to steer clear of negative people and surround yourself with individuals who want to see you succeed.


Jose and other successful people know what is involved in getting great results       . They often encounter obstacles but they’re always prepared to learn their lessen and keep working hard until they get the outcome they want.


Entrepreneurship involves taking calculated risk, but it also includes huge rewards. As an entrepreneur, you’ll recognize an opportunity and gather the resources to it into a useful product or service. Entrepreneurs envision something new and take appropriate steps to it a reality.




Perseverance is essential and will enable you to do whatever is necessary to make your dream come true. If you possess the traits or attributes necessary to keep focused and working towards making your business successful, chances are you’ll get the results you want. You can visit for more info.



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Doctor Or Entrepreneur? Dr. Mark McKenna Is Combing Both For An Innovative Take On Healthy Living

Dr. Mark McKenna has faced many setbacks over the course of his career, mostly due to unfortunate circumstances, but he his still come out on top as one of the most recognized doctors and businessmen in the country today. This is because Mark has a special talent for business, perfectly combining his knowledge of medicine to create unique and successful businesses. Some have asked Dr. Mark McKenna why he started out with medicine only to switch to business. According to Mark, he has interest in the medical field, especially since it is also his father’s profession, but it doesn’t allow for the level of success it did in the past.

Mark McKenna wanted more than what the medical field alone had to offer, but he did not make this decision until he was in medical school. Once he finally graduated, Mark worked at his father’s practice while he built up his funds until he could start up a company of his own. He finally got his start in 1999 with a real estate company, which managed to become one of the leading real estates in New Orleans by 2005. Katrina hit New Orleans this year, and Mark, unfortunately, lost his company. He managed to recoup by flipping properties in New Orleans for a while, before moving to Atlanta.

Dr. Mark McKenna is currently pushing the growth of his latest company, OVME. With locations in Nashville and Atlanta, OVME is quickly becoming one of the most popular aesthetic wellness business in the country. This is partly because there is not much competition in Mark’s particular market. OVME allows Mark’s clients to use an app to search a database of products and treatments that can then be ordered and delivered right to their hands wherever they are. Doctors stand at the ready to help customers through OVME’s app and offer their own products as freelancers. Dr. Mark McKenna hopes to expand OVME in more cities over the next few years.

Todd Lubar the icon in real estate investment

Todd Lubar is famed to be the most successful businessman in Maryland and many corners of the world. He went through struggles in his career course to reach the present level. Presently, Todd Lubar is the CEO and president of TDL Global Venture. He believes in making ideas the reality and working hard brings success in all aspect of life. Todd Lubar in his position heads professional marketers together with a large number of clients who demand his services at TDL Global Venture.

When Todd Lubar attained his degree, he ventured himself into real estate industry and joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In his first venture, he gained knowledge and experience concerning conventional Mortgage banking. Todd spent his time relating to real estate agents, CPA`s, financial planners, and insurance agents who are well-known for their clients for their services. He believed that the relationship he was creating with the agents could yield referrals for the business.

Todd Lubar left Crestar to work for Legacy Financial Group, Texas. His second job exposed Todd to the corporate world of lending money. He had acquired exceptional skills in the finance industry which enabled him to establish Maryland office. It was an excellent boost to the Legacy Financial Group in that the post generated more than 100 million dollars as the loan in one year.

According to Patch, it was in 2002 when he founded Legendary Properties, a residential development company. Todd Lubar hard-work, track record, and passion in mortgage banking landed him at Charter Funding, Arizona in 2005 where he served as the senior VP. Later he purchased money mortgage from the Priority Financial Services.

However, being an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar has purchased and acquired companies in the different sector of the economy. Todd has enterprises in the commercial demolition industry, nightclub ventures, real estate and in the recycling business. The heart of his success has always been in the real estate business.

Todd Lubar is an alumnus of Syracuse University where he pursued Bachelors of Business Administration, Speech Communication major. Being the CEO of TDL Global Ventures alongside the President of Legendary Investments, Lubar is committed to helping people in need of money.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Leads Bradesco Successfully

Luiz Carlos Trabuco spends his days striving to make the Brazilian banking giant known as Bradesco the best in the business. He serves as their CEO and has been tasked with this job since 2009 when he was promoted after a successful stint in their Insurance division. Trabuco, as he is best known, has served in several top executive posts throughout his tenure at Bradesco and knows their business culture like few others. When the time was right, he was a natural choice to lead the company.

