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Why do many private individuals prefer Robinson Helicopter?

Robinson Helicopter

Many people prefer getting high-quality helicopters for their safety. Robinson Helicopters has been around for a long period, and they have maintained the highest quality standards when making helicopters. The airplane manufacturing industry has been growing over time. The experts from the company have been at the forefront in adapting to the latest technology that has made many people prefer buying helicopters from the company. Before buying a plane, experts check out several factors. For example, the airplane should be easy to maintain. The manufacturing company has unique designs that simplify the maintenance process. Anybody willing to own a helicopter can purchase from the company.

Highest level of safety

Robinson Helicopter is known to manufacture helicopters that meet the highest safety standards. Many buyers prefer getting helicopters from the company because they are assured of the best deals. They stand out in ordering high-quality helicopters that make them stand out in their daily operations. Many people are concerned about safety when buying helicopters; they prefer ordering from the company because it is dedicated to meeting the highest quality standards.

Wide range of helicopters

Different types of helicopters are used in a wide range of operations. Ordering helicopters from the company is a great way towards meeting the highest quality standards. They are dedicated to coming up with the most reliable helicopters that meet different specifications. Buyers can counter-check their desired specifications when ordering the helicopters. The company has been growing fast because they have put measures to satisfy the needs of different people interested in buying high-quality helicopters.

Fair prices

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter company is known for availing of the most reliable but affordable helicopters. Many private individuals prefer helicopters because they would like to save on costs. They do not sacrifice the quality of the products. They are available at fair prices, but they are built to meet the highest quality standards. Those interested in getting high-quality services can always order from the company. Highly experienced helicopter manufacturers at the company ensure they meet the needs of different buyers. Robinson Helicopter stands out in employing the latest technology in helicopter manufacturing.

World-leader Robinson Helicopter Company

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter Company has been around for decades. It was created in 1973 by Frank Robinson. The company unveiled its first helicopter in 1979. Frank Robinson’s son, Kurt Robinson, has run the company since 2010 after Frank retired from being the CEO.

Frank Robinson was drawn to helicopters from an early age. He remained focused on helicopters throughout his early life and education. He completed degrees in mechanical engineering and aeronautical engineering. Aside from a fascination with helicopters, Frank also flew planes during his time in college. After college, Frank Robinson worked for Cessna and learned many valuable things about helicopters.

Frank Robinson continued to work for many other companies throughout the years. Frank eventually founded his company, and started focusing on the company’s first helicopter design. The first helicopter the company released was the R22. The R22 took several years to work on and complete. The helicopter was a huge success and the company set out to create more helicopters. The R44 was released in the early 1990s. Two decades later, Robinson Helicopter Company released the R66 in 2010. The R44 and R66 helicopters are the two most popular helicopters that the company manufactures.

Robinson Helicopter Company is dedicated to creating high-quality parts and helicopters. They place a great emphasis on safety. The company offers safety classes for helicopter instructors and pilots. The company created its own FAA-approved safety course for helicopter instructors to teach those in training. It was an important course because it was thought that helicopter training courses at the time were lacking in providing adequate safety training to those learning to fly helicopters. The company also provides courses for maintenance technicians as well.

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter Company is the leader of manufacturing and selling civil helicopters. One of the main reasons the company was founded was to focus on the civil helicopter market instead of the military sector. The company has become world-renowned because the helicopters they manufacture focus on safety and quality. The company is embracing the future by adding new technologies to their helicopters to make them safer and easier to fly.

How Eterneva is Making Death Care Homes Efficient During Pandemic

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made death a common aspect in the communities. This is something that used to occur rarely in some communities. However, today, communities are recording a significant number of deaths every other day. Although this has been a worrying trend that needs to be quickly addressed, it is essential to indicate that it has brought about some major questions with regards to the efficiency of the entire industry and how it should be addressed.

Eterneva seems to be one of the leading organizations in the country that has realized that there is something that needs to be done to bring about efficiency in this industry. As it currently stands, there have been some major problems that some of the death care homes have been facing as they do not have any technology in place. That is why they have been finding it hard to serve the thousands of people who have been flocking such facilities every other day. Read more

Eterneva has been the organization that has already brought a user interface that the death care homes will be used to manage their operations. These organizations have been handling their operations manually, which means that they have been doing very little to have some innovations that can help in bringing some useful changes to the entire sector. That is why there has been a need to introduce some user interface that can help in making things easier to handle.

