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Desiree Perez; The Woman Behind Hip-Hop Stars

Desiree Perez

ROC Nation COO Desiree Perez enjoyed a dinner in a private room at Fresco by Scotto in New York City with Jay-Z. He hosted the dinner to thank Perez and others behind the scenes who make his success in music and business possible. Jay-Z booked a private room to escape interruptions by fans during the celebration. 

Desiree Perez

Roc Nation represents artists, sound engineers and songwriters, offering media relations, charitable tie-ins, brand development and more. Perez has worked with Jay-Z for more than 20 years. She finds opportunities for him, manages his tours and helps increase his album sales. Perez negotiates with venues, generating buzz for him and marketing Jay-Z’s tours to ensure their success. 

Desiree Perez made Billboard’s 2017 Women in Music list which names powerful females in the male-dominated music industry. At Roc Nation, she manages the company’s day-to-day operations and creates long-term career strategies for artists. Career successes for Perez include arranging for Samsung to promote Rihanna’s Anti tour and helping Jay-Z’s 4:44 earn a platinum plaque before its official release by having Sprint sponsor one million free downloads. While Perez is a private person, she excels at getting ROC Nation’s clients in the limelight. 

Desiree Perez

The Chainsmokers “Closer” Nabs Tremendous Accolade

Although the Chainsmokers began life as EDM DJs they always wanted something more. According to both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart they decided early on to branch out from dance music. Pall wanted a complete body of work showing their evolution. Taggart wanted to stay away from becoming their own parody. Both of them desired the title of artist and wanted to set themselves apart. Formed in 2012 the dynamic duet made their break in 2014. The breakthrough happened by riding the good ship “#Selfie”, which was their first real big hit. “#Selfie” may have established them in the mainstream, but it was not until 2016 that they broke out as artists. The song flying them through that barrier was a little number called “Closer”. “Closer” was a collaborative effort with another artist named Halsey. Halsey was just starting out and joined Taggart on lead vocals. The song was served as her breakthrough to the mainstream. Last month all three artists found out that “Closer” had breached ten million sales. It is now a diamond certified

“Closer” was a big deal right out of the gate. The song landed on the charts with a flash and climbed straight to the top. It did not leave either. To the surprise of many it stayed there garnering the fourth longest-running No.1 ever in U.S. History. Apparently, the song was not done. Two years later and it is still selling. Ten million copies is a lot but then again it is a catchy song. Pall and Taggart uploaded a photo with their new plaques to Instagram, with Halsey following suit after. The artists were all smiles clutching a very coveted accolade.

Closer” follows the accidental hook-up or two former lovers who run into each other. They apparently ended it over the man’s alcohol abuse. Despite this they still carry a fire for one another. The story is loosely based on Taggart’s real life experiences and also focuses on class differences as well. The woman, who is sung by Halsey, is apparently from a rich and disapproving family. The song has a very catchy beat and gets stuck in your head.

The Chainsmokers: Information Including Music and Charts

The Chainsmokers is a group from New York that’s DJ and production. The group has been active since 2012. It’s made up of two members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert. So far they have had three Ep’s “Bouquet”, “Collage” and “Sick Boy”. Also, they have one studio album called “Memories…Do Not Open”. It’s actually doing very well that it totally matched one of the lengthiest stretches of ever at the height of a vital chart. Currently, it debuted as Number one in two categories. One is the all-genre Billboard 200 and the listings of Top Dance and Electronic Albums. Which after more than one year after it’s April 7th release is doing strong. In total they have fifteen music video as well as twenty-five singles. Several of their songs have peaked on the chart. For example, on September 3rd 2016 the song “Closer” which was a duet with Halsey was placed at number one. Also, on July 16th 2016 the song “Don’t Let Me Down”, a duet with Days, was featured at number three.

The Chainsmoker had enjoyment of a streak that seemed to never end of smash hits. They had influenced Top 40 radio and made people desiring more. In the last year, the group has been ruling more usually than they didn’t. However, they had been required to step back in order to create space for more titles that did well when the group first came. New work from artists like Kygo, William Control Odesza, and “Above & Beyond”, all got to one. That was the same as the project from Calvin Harris, “Funk Wav Bounches Vol.1”. That was responsible for several months of the “Dance/Electronic Albums. There was also Avicii the Swedish EDM pioneer who had went back to the peak after news had been spreading over the world about his death. Each time the Chainsmokers drop, they soon come back to the peak. There is also no clue on the amount of weeks they will be at number one according to the rate they are on.