Trabuco began his career with Bradesco in his hometown of Marília where he was born in 1951. Starting in 1969, he was a clerk and served in this capacity for two years which gave him valuable experience in interacting daily with customers. His potential for the banking industry was noted and he was transferred to the company headquarters in São Paulo. There, he embarked upon a path of continual growth and development that saw him rise to the top of many divisions.

The University of São Paulo was where Trabuco received his education when he secured a degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. This was an unlikely path for a banking figure such as Trabuco. Most top banking officials complete their degrees in Business or Finance. However, Trabuco demonstrated an ability to adapt and a tremendous ability to learn sophisticated financial principles which have served him and Bradesco very well.

Innovation is one of Trabuco’s calling cards and he helped change Bradesco’s marketing structure to a significant degree when he was their leader. For the first time in their history, Bradesco engaged in publicity campaigns when they established a relationship with the media and financial reporters. This has modernized their communications and increased their brand awareness among Brazilians.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the obvious choice to succeed Márcio Cypriano as the company’s CEO when he successfully led the Insurance division to unprecedented profits during the years of 2003-2009. Profits rose dramatically during this time and made a huge contribution to the overall success of Bradesco’s bottom line. They consolidated their leadership position in the Brazilian market and in Latin America as well. Trabuco received honor and recognition for his outstanding performance when he was named twice as the Insurance Personality of the Year.

A corporate university is another of Trabuco’s innovations and he instituted this when he took over as CEO. The opportunity to develop the next wave of Bradesco’s leadership was the primary aim and it continued their tradition of continuity and renewal from the company’s ranks. Worthy employees were promoted and given a greater voice in the company. Trabuco and other top executive officers were able to determine those with the most potential to successfully lead Bradesco.

With the quest for market leadership in the back of his mind, Trabuco engineered a blockbuster deal in 2015 when Bradesco acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC. It was the largest such deal of the year and it created quite a buzz in the world of Brazilian finance.

With one remarkable deal, Bradesco added the equivalent of six years of organic growth to their business. This has made them much more competitive in the battle for leadership in the private banking industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco received a high honor for his role in the acquisition when he was declared to be the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by DINHEIRO.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco goes about his important job as Bradesco’s CEO with a noted lack of ostentation. He is soft-spoken and quick with a wide grin. His opinions on serious financial matters are widely followed by top political and financial figures. He is married and the father of three children.

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The Top Media Companies in Mexico and The Contribution of Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega to The Success of The Media Industry

Media Industry in Mexico

Mexico’s media industry is dynamic. There are more than 4 million cable television subscribers and 1.5 million satellite Television subscribers. This vibrancy is attributed to the wide array of news and entertainment in the region. There are several newspapers and magazines in the region including El Norte, El Universal, Milenio, El Economista and Reforma.

Mexico also boasts of numerous radio and television stations. The leading Television stations in the region are the Televisa and TV Azteca.

The Industry’s Growth

The surging numbers of viewership have encouraged tremendous investments in the Mexican media industry. Telmax, the largest internet provider, has declared its interest in offering television services. Its entrance is bound to stir competitive competition with the existing providers such as Sky Television and MasTV.

The government is keen on maintaining the culture of Mexico amidst the changes in the media industry. As a result, it has taken control of channels 11 and 22. The two channels are reserved for broadcasting cultural content.

One of the brains behind the rapid changes in the media industry is Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega.

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Angoitia is an influential Mexican entrepreneur. He has vast experience in law and finance. His leadership skills are outstanding. The skills have enabled him to be involved in the management of several companies. He is connected to 10 board members of 10 different organizations cutting across 13 different industries.

He is the current Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa, SAB, which is the largest Spanish-speaking media company.


Angoitia studied law at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)


Angoitia worked at White & Case LLP in New York. He became a founding partner of Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes y Fuentes, SC, the leading law firm in Mexico. Angoitia became a top attorney of Emilio Azcarraga, the CEO of Grupo Televisa. He has made valuable contributions to the financial and legal structures of the media house.

He was the mastermind of a $1.2 deal with Univision for Televisa that allowed Grupo Televisa’s accessibility to the lucrative US Hispanic market. He is also involved in the management of companies such as Empreso Cablevision and Univision Communication Inc.


