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EOS Is Introducing Something Old But New To Lips

Hemp is nothing new in today’s world. Hemp has been used for thousand of years for multiple purposes ranging from ink to medicine. In ancient times, hemp was most commonly used for its pain relieving properties. But in current times Hemp is now also used in the beauty industry. Whether it is used in our products to enhance our skin, body, or hair; hemp has proven to be a great organic ingredient to our beauty products. Researcher’s today unlocked and are looking into the properties of the hemp seed and what amazing benefits its oil can bestow.

This year EOS is introducing hemp oil to their line of lip balms. Hemp oil is renown for its moisturizing and soothing properties, and the research department for EOS has been dabbling with it for quite some time. EOS is now ready to try out its limited edition of new products on its lip-smacking fans. EOS is hoping that their current fan base will enjoy the new ingredient as well as the new trendy flavor balms.

For a limited time EOS is introducing on their website Happy Herb and Baked Brownie lip balms. Both are infused with the ingredient hemp oil, which EOS researchers and corporate leaders hop will go over well with consumers. Consumers will not find these new treats at brick and mortar stores, because EOS is hoping to peak consumers interest based on the new ingredient without the all the fanfare of advertising. So, hurry while supplies last and get your hands on an amazing moisturizing hemp oil infused treat for your lips!

Immigrants like Doe Deere see a Version of America that Born Citizens often Overlook…

It’s no secret that born citizens often take the North American continent for granted. Immigrants like Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, happen to see America differently. The title of her most recent piece in Entrepreneur magazine suggests something simple enough; nobody can come along and make America great as it was already great all along! Deere and many others from countries such as Russia seem to view the country in such a light even when the odds are stacked against them.

Like Doe discussed, many immigrants migrate over with visions of Hollywood movie scenes playing in their heads. When they see our real-life cities, they are typically nothing like what was presented within the popular media presentations. Deere contrasts the real-life NYC, that she experienced for the first time at age 17, with the city she imagined while consuming all those books, movies and magazines as a Jewish child living in Russia.

Doe’s story is not unlike those told by other immigrants. After learning how America differed from its media representation, the family soon went broke. What we see during this next part of her story is a theme that is all too common within these stories; Doe’s mother had an accounting degree that the US was reluctant to accept! Because of this, she was forced to remain underemployed cleaning the homes of others.

As you can probably imagine, the cleaning job doesn’t tide them over for long. The family eventually goes entirely broke and must live off of soup kitchens and shelters until they eventually have the cash flow to live in a low income, urban area. The crime is only briefly mentioned by the author, however. In much greater detail she outlines how much the family appreciated having their own apartment with their very own kitchen!

Doe’s story is certainly an aspiring one. As she is wrapping up she ponders how somebody that was once homeless could employ almost 40 people and become a CEO. Mrs. Deere has certainly proven why the immigrant viewpoint/attitude seems to produce a lot more business owners than the viewpoint/attitude that is all too common among born citizens.

EOS Lip Balm: Flavors that Fit You

Lip Balm is one of those items that everyone needs, but finding the right one always seems to be a challenge for we want something that fits us personally. Luckily enough, with EOS lip balm not only our we receiving a product that moisturizes and revitalizes our lips, but it comes in large varieties of flavors! Check out this related site,

When I discovered EOS the little sphere of goodness became like a constant companion for me, as not only was it Certified Organic, free of parabens and petroleoums, and packed with moisturizing essential oils, but it came in such rich and unique flavors that the only difficulty in choosing the product was that of what flavor fit best for me. You may buy the products here at

I discovered their Sweet Mint flavor and was instantly in love. The scent of Mint alone has properties that are shown to create mood elevation, so every time I popped on a fresh coat of balm the scent and subtle taste never failed to lift my spirits a bit.

Hop over to this link and buy your lip balm,

EOS lip balm is found at a number of locations in many varieties of flavors, and luckily with EOS we have the opportunity to not only have an effective product that will not let us down, but the ability to be able to choose between creative and unique flavors that flow in with our own individuality.