Eterneva has also been on the leading line whereby it has been introducing a mobile application that such facilities should be using. This means that people who are coming to take their departed loved ones do not need to queue while waiting to be served at the facility. They can easily book and pay for all the services they will be getting from the organization through the mobile application. Click on the link to learn more:

The Rise Of Richard Liu In The Ecommerce Industry

Richard Liu, also known as Qiangdong, is among the top internet entrepreneurs in China. He is the founding father and the president of, which is currently the leading online retail shop across the world. He was born in the year 1973 in a poorly developed community known as Suqian based in the Jiangsu province in China.

After successfully completing his primary school education, Richard Liu joined Renmin University, located in one of the major cities in China. After a period of four years, he graduated with a degree in sociology. Even though he was studying sociology, Richard Liu spent most of his learning computer programming in the nearest cyber.

He got an opportunity to work as a freelance who specialized in doing coding. He has transformed numerous businesses into online stores. This was he applied on his startup, currently known as According to the analysis done in 2018, the company has increased its revenue to beautiful figures indicating the success achieved for the years it has been in operation.

The is currently compared to the greatest e-commerce companies, such as Amazon, based in the United States. The company began like a small startup known as Jingdong specialized in selling magneto-optical devices. The business was located in Beijing, selling products such as CD ROMs. After a period of five years, the business had grown, increasing the number of stores.

By 2003, China was hit by the SARS pandemic, which had adverse effects on businesses in the country. The respective body subjected the affected areas to total lockdown forcing Richard Liu to close his business since Beijing was among the affected areas. During the closure period, Richard Liu thought of creating an online marketplace for his business.

He used his computer expertise and turned the business into an online marketplace during the pandemic period, which ultimately led to the rise of, which is currently a booming business.

Learn more about Qiangdong:

Academy of Arts University

The Academy of Arts University/ San Francisco CA

The Academy of Art University is an accredited school which is located in San Francisco California. The University is a school that is intended for students that demonstrate an ability within the area of art as well as design management. Anyone with a special talent as an artist or designer would certainly benefit from the kind of education that the Academy of Art University can provide.

Origin of the University & Degrees Offered:

The University has been around since 1928. Richard Stephens is the original founder of the Academy of Art University. In addition, the school has attracted more talented students over the years who wish to excel and advance their career. Due to increasing enrollment, the school has expanded their operations with new buildings including a student center and on site campus. Students have the option to attend the Academy of Art University on a full time or a part time basis.

The University offers Associates degrees as well as Bachelors degrees. In addition, the school now offers an accelerated Masters degree program. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad once they are enrolled as a full time student. The University has a number of trained counselors that can advise students and help them make sensible career choices.

Campus living Accommodations:

The Academy has a large on site campus that provides full time students with a number of amenities. In addition, student apartments are also available at an additional cost. The University provides daily transportation to and from the student apartment complex. The complex is located approximately one mile from the school grounds.

Students that reside off campus can also elect to complete some of the required course work on line. However, all degrees awarded by the University do require some in class coursework. However, this issue can be discussed with a counselor prior to registration. Students majoring in Graphic Design Illustration are required to complete at least 23 credits of classroom study.

The school does offer Financial Aid assistance as well as student grants. Funding is awarded to students according to financial need. In addition, Scholarships are also awarded to select students. Tuition costs for a full time on campus student is roughly $22,000. In addition to financial assistance, tuition payment plans may be arranged through the admissions department.

International Student Information:

International students are welcome to apply to the Academy. Students are solely responsible for maintaining their F-1 status if they are admitted to the University as a full time student. In addition, there is an SEVIS fee involved for International students.

The University provides an excellent education for gifted students who are serious about a career within the field of art and design. Some graduates of the University were able to secure employment within the Entertainment industry and related areas.

Connect with the Academy of Arts University here

Nitin Khanna: Entrepreneur and DJ Kitten?

