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Bumble’s Beehive Is Truly A Place For Women To Flourish

Queen Bee Whitney Wolfe Herd has a truly successful company. The name of this organization is called Bumble and it is an online dating site that has literally changed how modern people date. Bumble is a site that allows women to make the first move. Traditionally, men are supposed to be the pursuers and women are to await their advances.

Whitney Wolfe is tired of this old cultural norm. She and her millions of loyal female followers have the same outlook on this part of the social interaction that takes places between men and women.

Whitney Wolfe’s site is for women and about women. The site puts women first. Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble. Whitney also takes this same attitude with her nearly all female staff. The women at Bumble are empowered. They want to be treated as equals. Bumble’s workers love to be treated like queens by men. They no longer want to put up with being viewed as inferior or as a sex object.

Bumble works because the culture is flexible in terms of women’s needs and it is also supportive of working moms. Different ideas are valued at Bumble. While not every idea can be used within the Bumble business model; they are certainly not shunned. The culture at Bumble is also about collaboration. The females there work together to help each other to be successful. Yes, there is competition, but no one is being completely disregarded or shunned because of their gender.

Sexual harassment does not exist at Bumble. If any person decides to sexually harass another co-worker that worker would be quickly removed. Quite a few women who work for Bumble are working moms who need to have flexible schedules to be with their children. Working moms want to be able to contribute.

They want to be more than housewives. They want to work outside of the home. However, this does not mean they want to neglect their homes, families or husband. They just want to prove that they are capable of working outside of the home while keeping it in order. Whitney Wolfe’s culture at Bumble is truly revolutionary. Women who work here are happy to be a part of this organization and they are grateful to have found a place where women are truly first.

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Anastasia Date Offers Premium Online Dating Services

Not long ago the concept of online dating was inconceivable. Online dating has increased exponentially over the past few years. Today, online dating is viewed as commonplace. There is an abundance of dating websites that aspire to match up similar qualities to prospective partners.

One dating website in particular, Anastasia Date, is a leading courting platform that focuses on international dating. With an 80 percent success rate, Anastasia Date demonstrates compatibility at its finest. Anastasia Date was established in 1993 when the idea for an international avenue for companionship spawned. The company went live online in 2003. Once members sign up, they are encouraged to fill out a profile highlighting personality traits and optimal characteristics. Members can then perform a search by selecting partner categories of interest and narrowing results.

Anastasia Date provides the finest matchmaking services. Free features of Anastasia Date include registration and unlimited profile browsing. Premium services allow members to chat live via phone, instant message, or webcam and send virtual or real gifts. Members can be reassured that Anastasia Date practices safety and security measures online. The dating site verifies each profile as an actual, legitimate person. If a profile raises a concern about being authentic and could possibly lead to a scam, the company steps in to resolve any attempt to defraud the system.

Online dating has proven to be socially acceptable in recent years. Love and companionship can be found just as well on the internet as opposed to meeting in person. The way individuals are utterly connected to their electronic devices just demonstrates even more that online dating is here to stay.