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Max Salk Has a Relentless Focus in Business and Photography

What do you get when you combine an intuition for finance and a passion for photography? You get an accomplished individual who’s making his mark in both endeavors. Max Salk of Blackstone Group is the person in question and he’s making the most in each undertaking as he zestfully pursues them in New York City and all over the world. 

The world of finance has been a passion for Salk since his college days when he enjoyed watching the news on CNBC and researching hot stocks. His Finance degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign enabled him to get a foot in the door. He’s currently an investment analyst with Blackstone after a stint with Morningstar and PPM America.

As Max Salk continues to make waves with both of his pursuits he has developed some core principles that help him along his path of success. He has found that preparation can be a difference maker. The simple act of bringing along his camera as he took a walk in Rotterdam led to an extraordinary fog-shrouded photo of a harbor. It can be seen on his natural landscapes website along with many other memorable scenes. 

Salk has also found that flexibility can serve very well as he waits for just the right natural lighting to complete a breathtaking scene. He’s very cognizant of the fact that not every detail can be controlled and the ability to pivot is equally important. 

Making the most of critical moments is another attribute that Salk considers vital in both business and hobby. He gives an example of a polished and persuasive presentation of an investment opportunity. Nobody sees the hours of research and preparation that goes on beforehand and Salk hones in on those crucial moments with his audience. 

Another factor that carries great weight is Salk’s belief that there is more than one path to success and satisfaction. If he could speak to his younger self he would bring this concept to the fore of the conversation. He’s also a practitioner of a relentless mindset. He goes about all of his endeavors with vigor and passion until he finds what works.

Jeunesse Global Empowers People through Their Quality Products

Jeunesse Global has been empowering people to look and stay young through their range of products through direct sales of beauty products. Their skincare and nutritional products are made in the US using forward-looking technology that embraced youth-enhancing care. 

The customer care system comprises of multilingual setup that is quick to respond to the needs of its customers. The brand has gone global with products such as scalp infusion therapy, massage gear and other beauty essentials that will restore your beauty, leaving you looking young. The company upholds high standard as it hires a panel of experts who are responsible for the safety of all the ingredients that go into the manufacturing of their products.

RVL Products for the Best Hair 

Recently Jeunesse Global was praised for its newest product the scalp infusion that helps men regain their youth by fixing retrieving hairlines. The product is one of the innovations of Jeunesse Global, which was designed by the Jeunesse Scientific Advisory Board. 

The infusion product is a step for the RVL Advanced Hair Care System with products such as refining shampoo, and leave-in conditioners that work on perfecting your hair. The advanced hair care system was developed in conjunction with a board of certified dermatologists, and the product line is based on thorough research in hair care. RVL products work for all types of hair as it does not have harmful products such as silicones, sulphates, parabens and dyes, you should try the products today for shiny, thick, fuller hair.

Jeunesse Global is one of the best places to work; the goal of the organisation is offering the cohesive and family-oriented workplace. It gives all employees the ability to thrive and get the best live balance for meaningful and purposeful living. Jeunesse Global offers certain perks to its employees as a means of motivation such as unlimited PTO, a-start-of-art, in-house gym, yoga classes and many more amenities. 

The company also offers discounts on local events and establishments, employee support and travel. Moreover, the workers here are friendly and makes you feel like you are at home. If you are looking for work in a flexible environment, then Jeunesse Global might be the perfect place for you.

Nitin Khanna Story in the Entrepreneurial Department

Nitin Khanna has come a long way in the business section. People know the executive because of his creativity, entrepreneurialism, innovation and philanthropy. In his career life, the businessman has showcased his great skills in various industries. Using the resources he has earned over the years, the business executive has tried his best to impact lives by giving those who come from needy backgrounds. The business leader founded a company named Merger Tech few years ago, and currently, he is serving as the chief executive officer. Before starting the successful platform, Nitin Khanna had already served in various technology companies, and he had the skills needed to make the company successful. His great career in the investment world, however, has set him apart from the other people in technology.

