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Stream Energy Featured on Patch for their Philanthropy

Few natural catastrophes have been as devastating as hurricane Harvey was to the country. The storm left behind catastrophic destruction of property, people were removed from their homes, and many fatalities were recorded. Many philanthropists came forward to address the calamity. However, one of the few that stood out in their efforts to restore hope to the victims of the catastrophe was Stream Energy. Their efforts were even recorded on Patch. The role of the energy sales company was to help the victims of the hurricane cope with the financial burden which they left behind, and they have managed to reduce instances of homelessness in Dallas and other hard-hit areas.

Stream Energy spokesperson states that it has always been their tradition to help people in sticky situations. Their charity, known as streams cares, is in place to try and reach even more people affected by the storm. The name of their charity, Stream Cares may be new, but their activities have been going on for the past 12 years. The company is an accurate reflection of how those who have the ability and have drawn their success from the community, can use the same resources to enrich and empower the same community during their time of need.

What sets Stream Energy apart from the other companies which have existed before is that they have separated the charity part of the organization from the rest of the business entity. As a result, the activities of the charity are run independently, which increases their effectiveness. The company is, therefore, breaking new ground as far as corporate social investment is concerned in Dallas, and they hope to extend this to other cities.

Stream Energy has formed partnerships with other entities in a bid to reach their agenda. For instance, they have been able to collaborate with the Red Cross and the habitat for humanity, and both companies have been instrumental in helping them cover more ground in charity work. Stream also partnered with an organization called Hope to provide diapers and other support to new and nursing mothers. Given time, this organization is going to transform the world of philosophy completely.

Immigrants like Doe Deere see a Version of America that Born Citizens often Overlook…

It’s no secret that born citizens often take the North American continent for granted. Immigrants like Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, happen to see America differently. The title of her most recent piece in Entrepreneur magazine suggests something simple enough; nobody can come along and make America great as it was already great all along! Deere and many others from countries such as Russia seem to view the country in such a light even when the odds are stacked against them.

Like Doe discussed, many immigrants migrate over with visions of Hollywood movie scenes playing in their heads. When they see our real-life cities, they are typically nothing like what was presented within the popular media presentations. Deere contrasts the real-life NYC, that she experienced for the first time at age 17, with the city she imagined while consuming all those books, movies and magazines as a Jewish child living in Russia.

Doe’s story is not unlike those told by other immigrants. After learning how America differed from its media representation, the family soon went broke. What we see during this next part of her story is a theme that is all too common within these stories; Doe’s mother had an accounting degree that the US was reluctant to accept! Because of this, she was forced to remain underemployed cleaning the homes of others.

As you can probably imagine, the cleaning job doesn’t tide them over for long. The family eventually goes entirely broke and must live off of soup kitchens and shelters until they eventually have the cash flow to live in a low income, urban area. The crime is only briefly mentioned by the author, however. In much greater detail she outlines how much the family appreciated having their own apartment with their very own kitchen!

Doe’s story is certainly an aspiring one. As she is wrapping up she ponders how somebody that was once homeless could employ almost 40 people and become a CEO. Mrs. Deere has certainly proven why the immigrant viewpoint/attitude seems to produce a lot more business owners than the viewpoint/attitude that is all too common among born citizens.

Louis Chenevert on Business and Employee Investment

Louis Chenevert has served as the President and CEO of United Technologies Corporation since April of 2008 and in 2010 was elected as Chairman. He has been with United Technologies Corporation since 2006 and serving as a Director. Prior to his work at United Technologies Corporation Chenevert worked at Pratt & Whitney and General Motors. Chenevert currently brings his expertise to several boards that he serves on in varying capacities. He received his bachelors of commerce degree in production management from the University of Montreal.

