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Why Officers Need to Rely More on Securus Technologies

When I was first asked to move to the local state prison as a corrections officer a decade ago, I must admit it was not that more violent than the activities we had at the county jail. What has happened in the last decade is that inmates are being forced to live in cells with too many others, and those overcrowded conditions are not sitting well with the inmates. These conditions are making inmates more irritable, and they are lashing out at officers in a show of defiance. Each day I show up for work is a battle just to keep from getting injured.


Over the years, my prison has introduced a few resources to the officers to try and maintain a degree of order. It started when we began noticing how inmates and guests were passing things to one another that could put us all at risk. We implemented the body scanners in the guest center and now we are able to better remove contraband before it becomes a serious threat to anyone. When Securus Technologies installed our new prison phone monitoring system, little did any of us realize how this device was going to be a game changer.


Securus Technologies already has this same monitoring system in well over two thousand jails, and the employees of this monitoring service company are dedicated to making the world a safer place for all to live. The LBS software is the key to our safety these days, allowing officers to get back in force on the ground while the system basically runs hands-free. Now that we are able to get back to business, we take each alert serious. Whether the alerts involve an inmate talking about weapons or drug, or gang members relaying messages, now we have the technology on our side to stop potential trouble.


How Securus Helps to Secure Prison Calls

Are you aware that you can securely talk to your incarcerated inmate? Securus, an American based prison technological firm assures you this. The company is well known for providing correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. With a headquarter base in Texas at Carrolton and Allen and another branch in Atlanta Georgia, Securus has grown. With an estimated market of over 2,600 links, you can only hope for more milestones.


The rise in cell phone security threat in prisons in the United States has stimulated Securus to come up with effective and urgent solution. Early this year, the company introduced a wireless Containment Solution that inhibits illegal mobile connections. If, for example, an inmate has a contraband cell phone, he or she will not be allowed to access the network. Eventually, any potential cell phone malpractice is prevented.


Gone are the days when you would get threats from relatives or unknown inmates and you spend days deliberating on the peril. The technological firm ensures that inmates get legal phone calls that are well monitored and can be traced. You should not worry about communicating to your loved ones in jail.


With Securus, you can secure an online account to effectively communicate with them. The Public Safety Solution aspect ensures that there are no incidents in the event of the communication. The presence of biometric solutions from the company makes it easy to track a contraband cell communication and thus prevents any malpractice from happening.


The contributions of Securus in the United States and Canada is immense and worth applauding. The steps that the company has taken to ensure security in and outside prison are worth a Nobel Award. I think all communities worldwide should employ the technology in their operations. With a longstanding reputation, Securus assures you of quality and secured prison communication service.


Securus Technologies Works with Technology advances to keep families together during difficult times

Jail terms are especially hard on the inmates but is also hard on families of those who are serving time. What do you do when it comes time to visit the inmate? Do you load your car up with a couple family members and spend hours driving to the prison in order to visit for a brief hour or two before spending more time in the car driving home? Do you have to have someone sit with kids in a waiting room while waiting to visit with your loved ones? If so, would you be interested in another way to be able to keep in touch with inmates while they are locked up?


What if you were told that there is new technology being used that will allow for inmates to be able to be visited remotely? Would you be interested in being able to use a remote visit as a way to keep in touch with your family and friends? What if you were told that a business known as Securus Technologies is making it easier on everyone while inmates are serving their time? I bet that you would like the idea of being able to visit someone without driving hours on end, spending gas money or even having to leave the comfort of your own home.


Securus Technologies has been around for many years and they understand how difficult it can be for families and inmates and therefore is using changes in technology that will help make families more involved while inmates are behind bars. This helps to keep inmates from getting out of jail and committing another crime which will land them behind bars once more. By keeping families more involved with their family and friends, more people are entering society once more and leading a more fulfilling life.


How Talk Fusion Is Standing Out As Being a Great Platform of Communications

Talk Fusiin is currently offering its respective customer base with a unique opportunity in which they can communicate via a cutting-edge video package which consists of video e-mailing, newsletters in a video format, live meetings, video chat, sign-up forms and more. The program has been engineered and designed in a way that it is simple to use and no experience is necessary. The drag-and-drop technology makes it completely easy and offers its platform in a fast and affordable format. You may choose to create e-mails that are eye-catching and streams instances of live video feeds in s matter of seconds.


Talk Fusion is a program that is having an effect of capturing people’s attention in several ways. It is a program that is encouraging movie viewers to be proactive in which video is influencing the intent of purchase by 97%, making Talk Fusion and businesses a great bundle. There are some important things to note about Talk Fusion and the program that is being offered by the company. It offers an unbeatable value with possibilities that are absolutely limitless. You may choose to improve customer retention and relations. It is possible to reduce advertising costs with its utilization. You may also qualify for sales leads with the program. It offers its users to increase response rates, sales, and revenues. You can choose to stay in touch with family and friends, and much more.


Why invest in a communications platform that is not going to be giving you as many different features as Talk Fusion will? It has been specifically designed to be different from all of the other communications platforms that are offered by different companies for their customer bases. Talk Fusion has received many positive reviews and continue to stand out as being a great company that is absolutely innovative.