There are many factors that pushed Nitin Khanna to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. The businessman was born and raised in his hometown in India, and he had the opportunity to attend boarding schools that are in this country. His father played a role in making sure that Khanna did well in school although he was in the army. The other family members were focusing in business, and they were all very successful in each of the investments they were taking care of. Interacting with family members who were doing well in the investment department motivated Nitin Khanna to work even harder so that he could join them. Fortunately for the businessman, he managed to go and study abroad where he got a degree in industrial engineering.

When his brother joined Nitin Khanna in the United States for his studies, they formed a strong team and then ventured into business. Being in a foreign land did not make the two young executives scared of the business outcome. The brother have raised one of the largest and most successful institutions, giving back to their family members in India. The business executive started to earn money when he was still very young, and this is what he uses to motivate other personalities who are starting their investments after leaving school. Nitin Khanna is also trying to incubate investments for many companies in India.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Discusses Joint Replacement Surgery, Benefits For Patients

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the director at Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System, located in New York City. Kirschenbaum has been working in the field since his graduation from Brown University in 1979. Since then, Dr. Kirschenbaum has worn many hats in different sectors of the field. From his work as the Community Health Editor at WebMD to his residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Now, Dr. Kirschenbaum is taking time out of his day in order to discuss the progress that modern joint replacement surgery has made.

Joint replacement surgery is an absolutely vital procedure for people of all ages and physical conditions. Being able to retain mobility in all limbs after dealing with joint degradation is of the utmost importance. As a result, patients are increasingly turning to doctors like Dr. Kirschenbaum in order to have something done about their issues. The average age for someone to receive a joint replacement procedure is up to 65 years of age. With that being said, there are many different factors that go into this number. Knee replacement, for example, has become more common at the age of 66 where it used to be 68. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum points to obesity as one of the major factors that lead to joint replacement procedures.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum believes that the best way to deal with joint replacement surgery is by avoiding the need for it altogether. Staying physically active and aware of your health can help to fight back against obesity. Additionally, contributing to non-profit organizations like The Arthritis Foundation can also help to inspire advancements within the industry. Orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Kirschenbaum rely on non-profits in order to fund their research, thus giving them the ability to change lives. Dr. Kirschenbaum believes in a proactive approach to health and progress, as evidenced by what he advocates above.

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Shervin Pishevar and Facebook’s Entrance into Crypto

After listening to Shervin Pishevar discuss the tech industry one might find recent Facebook developments ironic. Shervin Pishevar criticized the industry for becoming overly centralized. The Internet itself was designed to be decentralized. Therefore, for the majority of tech to become subject to a few companies is an unnatural occurrence. Nevertheless, this is what happened.

To the dismay of people like Shervin Pishevar a few large corporations are now in control of much of the world’s data flow. Amazon, Facebook, and Google have all drastically overstepped their influence. Blockchain technology was supposed to help undo this. And for the most part, blockchain, through cryptocurrencies, has revived some of the decentralization that shaped the early Internet.

What you might be asking yourself at this point is: what about those pseudo cryptocurrencies? Certainly, there are many cryptos that Shervin Pishevar and others would not consider true cryptocurrencies. Some that use the name are actually entirely centralized and, beyond their disguise, are nothing more than an altered form of PayPal. These digital payment systems, or currencies, share little with the unchangeable, publicly distributed, and transparent systems that take after Bitcoin.

These are the thoughts running through the greater community of the crypto market. In respects to Facebook, the conclusion that its crypto project will, at best, be partially centralized is a foregone conclusion to most. And yet, a strange turn of events has ensued.

The head of Facebook’s blockchain partnership project has indicated that the future of its cryptocurrency, termed Libra, will in fact not be under the company’s direct control. For many people this will be hard to believe. Maybe this is why Facebook and its partners took the time to release the files that will form the foundation of Libra as an open source project on Github.

We do not know the future, but so far, the intent of the project has been stated to be one of a truly decentralized blockchain. Facebook’s incentive is that as a top tier wallet. The company expects other wallets to compete and a community to form in support of Libra.

Jana Lightspeed and Automobile Tech

Jana Lightspeed knows that it takes a while to realize a good investment. She has realized the field of business is quite tough. After she has made these realizations she has seen that the world of business can move quite fast. This is quite true. Business can move fast and one must keep in touch overall with the latest movements to sense and be a part of the trend. If one doesn’t invest correctly, one can see that their investments may not appreciate properly.