Louis Chenevert shares some of his business expertise in an article on how to improve business by investing in employees. In the article Chenevert points out that retaining and cultivating good employees can be the best way to improve business. Not only will happy employees be more productive, but it can be more cost effective to hire and promote from within to avoid the cost and time it takes to hire and train outside candidates. Additionally, the benefit of promoting from within the company can show other employees that loyalty and hard work will pay off and encourage them to be better at their jobs. There are four things that Chenevert suggest to invest in employees and improve business. First is to create a good workplace environment. That includes not only the physical space that employees work in but also the workplace culture and relationships among coworkers. Also, he notes that recognizing and rewarding hard work can go a long way in showing employees that they are appreciated. An employee scholarship program, while a little more costly, can be beneficial for all by encouraging continued education and training. The final tip is to get creative with team building. Team building doesn’t have to be painful and boring, Chenevert points out that getting everyone involved to work together for a charitable cause can be good for team building, corporate culture and image, and the community.

Southridge Capital Helps Individuals to Manage and Control their Debt

It is common knowledge that there a significant number of people out there experiencing financial problems. Economic conditions could be causing an individual to undergo through challenging financial conditions such that they lack the necessary liquidity to run their activities smoothly. A person who is experiencing economic challenges needs a company that such as Southridge Capital that will help them to overcome the financial stress that they might be experiencing.


Southridge Capital is a financial organization that is based in Connecticut. The entity has played a critical role in revolutionizing the financial industry across the country. The company has developed a strategy that is geared to help the large number of individuals who are faced with financial challenges, especially those with huge debts or other financial distresses that are causing them not to have balanced economic welfare. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Current statistics indicate that Southridge has already helped thousands of individuals who have already found themselves to the financial problems. A close analysis of the company will highlight a clear picture of how the organization has positioned itself as a company that is willing to help by all means. The company uses its philanthropic activities as a way of positioning itself as one of the responsible financial entity in the industry.


Recent financial reports in the financial industry show that there is a possibility that six in ten individuals owe a debt to either a lending financial institution or a particular individual. The report goes further to highlight that more than forty percent of individuals with obligations have found it difficult to service their loans, which has made them be considered bankrupt. Southridge is looking to assist those individuals who are experiencing extreme financial challenges.


People find it difficult to deal with debts alone, especially when they have to be confronted on a daily basis by their creditors. It is evident that their extreme financial challenges might make an individual to lose control of their business or even their relationships. Southridge Capital will help an individual to avoid all the problems that individuals are likely to get, whether business or personal relationships. You can visit



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Contour Positive Review Of NewsWatch TV

Contour Design launched a campaign because it wanted to draw awareness to its new series of workstations. They decided to that their targeted market were employees and employers based in the United States.


Contour needed a bit of assistance with marketing its workstation, and they turned to NewsWatch to create a segment for them. After the segment aired, sales for the Ultimate Workstation increased dramatically. Bret Hudson, a manager at Contour, praised the hardwork that the team at NewsWatch put in because it was down to them that sales increased by a lot.


In its review, Contour mentioned the video quality, saying it was of high quality. As for visibility, the campaigned helped generate over 600,000 online impressions. This is one of the main reasons why the company saw their ultimate workstation sales increase.


NewsWatch TV

For those who don’t know, NewsWatch TV is a short television show that is 30 minutes long. It airs once per week in America and sponsored/editorial content is discussed. NewsWatch’s main headquarters is located in Washington, D.C., but it has officers in the cities of Denver, NYC and Fairfax. Its parent company is Bridge Communications.


Susan Bridges and Andrew Tropeano are the show’s main hosts, while Michelle Ison is the show’s co-host. The hosts travel the United States to conduct interviews in remote locations. The hosts’ interviews covers a wide range of topics and celebrities frequently appear on the show. In most cases, the celebrities will be involved in the issue to some extent.


Aloha Construction Article #4

Having good ethics is something that we all should strive to obtain. Ethics is simply having strict and personal honesty. The notion is easy to understand, but most people in today’s society tend to lack this vital component of life. For those who own businesses, having good ethics will go a long way and Aloha Construction demonstrates this to the fullest. This particular general contractor has a long list of happy clients, and it has a resume of success. The family-owned business is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and it has been providing top-notch services since 2008.