Thor Halvorssen: Fighting Against Injustice and Oppression

When it comes to safeguarding and protecting the human rights against oppression, the Human Rights Foundation has proven to be very successful. This organization is considered as a small organization that only goes after the big fish. The organization has managed to uncover some of the injustices facing humanity such as the Tabaco’s Hidden Children and investigating the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. The Human Rights Foundation is well known for the Oslo Freedom Forum. Some of the major donors of this organization include Peter Thiel who is the co-founder of PayPal as well as Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google.

Thor Halvorssen was born on 9th March 1976 in Venezuela. He is well known for uncovering corruption in the Venezuelan government, a move that led to the torture of his father in prison and the death of his mother during antigovernment protests in Caracas. Thor is known to oppose Latin America dictators, and his opinions about leadership and governance have featured on various platforms such as the New York Times, the Washington post as well as the Wall Street Journal. Thor has also made appearances in various media and television outlets such as BBC News as well as Fox News Channels and Al-Jazeera to explain his ideologies and beliefs.

He considers himself as a classical liberal and refuses to be referred to as a conservative liberal. As for Thor, he doesn’t mind about the political inclinations of the people he chooses to work for as long as they have the same mission. Thor loves people and has a special adoration for the rebels who opposes dictatorship and authoritarianism. People who work for the Human Rights Foundations comes from all walks of life as they include dishwasher Democrats to very learned people. A notable member of the Human Rights Foundation is the attorney Javier El-Hage.Thor’s cousin is in prison in Venezuela for opposing the Venezuelan government. Thor comes from a long line of royalty as his father descends from a Norwegian king while his mom comes from the family of the first Venezuelan president. Other former and present member of the Human Rights Foundation include the late Vaclav Havel as well as the Russian human activist by the name Garry Kasparov.

Don Ressler: An Entrepreneur With An Aim To Help Fashion Industry

Fueled by the rising apparel industry, financial analysts have predicted that the American apparel market is going to rise by almost 50% in a coming decade. It’s JustFab who took it very seriously and stepped into the digital marketing industry to get its share from the digital world. Even though that are giants are already working in the apparel industry noted on, stepping into such competitive environment is an achievement in itself which has achieved JustFab by working under the leadership of Don Ressler.

Don Ressler is revolutionary marketing individual who believes in equality. He said that if the 1% of the elite class can have all the luxury of having outclassed fashion apparel why not the rest of 99%. What wrong has been done by rest of them? And that’s where he along with a couple of other revolutionary individuals planned to come up with a solution that can assist everyone without the difference of class.

Fabletics is one of the brands that are maintained by Kate Hudson and a subsidiary of JustFab. Don Ressler, when first came with that equality ideas he discussed that with others and that’s how they came up with an idea of reverse showroom technique that they can use to appeal new customers to keep the current customer.

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In this fast-moving world of internet, if an individual won’t find anything attractive about you, he will immediately move to another website until and unless he has a reason. A reason that would be strong enough for them to stick with you and reverse showroom is such strong attraction for individual who like to be in touch with fashion. By using that technique on, people can purchase latest apparels, fashion accessories and much more and all that in competitive price so that everyone can get what they deserve.

Fabletics is a most crucial subsidiary of JustFab, and it has made fitness so stylish that it becomes easy for everyone even if he or she belong to middle-class families. Fashion is luxury that families who are already striving hard to live a quality life cannot afford. However, JustFab has made it easy for them to enjoy a fashion apparel which they only dreamt of wearing before. Don Ressler said that he and his team is working hard and will keep working with dedication and devotion to helping their customer to get what they deserve and to enjoy life the way they want it.

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Philanthropist, Adam Milstein

London-based publication Richtopia together with social media ranking system, Rise named Adam Milstein as number 187 out of The 200 most influential Do-Gooders in the World. The ranking was based on top philanthropists and social entrepreneurs on social media. Adam has a significant Facebook and Twitter accounts’ influence on philanthropy. The list of the Do-Gooders in the World included other philanthropists such as Eric Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Melinda Gates, Hillary Clinton, Magic Johnson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ashton Kutcher, Elon Musk and Arianna Huffington. Adam Milstein stated that his philanthropic work is one of the most essential and gratifying parts of his life.