 Nitin Khanna is a paradox, a mystery man. Successful entrepreneur, devoted family man, dedicated Portlandian, and electronic DJ? Nitin Khanna is all of these things and more. Born in India, Khanna was educated at the renowned Lawrence School in Sanawar, near Chandigarh, India. The school’s motto, “Never Give In” would become the foundation for his approach to life. Nitin Khanna immigrated to the US and attended Purdue University, obtaining degrees in Industrial Engineering before starting his career in major US corporations including International Paper.

Knowing that the path to both fulfillment and wealth was via entrepreneurship, Nitin Khanna and his younger brother started Saber Corporation in 1998. Saber became the largest standalone government solutions company in the US, riding the wave of the need for voting technology improvements after the 2000 election. In addition to voting software, the company supported state government motor vehicle and child services agencies. Nitin Khanna remained with Saber for a year after he sold it to EDS in 2007. He worked on structured merger and acquisition deals for EDS, and increased his Portland profile. This laid the groundwork for founding MergerTech, a startup technology M&A advisor, in 2009.

Nitin Khanna has invested in numerous companies, both based in Portland and elsewhere. He believes in supporting other entrepreneurs and serves on the boards of some of the companies he supports. In 2015 Khanna was asked to become CEO of Cura Cannabis, now the largest cannabis oil company in the world. Khanna is sold on the future of cannabis and cannabis products, and with his track record, I wouldn’t bet against him.

Like all successful business leaders, Nitin Khanna has many demands on his time, and must work to find balance. He doesn’t believe in work-life balance in the traditional vernacular, however. He subscribes to a work-life integration model, and holds that all successful leaders have free time if they know how to manage it. Khanna is able to sustain a variety of pastimes, including his devotion to his four children and his very successful avocation as an electronic DJ.

Read Nitin Khanna’s success story here

Peter Harris Proven Results

CBL Corporation Limited was founded in 2012. This well-known company is a provider of reinsurance services. It offers property deposit bonds, rental guarantee bonds, underwriting, income protection, and brokerage services for building and construction. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the company conducts financing in the insurance industry and provides these services worldwide.

Former CEO and managing director of this regional insurer, Peter Harris, developed the successful growth strategy that made CBL an international corporation. During his tenure, Harris grew the company from just two employees in Auckland to over 550 across 25 countries. Leading an international team, specialty insurance as reinsurance was provided based on credit and financial risks within the industries of building, construction, and contracting.

Peter Harris earned his Master’s Degree from the University of Auckland. After graduating he began his career as a manufacturing executive and later became an investment banker. Since that time he has been the winner of many prestigious business awards. Concerning annual GWP, he oversaw and contributed to CBLs growth from fledgling to New Zealand’s largest insurance company. The establishment received an investment-grade rating of A under his tenure. As well AM gave them a positive outlook in terms of financial strength.

Recently Peter Harris, CBL’s deputy chairman Alistair Hutchinson, and senior management members generated a total of $65 million with the sell of their CBL shares. The shares were sold at a discounted rate of AU$3.00 per share, down 11% from Tuesday’s AU$3.35 per share. The number of shares sold by Harris was five million. Hutchinson sold 5.4 million shares and senior management sold another 9.6 million shares. Shortly after the company’s fiscal year-end results had been announced and following the release of the shares from escrow, they were snatched up by multiple investors from New Zealand and Australia

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HGGC’s Latest Merger with Mi9 Retail is Expected to Boost their Operations

Last October 15, HGGC announced about their very latest merger agreement with Mi9 Retail.The HGGC portfolio company in software for grocery and consumer packaged goods industries called My Web Grocer will collaborate with Mi9 to bring better services to their many clients. The latter is the number one provider of software solutions for retail types of businesses, and they are all set to do the same for HGGC . On top of this, two well-known investors in Mi9 will be joining the collaboration as well. These two are called the General Atlantic and Respida companies.  

Because of these recent developments, HGGC is at an all time high. With their expansion programs, they are left with no recourse but to hire more people to get things done. Just recently, they promoted ten of their old staff to much higher positions because management could see that they are ready to accept the challenge. Apart from that, they hired five more people to help with the growing demands of their company that has only grown by leaps and bounds because of their long list of strategic investments.