That is why, Jana Lightspeed and nearly everyone involved in automobile tech is currently looking into this technology. Whoever is able to perfect it first may get an early head start into the sector, which would no doubt turn out to be profitable over the long term.

Tesla’s attempts at going after autonomous technology are not hidden from anyone. By marketing the potential ability of self driving as one of the unique selling points of its expensive cars, the company has made quite a fortune for itself in the recent past.

Google’s Waymo service seems to have perfected self-driving around shorter distances and on roads with comparatively less traffic. It has now taken its cars to public roads, showing confidence in the technology that it has developed as a MaaS service.

Whereas, Lyft is also chasing the self-driving dreams, to the point where the objective has become one of the core reasons why the service is attracting investors towards it.

And when it comes to Uber, the company is going all in on self-driving cars. Its direct competition in this aspect are the aforementioned Waymo and Lyft, the former of which seems to have reached a level of advancement that practically fulfills the dream of self-driving cars for everyone.

Remember, this is part of the future.

Sergey Petrossov: CEO and Founder of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of JetSmarter, and co-founder of Federal System of Distance Education. JetSmarter is similar to Uber, which offers private jet booking and ride-sharing services. JetSmarter connects private jet owners with customers making travel accessible and easy.

Sergey Petrossov was born in Moscow Russia and emigrated from Russia at the age of 4 to the United States. Sergey spent most of his teenage and young adult years in Florida. He attended high school in south Florida and during that time he started a business which importing exported tire rims. He later attended the University of Florida where he began his interests in technology. Sergey also co-founded a company that offered Russian-speaking services for schools in Eastern Europe and Russia. Sergey has a strong drive to succeed as well as a strong work ethic. These qualities allowed Sergey to achieve his goal of starting a successful worldwide business which solves the issue of complicated private jet travel.

Sergey started his beta company in 2012, which was limited to private jet patrons who traveled frequently and industry patrons only. After his first experience on a private jet in 2009, he quickly noticed there was much-needed improvement to be made as well as growth opportunities in the industry. Sergey realized that he could apply his ideas to the mobile market which was becoming popular at the time. Sergey received funding from the Saudi royal family, celebrities, strategic and private investors, and top executives that he established professional relationships with.

In March 2013, JetSmarter was globally launched making it the largest online jet travel and lifestyle community in the world. JetSmarter has partnered with more than 800 carriers that have access to over 3,200 aircraft and over 10,000 members in over 170 countries with special benefits for members who pay their annual fee. Today Jetsmarter has expanded majorly with over 670,000 subscribers that provide over 14,000 services. Subscriber fees are $4,950 and $15,000 yearly. The company has plans to establish its own aircraft brand in the near future as well. JetSmarter has offices in Moscow, Riyadh, London, Dubai, and Zurich, and its headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Marc Beer Finally Joins LumeNXT Team As Member Of The Board

Marc Beer has spent his entire career focused on the biotech industry as well as pharmaceuticals, which is why it comes as no surprise that he joined the LumeNXT team, a company that he helped bring to light in the first place. LumeNXT is a biotech firm that is focused on developing light technologies to help physicians perform non-invasive surgeries. Marc Beer has joined LumeNXT as a chairman of the board with a specific focus to help in product development and marketing. Marc brings more than two decades of experience in biotech, including the commercialization of products.

LumeNXT is a private biotech firm, but Marc Beer has been focused on the company’s work since it was first started. The realization of their products could advance the medical industry around the world to help provide safer and cost-effective surgeries for patients and physicians. Specifically, LumeNXT’s technology will provide superior visualization capabilities for doctors, allowing them to see underneath the skin without the need to cut parts of the body open to see inside. Marc personally thinks that minimally invasive surgeries will be big in the future and help a lot of people live better lives. 

Marc Beer’s successful track record in the biotech industry is well-known, and he is currently the co-founder and CEO of his own successful biotech company, Renovia Inc. Paul Rhyne, LumeNXT’s founder, specifically chose Marc for his expertise and dedicated leadership, doing whatever it takes to see a project through to the end. 