Ryan Seacrest Does It All and Makes It Look Easy

Ryan Seacrest became a familiar face in show business by hosting American Idol, but he didn’t stop there. He has been adding successful ventures to his plate including stepping behind the scenes to produce popular television shows like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “American Idol,” hosting a nationally syndicated radio show, starting a clothing and skin care line and starting a charity called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Seacrest’s most recent venture involved a significant move from the west to east coast to co host “Live” with Kelly Ripa. The lingering question considering Seacrest’s growing list of significant undertakings is “how does he do it?” In a nutshell, Seacrest keeps on top of his many ventures with a disciplined and balanced schedule. He starts his mornings by waking up to an alarm and squeezing in a shower and shave, but makes sure not to sacrifice his physical and social needs in the hustle of everyday life. Seacrest said in an interview from the New York Times that earlier in his career it was tempting for him to feel guilty for making time for a workout, but now realizes the release of exercise is essential. He will even bring a trainer when traveling so as not to drop his routine.

Ryan Seacrest has learned to segment his day and his week so that he has time set aside for everything he needs to accomplish and he isn’t overrun by emails and demands. He said that this took a lot of self discipline, and fortunately means he has time left over on weekends to indulge in good company, good food, and good wine. He describes himself as a foodie and ensures he has some time to enjoy the pleasures of life while pursuing success. He’s also learned to put the phone down from time to time, especially on vacation, in order to rest and relax.

When Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) looks at what he hopes to achieve in life he thinks of the late Dick Clark who he worked with a few years before his death. He remembers watching Clark as a child and admiring the sense of ease he conveyed. Clark told him that when you make it look easy you are doing it well.

Here’s Ryan’s video that you must watch:

Lawrence Bender Helps Unleash Kill Bill Vol. 1

Quentin Tarantino owes much of his success to Lawrence Bender. As the producer or executive producer, Bender helped Tarantino realize his vision for several hit movies. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown are three films that can be called combination Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender movies. Of all their works, the Kill Bill films may be the most popular. The unforgettable action sequences of Kill Bill Vol. 1 certainly helped that film become a hit.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 can’t be called a surprise or unexpected hit. The trailers for the film presented Umma Thurman in an awesome role amidst equally-awesome fight scenes. Despite opening the same weekend as The Punisher, Kill Bill Vol. 1 did exceptionally well at the box office and proved to be a global hit. It is one of the top-grossing films on the list of Lawrence Bender movies.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 definitely stood out as unique from the scores of other action films made at the time. The film, however, isn’t as completely original as people think. Serious fans of martial arts cinema know about the inspiration for the film.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 borrows heavily from a classic Japanese martial arts film titled Lady Snowblood. In fact, the title theme song to Lady Snowblood finds its way to the soundtrack. Kill Bill Vol. 1 isn’t a rip-off of Lady Snowblood, but several homages to the classic 1972 film do find their way into the screenplay. The end result is an exciting mix of classic martial arts cinema with the modern action genre.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 might not be the final films featuring Thurman’s character of The Bride. Lawrence Bender’s impressive IMDB bio shows Kill Bill Vol. 3 as being in development.

John Textor Drives His Company To Great Success

Prominent entrepreneur John Textor is an extremely integral figure in the
competitive film industry. Currently the Executive Chairman of Pulse
Evolution Corporation in Port St. Lucie, Florida, this leading
professional is most recognized for visual effects involvement in big
productions such as Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s
End, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. As an influential
leader, he has held many renowned positions at Wyndcrest Holdings, The
Parent Company, BabyUniverse, Sims Snowboards, and Lydian Trust
Company. Most prominently, his former executive experiences as greatly
influenced his success as the main director of Pulse Evolution

In his profound effort to propel Pulse Evolution Corporation, Textor employed
his strategic management skills that he acquired throughout the 1990s.
For over twenty years, he has directed many major corporations and, as
a result, he has gained practical insight into the business industry.
After graduating from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s degree in
Economics, he eventually co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings, which is a
private equity firm specializing in entertainment, telecommunications,
and the internet. His rapid and great success as a Managing Partner at this
renowned corporation led to his executive employment at The Parent
Company and BabyUniverse where he was hired for a Director role, but
was gradually awarded the admirable title of Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer. In 2006, he resigned from these two companies and
joined Digital Domain as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
During his six year term, he was responsible for implementing visual
effects for roughly eighty big feature films like Flags of Our
Fathers, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

In October of 2013, Textor founded Pulse Evolution Corporation, which
is a business that focuses on character development and human
animation. Essentially, this well-known company is the leader in
constructing realistic digital figures for live performances, mobile
applications, employee trainings, and branded entertainment. With
expert teams of artists, executives, and producers, Pulse Evolution
Corporation has the unique opportunity to deliver the most visually
appealing virtual characters.

