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Academy Of Arts Wins an Academy Award!!

The Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco California is a well known University. This school is a dream for anyone wanting to go into the design or the field of using arts as a form of communication. Location of this school is important because it is placed within an urban area and the talents of the Universities students can contribute to the community. Preparation for a life time career using these skills is one of the goals from the Academy of Art.

Recently, an Alumni of this Academy found himself accepting an award for his work with a well known company. Daniel Arriaga contributed to the concept and animation of the Disney Movie Coco. This movie was recognized at the 2018 Academy Awards. He encompassed the set of skills needed for the job and also has knowledge on the culture that was represented in the movie. The current students of The Academy of Arts University were presented with his work and motivated to reach his goals. Arriaga answered their questions and coached them to reach for their best potential.

With a location in a strong Urban Community, this Academy offers many opportunities to connect with local clients. This not only teaches the students confidence and passion, but the diversity of potential clients are learned through real interaction. on the job skills are learned while each student is pursuing the education.

Professional artists and teachers make up the strong educational component of the Academy of Art University. Students that attend this university learn professionalism in their new skill set that they are acquiring. High standards for every student teaches the importance of hard work and keeps the quality great.

Overall, The Academy of Art University is a great option to consider when looking for a location to further education. Art and visual communication is always changing and through this educational atmosphere, each student gets a complete education in order to educate them in all these aspects.

How Securus Helps to Secure Prison Calls

Are you aware that you can securely talk to your incarcerated inmate? Securus, an American based prison technological firm assures you this. The company is well known for providing correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. With a headquarter base in Texas at Carrolton and Allen and another branch in Atlanta Georgia, Securus has grown. With an estimated market of over 2,600 links, you can only hope for more milestones.


The rise in cell phone security threat in prisons in the United States has stimulated Securus to come up with effective and urgent solution. Early this year, the company introduced a wireless Containment Solution that inhibits illegal mobile connections. If, for example, an inmate has a contraband cell phone, he or she will not be allowed to access the network. Eventually, any potential cell phone malpractice is prevented.


Gone are the days when you would get threats from relatives or unknown inmates and you spend days deliberating on the peril. The technological firm ensures that inmates get legal phone calls that are well monitored and can be traced. You should not worry about communicating to your loved ones in jail.


With Securus, you can secure an online account to effectively communicate with them. The Public Safety Solution aspect ensures that there are no incidents in the event of the communication. The presence of biometric solutions from the company makes it easy to track a contraband cell communication and thus prevents any malpractice from happening.


The contributions of Securus in the United States and Canada is immense and worth applauding. The steps that the company has taken to ensure security in and outside prison are worth a Nobel Award. I think all communities worldwide should employ the technology in their operations. With a longstanding reputation, Securus assures you of quality and secured prison communication service.


Securus Technologies to promote its Video Visitation service

Securus Technologies is an organization that offers civil and criminal justice technology solutions to monitoring, public safety and correctional centers in the US. Not long ago, Securus Technologies announced that it was launching a campaign that would be aimed at promoting the numerous benefits of the video visitation application in the correctional facilities.

The top management in the organization says that in the next thirty days, the institution will be focusing on promoting the video visitation app using commercials. These ads will demonstrate to the consumers the actual value of the service. Richard Smith, the president and chief executive officer of the company, has said that the institution has been connecting many people in the correctional facilities every month. Some of the friends and families can now connect to their loved ones in the prisons using their desktops and mobile phones. This group of people have said that this method is better and easier compared to the traditional visitation that would force the families to travel long distances just to see the inmates.



According to Richard Smith, the commercials from Securus Technologies will highlight all the benefits the prisoners and their loved ones will enjoy while using the video visitation service compared to the traditional methods. The new service is safer compared to the rest, and it uses the latest forms of technology to ensure that the inmates are connected to the people they love most. Children who are at home will be able to spend time with their parents in prison thanks to the video visitation app. The service will also help these groups to meet regularly, and it will be cheaper compared to the traveling costs incurred during the traditional visitation. The new remote video visitation will be very beneficial to the inmates and their families during the Christmas holidays.



Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a Video Marketing Solution company that is providing a first class affordable solution to business’s marketing presence. Clients benefit with budget friendly option for all business sizes providing various options to market their company. In part of the options, Talk Fusion has covered the necessary tools with live meetings, video email, video newsletters, auto responders, and sign up forms, business’ are able to utilize all or partial platforms to reach out to current and potential clients as per their own company needs and set up.

Established in 2007 Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO Bob Reina developed the opportunity for business’s to improve business relationships. Talk Fusion’s success began when offering a free 30 day trial period in over 140 countries and nine different languages. “Servant Leadership” is a part of the success of Talk Fusion. Reina supports the needs for animal shelters orphanages. Talk Fusion Associates are also able to be a part of supporting charities as they are able to donate to the charity of their choice one Custom Plan package that also includes training and tutorials for success.

Becoming an International success Talk Fusion has earned the WebRTC Product of the Year Award for their product Video Chat. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is versatile for clients through their app that is available on iTunes and Google Play Stores. The Video Chat enables face to face communication using a Smartphone, desktop, or laptop. Talk Fusion is breaking boundaries and gaining attention as further information can be found here in their interview with PR Newswire .