The My Web Grocer is slated to bring new e-commerce strategies to the table. On top of that, they are all set to impart new management strategies for the benefit of the company because more staff members mean dealing with various types of personalities and having to manage them all, so they can work harmoniously for the benefit of the company.

In the meantime, Mi9 will be providing HGGC the very important help they need, especially with topics dealing with demand, price, and promotions management and analytical solutions for retailers. Once the merger is finally completed, this is set to power the retail operations for more than five hundred prominent brands. These brands include worldwide hit sensations like Nike and Levi’s, which is expected to bring in several billions of dollars in revenue.

The co-founder and current CEO of HGGC by the name of Rich Lawson cannot help but gush about this partnership. He said everyone on their team is looking forward to this prolific partnership with Mi9 Retail management team. The latter is set to help them execute the company’s missions and visions. They are set to revolutionize the retail industry by helping the staff find their footing The main goal is to apply more innovative technologies.

Robert Deignan Believes in Customer Support Being the Key to Success

As a highly experienced exec in the technology industry, Robert Deignan is a renowned figure in the sector. Deignan’s recognition in the tech segment gets even more profound when you look at it through the perspective of services provided by his company. 

Deignan’s firm, called ATS Digital Services, operates as a remote technical support company. Through this business model, ATS offers the services of software support, installation solutions, remote assistance, and digital security to people all over the world. 

But providing a diverse range of services for the firm is not the only segment where ATS Digital Services establishes its prowess over its competitors. Through the expertise of his selected team for the company, Robert Diegnan has ensured that ATS Digital Services is known as a highly-skilled entity in communicating with its customers. 

Why Robert Deignan Puts an Emphasis on Customer Services

Ever since co-founding ATS Digital Services in August 2011, Robert Diegnan has ensured that the firm is highly focused on the provision of optimal customer services. 

Whether the company’s employees are communicating with someone to troubleshoot their networking issues or helping them through software installation, they always make sure that they are going above and beyond in the communication segment. 

This is due to the emphasis that Robert Diegnan has put on customer services since the very inception of the firm. According to Deignan, this is a conscious choice, since he believes that optimal customer support is vital to the success of any company in the ATS’ business model. 

Elaborating on his approach, Robert Diegnan recently went on record to mention that this is due to a few factors that are apparent in the sector of providing software-as-a-service (Saas), or even where services are being rendered digitally. 

Diegnan mentioned that optimal customer support helps in retaining customers, forming a long-term rapport, and making sure that the customers turn to your company whenever they face any issues. With it, it also helps the company in providing a smoother experience for customers by foreseeing any issues that they are prone to face due to the way they use their tech equipment or services. 

With this approach in mind, Robert Diegnan has ensured that his company excels in the customer support segment. By following this doctrine, ATS Digital Services has been able to make its customers feel at ease and be comfortable in the knowledge that their issue is being handled by experts. Unclutters Your Life

People spend hours every day sorting through emails. One third of a business day is spent by sending and receiving emails. For many, those inboxes are filled with emails that have no relevance. Many of those emails are from subscriptions that the user does not want anymore or never wanted in the first place. Even if those emails are sent to trash folders or marked as spam, they often find their way back to the inbox. People have dozens of subscriptions that they do not remember signing up for.

There is now a new way to sort through those unwanted emails and find a permanent solution to cluttered email inboxes. is a new service that does far more than just delete unwanted emails. sorts through subscriptions and places them in folders designed by the user. There is the option to unsubscribe completely, and makes sure that those subscriptions are gone for good. There are of course some subscriptions that people want to keep, and can organize them into various folders.

By simply swiping across the screen, as with many other apps, users can send subscriptions to any folders that they design. It means that information can all be found in one place according to the topic. Users can set up folders in any way that they want. Some people want to hear more from subscriptions that they have, and can send that information to customers at any time of day. Some people want all the news in the morning while others want it all later in the day. Since many people use their phones and tablets as mini offices, can be used on all Android and iOS devices. The days of just having to deal with emails at the office are long gone. is designed to simplify life, and customers’ inboxes are a great place to start.