Alongside his prominent management endeavors, Textor is heavily
involved in the producing sector. Throughout the years, he worked with
director Gavin Hood to create “The Ender’s Game,’ which is a
scientific film based on the books by Orson Scott Card. In the past,
he has successfully replicated virtual versions of renowned
celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur, and
Michael Jackson. He is currently involved in the production of Art
Story, an original animated film.

Textor is also a member of the Tesla Science Center at War Denclyffe
group. Remarkably, his extensive portfolio of skill sets, all of which
he has acquired from former careers, have greatly contributed to his
overall executive success.

Someone Pays To Have Skywriting Over New York About Justin Bieber

One way to know that you’ve really made it is when people start talking about you, and they’re advertising your name without your permission. Although some stars sue over the use of their likeness, or if their name is used without their permission, maybe Justin Bieber doesn’t mind. For some reason, someone decided to start skywriting over New York this past weekend, and they were talking about Justin Bieber. The Justin Bieber Sky Writing. They stated that Justin Bieber is a “smilophile,” which is not even a word. In fact, if they were trying to comment on Justin Bieber’s smile, they may have just insulted his smile instead.

The word they chose to use for Justin’s smile sounds more like the word “pedophile,” which is a negative thing, instead of just saying that they like his smile. It’s unknown who decided to put up the skywriting, and no one knows why it was done, and it completely baffled anyone who saw the plane flying overhead. It’s unlikely that Justin Bieber had anything to do with the sky writing because he would have at least made them talk about him in a positive light, and they’d use real words.

Daniel Amen ( agrees that it’s possible that Justin Bieber has a very dedicated fan who has a lot of money to waste on bad spelling, which ends up being sky written over New York. Either way, Justin has gotten some free press, without even having to spend a dollar of his own money.

Stars Were Out On The Town This Weekend

It sounds like there were a lot of celebrities out on the town this weekend, and according to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, Leonardo DiCaprio went to a few clubs and even went out to grab some ice cream as well. In addition to that, Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley were spotting eating dinner at the I1 Mulino too and Karlie Kloss was seen with Josh Kushner at a ice cream location too.

It is interesting to hear about where these stars go on their time off, but it is also bizarre to follow him the way they did. Sam Tabar ( agrees that even though celebrities have this spot in the public that many other people don’t get, it shouldn’t be too shocking to hear about them doing normal every day things that we all do too. Although it can be fun to hear about a star going some place that we have recently been to ourselves, or some place that we go on a regular basis and all of that. It must be fun to run into them from time to time and I wonder how it feels for them to be watched so closely. Donald Trump was also seen at Fresco by Scotto too, which shouldn’t be shocking to hear him going to one of these locations. It can be intense to fight off the media, but at the same time they might expect it.

Perrie Is Dissed For Taking Her Boyfriend’s Last Name

Watch what you write on social media because it can come back to haunt you. Perrie, who is dating Zayn Malik, she has been the object of hate from internet trolls over the past couple months. Ever since Zayn Malik decided that he was going to leave One Direction, many fans have been blaming Perrie for Zayn departing from his group. Perrie Posts To Social MediaZayn claims that he was sick and tired of being chased down by paparazzi, and that he wanted to live a normal life.

According to, Zayn quit the group for his own personal reasons, although many feel that he wanted to start a solo career. Perrie and Zayn are engaged, and many believed that she had been a big influence as to why Zayn left the group. Zayne and Perrie had some discussions about him being in the group, and many feel like she pressured him to leave. Although Perrie denies that she had anything to do with Zayn’s departure from One Direction, it still hasn’t stopped Internet trolls from hunting her down.

Perrie recently posted the name Perrie Malik, which makes it look like her and Zayn Malik got married. It didn’t take very long for people to jump on her, and they got upset over the fact that she called herself by his last name. The pair are not married yet, but it seems that jealousy and hate is intense for the couple, and many don’t want to see them together.

Johnny Depp Could Go To Jail In Australia

Johnny Depp has played a lot of roles on the big screen, but the role he’s playing in real life may put him in jail in Australia. Somehow Johnny got his two into Australia without filling out the required paperwork. Australia’s Department of Agriculture doesn’t know how the Yorkies got into the country without the paperwork, but they did find out, and Depp could face jail time and a $265,000 fine if he is convicted.

The issue is non-compliance with Australia’s quarantine law. The Australian government didn’t know about the dogs until employee Ivan Ong showed the government photos of Depp and the dogs showed up on social media sites. The dogs were taken to a local dog groomer. Photos were taken there and then posted to social media sites. The Australian Minister of Agriculture gave Depp 50 hours to get the dogs out of the country, or they would be euthanized.

Depp didn’t say how his dogs got in without paperwork. Celebrities do find ways to go around the system in order to save time. Johnny is in Australia to film another Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The dog incident probably won’t mean jail time for the actor, but there’s a good chance he’ll have to give some of his movie earnings to the Australian government.