Last year, Aloha Construction was honored with the affluent Torch Award for its brilliant ethical behavior. The Torch Award is a sought-after type of award that most companies dream of receiving. It solidifies your company’s behavior in more ways than one. The Torch Award honors those who demonstrates high standards, who demonstrates leadership and who demonstrates social responsibility. Aloha Construction was a clear-cut winner amongst a field of great competitors. The nominated companies of this subject goes through a strict screening process, and they’re judged by an independent panel. This specific award will surely not be presented to the average fly-by-night kind of business thanks to its thorough screening process. Aloha Construction is being led by its founder Dave Farbaky. Farbaky is always involved within his very own community in a number of ways. His very own charitable organization, the Farbaky Foundation, does many wonderful things like providing tickets to Chicago Bulls games and by donating brand new toys to thousands of kids in the area.

As you can see, Aloha Construction definitely practices what it preaches. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more productive general contractor than this, but this is only a small percentage of its wonderful attributes.

Southridge Capital for Debt and Credit Repair

If you have debt or credit score problems right now, you know how difficult life can be. It can be maddening to try to get away from the problems and back to a place where you feel secure and comfortable. One of the main issues with having debt problems is that you are probably living from one paycheck to another and even the loss of a job could be life-changing for you and your family. Because of this, you need to work with a financial solutions company that will help you in many different ways. This company is known as Southridge Capital and is there to help with what they are able to do for you.

Before you make the decision to do the debt and credit score relief and repair on your own, it’s important to give Southridge a call for yourself. Southridge Capital is a wonderful Connecticut-based company that has worked with thousands of people and is truly a great option for lots of different people. This is the reason so many people are choosing this for themselves and know that it is going to help them get what they need and want without all of the hassle of doing the work themselves. You can visit their website

Also, when you hire Southridge Capital, they are going to charge a minimal fee for the services that they are offering, so it is a good idea to contact the experts of Southridge Capital and see what they are able to do for you and how much they are going to charge for it all. Once done, they will get you out of debt or repair the credit score that you have been battling with for years. This saves you the time and headache of trying to do this work on your own, and it can be exactly what you need when you need it the most. This is the time to look into hiring Southridge Capital and seeing what they are able to do for you and anyone else who is going to need help with their finances and anything else that pertains to this. Check out their Facebook page.

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Talk Fusion Offers Powerful Marketing Tools in a Free Trial

Talk Fusion is riding the wave of technological innovation and they help companies gain a marketing edge with their business. They specialize in the nascent industry of video marketing and there’s good news for prospective clients. They are offering a free 30 day trial of their all-in-one Video Marketing Solution that is risk-free. This free-trial launch comes with great anticipation and is being done in nine languages and 140 countries.

This unique opportunity to experience the effectiveness of video marketing came about as a result of careful planning that lasted a year. Thousands of man-hours by their corporate team has resulted in this opportunity to gain a firsthand understanding of the power of their business solutions.

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion and is confident that their unique marketing products will be a game changer for those companies that give it a try. He wanted to get the service in the hands of as many potential customers as possible so its effectiveness could be clearly seen and experienced.

The product is an ideal solution for individuals, businesses, and charities. It comes complete with a user-friendly, newly designed website that makes it a quick and easy process to sign up for the free month. The only thing required for the free trial is a name and an email address.

The free trial provides full access to their range of services that includes Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and Sign-up Forms. Perhaps the most famous service that Talk Fusion provides is their award-winning Video Chat function. This was honored in 2016 for its outstanding technical quality by WebRTC and it was the Product of the Year. These powerful marketing tools should have an immediate impact for free trial users. A comprehensive virtual library comes with the free trial so customers can employ the wide range of cutting-edge functions that Talk Fusion provides.

Talk Fusion is changing the email experience by converting it to a video which makes it much more likely to reach its intended target. They allow average users to create professional looking videos that make messages stand out. They use patent-pending proprietary technology in their services and utilize independent marketers in 140 countries. Learn more: