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Buzz From The Screenplay Underground Yield Positive Marks For Terminator: Genisys


The future is hard to predict. Just ask any Terminator franchise character. You could even ask the producers as they are not sure how fans are going to react to the upcoming release.

Based on opinions about the trailers for Terminator: Genysis, rumors circulated that the film is “a mess”. This assessment was based on the previews’ sneak peaks into the convoluted concept of rebooting Terminator I and II into a single film.

The future of the film may not be so dark. Script reviews are popping up online and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Apparently, everyone involved with the film got it right.

It does bear mentioning that screenplays for soon to be released movies are never officially released. The scripts are leaked from the inside and, once leaked, the screenplays start to circulate. Spoilers emerge and the resultant revealed major plot details can ruin a film and cause chaos for studios. Fans should stay away from sites offering leaked screenplays and definitely should not circulate them.

That said, the producers of Terminator: Genysis could take solace in one thing. Reviews off the screenplay emerging and the buzz is positive.

The nostalgia older fans want to relive is there, but does not turn the film into a mere retread. Furthermore, the film presents enough new elements that a trilogy is far better established.

Sultan Alhokair is forecasting that the opening weekend for the film should be huge. If audiences are pleased with it, look for word of mouth to help the film be a massive hit.

Is Patrick Stewart Planning on a Star Trek Return?

Patrick Stewart not only is famous for his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films, he first achieved massive fame as Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Trekkies (like Bernardo Chua), rejoice. Stewart has gone on the record saying he would be willing to play the good Captain once again. He also used the standard response that he would definitely play the role provided the script is an excellent one.

14 years have passed since Stewart essayed the role of Picard in the last big screen Star Trek movie featuring the Next Generation cast.

Stewart truly does deserve a massive amount of credit for launching the Star Trek revival. As the original cast members aged, the Next Generation proved that the Star Trek universe could succeed with a new cast, crew, and approach.

How could the actor return to the role if the franchise has been rebooted and takes place in a different time stream? Let’s just say that the screenwriters will figure something out. An “alternate universe” Picard could show up.

Paramount knows fans who fondly remember Stewart’s outstanding turn in the Next Generation television series surely would flock to a film featuring him. Do not discount his return to the red suit. He’ll be back in it one day.

Marvel wants a new Spider-man

New leaked e-mails from Sony reveal that Marvel is making a big push to acquire Spider-man. Part of this push apparently includes wiping the slate clean and starting over with a new actor for spider-man, according to a new report from Screen rant. This is coming off of a not so impressive showing by the latest Spider-man movie at the box office.
My room mate is writing an article for on how Sony would get a cut of the profit, but Marvel would have creative control in this deal.  One of the first things Marvel apparently would want to do is cut any connection between the previous films and the new ones. They would not feature either Toby Maguire or Andrew Garfield as Spider-man and would cast a third fresh face on the role.
Apparently Marvel is upset that Sony’s films have all focused on Spider-man’s love life and they would prefer to focus more on the character himself. This means starting over and creating a new look for Spider-man.
According to the e-mails from this leak Marvel is not looking to do another origin story, but instead would like to start in the middle of the heroes story.
There are many great stories to tell in the Spider-man universe, so Marvel would have plenty of material to choose from.

Jeff Daniels in Talks Over Steve Jobs Biopic

While many stories have been written about the charismatic and enigmatic Steve Jobs, it appears to many more want to add on to the already extensive collection.

Jeff Daniels is being sought to play the important role of former Apple CEO John Sculley in Danny Boyle’s upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. Darius Fisher is super excited about this prospect.

The film is said to be based on the biography of Steve Jobs and is authored by Walter Isaacson. The films currently boasts of leading stars like Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen who have been roped in to play the roles of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak respectively. 

The project had been facing difficulties from the very beginning with the sudden departure of its original leading man. The project was also later sold to Universal by Sony pictures but has been coming along nicely ever since.

Daniels already enjoys great camaraderie with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin with whom he just completed the Emmy award winning show The Newsroom, so it should be interesting to see how his role is etched out. 

Considering the high profile nature of the project, it has already generated considerable buzz with movie goers and millions of other Apple fans.