Adam runs the Milstein Foundation whose mission is to safeguard and strengthen the Jews and their homeland, Israel. In 2000, he, together with his wife Gila founded this organization where they provide charitable as well as humanitarian services. The foundation also provides knowledge and expertise to pro-Israel Americans so that they can advocate for their state. It strengthens the Jewish people by financing projects with a perceptiveness to their life-path impact, searching to build cooperation with other organizations and embracing the principles of active philanthropy. Other philanthropic services Adam offers include partnership development, pro-Israel advocacy, consulting and fundraising in support of programs in areas of Jewish continuity and education.


AdamMilstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and is the chairman of its national expansion. He is also a leader in several Jewish organizations such as Hasbara Fellowships, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC and the Israel on Campus Coalition. Together with his wife Gila, they are co-founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which offers free Hebrew books each month teaching Jewish values to over 70 Israeli-Jewish-American families that are in the US.


Besides philanthropy, Adam is a successful businessman who has invested in real estate. He is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties in charge of overseeing the accounting, disposition, and financing of the firm. Adam Milstein has a degree in business and economics from Technion and a Master of Business Administration from the University of California.



Knowledge For Men’s Podcast Guest Josh Verne Gives Tips For Success In Business And Life

The Knowledge For Men’s Podcast welcomes and interviews entrepreneurs from all different kinds of businesses. The host of the podcast, Andrew Ferebee asks the entrepreneurs on his show what they did right in their businesses, what they have learned from their mistakes and the advice they would give to other people. Below are the major tips that Philadelphia area entrepreneur Josh Verne gave when he was on the podcast.


In business and in your daily life, you should always try to make decisions that are a win-win. This means that everybody benefits from the decision that you make. It may tempting to make a decision or choose an option that will be the easiest or fastest to make, but that is not necessarily the best one for you and all the parties involved. When you think in terms of win-win situations, you are looking to make the very best choice that will result in the best possible outcome for not just you but for other people involved. Making this mindset a habit of yours when it comes to decision making, can greatly improve the decisions and choices that you make.


Another word of advice from Josh Verne is to create balance in your life. Balance does not mean dividing your time up equally between work, family and leisure. Instead, balance means that you are meeting all of your goals in all of the categories of your life. You don’t need to spend the same amount of time at work as you do with leisure obviously. However, you don’t want to burn yourself out or not spend enough time with your family. Creating balance in your life will lead to greater happiness, health and productivity in your career.


Todd Lubar: He is the Real Deal!

Entrepreneur Todd Lubar is not your typical entrepreneur. In every endeavor, in which Lubar becomes involved: in the back of his mind, is achievement. And, in encouraging Lubar fashion, he simply does not “fail forward.” In fact, Lubar, remarkably has a knack at raising funds, increasing sales volumes and seems to travel life’s success pathway—quite effortlessly, and with a great deal of vigor. His secret? Evidenced from Lubar’s progressive career, he knows how to network. Most persons probably would be blown over by Lubar’s list of contacts. His style is achievement; radiated by an engaging good-natured personality. Lubar admits that he basically knows how to make a business work. He believes part of his business acumen is attributable to his broad experience within the real estate and financial industry.

Also, he achieved a solid foundation in way of an education. Lubar attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. and the Peddie Schools in (the quintessential American community of Hightstown, New Jersey). He later attained a B.A. degree in Speech Communications from Syracuse University.


He made his entry into the field of real estate as a loan originator, working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd developed, summarily, his extensive contact list by building one-on-one partnerships with persons occupied in varying financial professions.


Other business activities that have proved successful for Lubar include the following:


Todd opened up the Maryland office of Charter Funding. This move made it possible for Lubar to increase his loan program offerings to his client base. He further formed an affiliate enterprise, known as Legendary Financial, LLC–a lending institution relative to individuals and business enterprises. Lubar has been ranked on the list of the Nation’s Twenty-Five Top Originators in the United States for several years. During the years, when the mortgage industry was in transformation, around 2007 and 2008, Lubar involved himself in the business operational end of a reclaimation business and a dismantling service.


Todd enjoys spending time with his two lovely children. He likes to travel and enjoys sunshiny locales such as Southern California. He enjoys, too, holidays in idyllic states such as Maine, and does his part in spreading a little bit of his own sunshine with respect to every person he meets.