Marc founded Renovia Inc back in 2016 as a biotech firm specializing in research for one specific disease, pelvic floor disorder. this disorder only affects women, but it is estimated to cause complications for more than 200 million women worldwide, ranging from light cramps to severe pain and discomfort. Renovia has received a lot of support and funding over the past few years thanks to Marc’s successful marketing and networking, which has ultimately enabled Renovia to develop their first approved product to help women treat pelvic floor disorder, Leva. Leva is defined as a digital health system that cannot cure but can treat pelvic floor disorder. Learn more:

Jeunesse Global: Customer Loyalty

Jeunesse Global has had some of the most influence on western civilization of all the beauty companies it has seen over the centuries. In recent times, scientists have begun to do research on how we can reverse the effects of aging, and this is what inspired Jeunesse Global to form their business in the first place. Because they believed that they could contribute something to that industry, they wanted to do everything they could to try. This, to them, is the most important part about being a company that cares for its consumers. Since the consumer is dedicated to the company no matter what the company does, it is only fair for the company to show unrelenting support for the consumer. This is the way Jeunesse Global views it, anyway; they have noticed that their contemporaries are not always as sympathetic towards the target demographic. Many other beauty and wellness companies will try to exaggerate the effects of their products. The truth is that most of these companies do not have anything that will reverse the wrinkles that naturally come to our skin from aging; most of the companies flourishing within the beauty and wellness industry are doing so because they are relying on the placebo effect, wherein users of their products believe that it works, so the company views the situation as being resolved. To Jeunesse Global, however, simply convincing the customer that the product works is not enough. For them, they want to develop it enough so that it genuinely is enough to do what the consumer wants it to do. They believe that simply trying to manipulate the masses does not really do anything for mankind. If anything, all it does is lower the standards for relationships between businesses and consumers. One of Jeunesse Global’s main goals is to create a world wherein everyone who wants to look beautiful has the tools at their disposal to do so, and they believe that every beauty and wellness company should have some variant of this very same goal. Because their resolve is so strong, they refuse to manipulate their customers in any way.

CEO Smita Shah on The Steve Cochran Show

On April 25th, 2019 Smita Shah, CEO of SPAAN Tech sat down with Steve Cochran of The Steve Cochran Show on 720WGN to talk about her work as an entrepreneur, engineer, and CEO of her growing tech business. Smita Shah graduated from MIT with a Masters degree in Engineering, and only two years later, in 1998, started SPAAN Tech with the simple goal of creating a company where talented people could come together to work on projects that support communities. Today SPAAN Tech works on putting solar panels on homes, building roads, lighting streets, and more. Learn more:

Smita Shah describes herself as a naive twenty-four-year-old when she started SPAAN Tech who wasn’t concerned about failing at creating a company. This kind of attitude she still expresses today.

“If something doesn’t work, you try something else,” she is quoted as saying. Smita goes on to explain that she never feared failure because at worst it meant that she might have to go on to work for someone else. Twenty years later SPAAN Tech is still going strong and is getting bigger than ever.

Steve asked several questions regarding her status as a woman and minority CEO of a tech firm. Smita recounts her early childhood interest in mathematics and science and coming from an Indian family, where her father was an engineer. Though she was aware that she was different from the other girls her age she didn’t think twice about choosing this as her career path. Still, even today, Smita fights the stigma of women in STEM and believes that women are each other’s strongest allies when it comes to succeeding in this field. Smita Shah argues that math and science are fundamental parts of education and modern life, for both men and women.

When Steve asked her about the advice she would give young girls who would consider STEM she stressed the importance of leading by example,

“You need to see it in order to be it,” she says. She empathizes that when women do enter STEM they are competitive and that they do succeed. More than that, as technology advances the demand for STEM fields increases, and we will continue to need bright minds applied to the task of solving the world’s problems. She attests that the work is great for women and men because it is balanced work that leaves time for family and self-development. Her company places emphasis on the support of the family and the community. Her final advice is to embrace the challenges that life will send your way. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn