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OSI Industries: Expanding their Business for a Century

OSI Industries is one of the world’s leading food suppliers. they recently completed a merger with another company to expand their Australian operations. This is the latest move in nearly a century of continuous innovation and expansion. While the company started in Chicago, Illinois, it is relatively rapidly outgrown its humble beginnings as a simple butcher shop and meat market. It was started in the early 1900s by a German immigrant and his sons, and remained a local supplier until the end of World War II.

With the rapid development of American suburbs and an increased demand for fast food, OSI Industries was able to become one of the first suppliers for the McDonald’s franchise. This was later pronounced when McDonald’s consolidated it’s supply line and the company became one of four core suppliers. the company also use McDonald’s international expansion to move their operations on to new continents.

A key component of OSI Industries expansion, was being able to provide a consistent product to each customer so that no matter where there product was served it would taste the same. This meant that the company had to remain on the cutting edge of technology in order to supply consistent and affordable products that could be transported over great distances to more and more restaurants.For example, the development of flash freezing food with liquid nitrogen reduced the cost of their products and allowed them to expand the number of goods that they could supply to customers. Recently, this has been realized with the opening of three new research centers to improve the quality and quantity of their products.

As the founders of OSI Industries retirement age Sheldon Lavin joined the company as a partner. Soon, with his negotiating skills and the company’s expansion in the international sector Lavin became the CEO in the early 1980s. this transition led to substantial growth for the company and led to the eventual expansion into Central and South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. This was followed by similar expansion into Taiwan and the greater Asia – Pacific area along with the Philippines and China. The company continue to grow its product lines, new plants were opened both in the U.S. and abroad.

OSI Industries also begin processing chicken to provide even more products to all of their customers. Still headquartered in Chicago where the company had started nearly a century before, they began to consolidate diversify and expand as one of the leading multinational food suppliers. The recent growth as focused on China and Europe as well as an expansion of their Australian presence by merging with Turi Foods. This is one of the latest moves buy an international company that has remained focused on providing quality products, research Innovations, and customer service from their inception as a small meat market in Chicago.

Ronald Fowlkes and Meticulous Work

Ronald Fowlkes is happy to be a business development manager. His passion at work is for products that are part of the commercial and law enforcement categories. His place of employment is Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. Product education is one of Fowlkes’ sectors of expertise. He trains more than 150 different employees who work in the sales division of his company. Fowlkes is in charge of choosing products for sales and development components, too. He works with customers who are based in all parts of the United States. People frequently use his nickname any time they contact him. That nickname is “Ronnie.”


Eagle Industries Unlimited is a sector of a business that’s called ATK. ATK concentrates on sporting and security goods of all varieties. It’s been involved in the development of sporting and military products for three decades and counting at this point. People who are familiar with the tactical industry often have a lot of confidence in Eagle Industries Unlimited and in its offerings. The firm supplies professionals with all kinds of top-tier items. It accommodates military groups located in all areas of the planet. It even accommodates people who like to participate in shooting for recreation. Individuals who do not wish to settle for any products that are not number one frequently go for Eagle Industries Unlimited’s plentiful options.


People can turn to Eagle Industries Unlimited any time they’re in need of gear for reloading needs. It even concentrates on accessories for shooting. It’s an acclaimed ATK division that refers to Fenton in Missouri as its home base.


Fowlkes is equipped with substantial experience that empowers him in his business development leadership position at work. He was part of the United States Marine Corps for quite some time beginning in the late eighties. He remained part of the military organization until the early nineties. Fowlkes has Gulf War memories that are close to his heart to this day. His military instruction experience is strong, too. He taught people who were in the military all about tactical functions, the rescuing of hostages and even CBQ (Civilian Bachelor Quarters). Fowlkes possesses a lot of knowledge that involves assessments that take place after blasts. He even knows how to round up all types of evidence. Fowlkes has a lot of knowledge regarding the police department located in St. Louis County. He worked for it for three memorable years.


Fowlkes likes to write blogs on topics that get his interest. That’s the reason his blogs frequently delve into the world of sports. He recently posted a blog that talked about Jeff Glass. Glass has after a long period of time been able to make his way over to the National Hockey League (NHL).


A New and Unique Solution to a Convoluted Problem

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the process of investing in stocks could tell you that it’s a remarkably tricky game and it would seem that only the lucky win. However, Kerrisdale Capital, an up-and-coming financial firm established in 2009, argues that the game does not have to be so complicated. Rather, one does not need luck to win the game, but instead, needs to strategize in order to win. Founder and Chief Investment Officer SahmAdrangi has been leading the way in stock investments from the get-go.

Prior to the founding of Kerrisdale Capital, Adrangi had already established his career in financial matters. His career began when he made the decision to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University. Post graduation, Sahm took the next step in his success story, and was began his career at a financial leveraging company. Eventually, Sahm was as a financial advisor for those struggling with bankruptcy at Chanin Capital Partners. From that time forward, SahmAdrangi continued to develop his career and increase his understanding of investment bonds and markets. Eventually, in 2009 SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdal Capital in New York.

Since the founding of Kerrisdal Capital, Mr. Adrangi the firm have accumulated a significant capital. SahmAdrangi’s training over the years has made him an excellent candidate for leading the way in financial leveraging and investing. This became an incredibly important skill for Mr. Adrangi and his company as the company specializes in the betting both for and against bonds.

Recently, it was released that Mr. Adrangi and his firm have raised $100 million for the placement of bet on a single company stock. The name of the company was not released. However, it has been stated that the company in confident in the potential payoff. As such, the firm has purchased numerous stocks with the unnamed company. In conclusion, SahmAdrangi and his team as Kerrisdal Capital have placed an enormous bet in an unknown company. Based on previous Kerrisdal Capital behaviors it is expected that the company will come out to publicly defend its position. Now, we wait.


Lessons in Connectivity a Focus at The Kabbalah Center

Until recently, the teachings of the Kabbalah were not accessible to many outside the Jewish faith. However, in recent years the Kabbalah Centre (based in Los Angeles, CA) has made the teachings of the Kabbalah available to all. Courses are available that focus on finding greater meaning in every day thoughts and actions. For example, by committing to offer one’s full efforts to a group project in the workplace, an individual is better serving others and committing to offering the best version of themselves they can offer.

The Kabbalah does focus on the next life, but also places importance on how people interact with the world around them. By focusing on meaningful connections with others and finding peace in moderation, one can learn to improve interpersonal relationships and find joy in the day to day.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Ashlag in 1924; now run by Phillip Berg, and his wife, Karen, they compile much of the coursework currently available. Courses can be taken online or in local Kabbalah Centre facilities across many cities in the country. The coursework is designed to be understandable and relatable to a diverse populace, of many ethnicities and backgrounds.

Operating as a non-profit organization, The Kabbalah Centre teaches the wisdom available through studying the Kabbalah predates the Bible and other world religions, and can be studied by people of any faith background. Students explore the origin of Creation, physical and spiritual laws of the universe, and the journey each human soul takes.

Aspiring students can easily navigate the Kabbalah Centre website to gain an understanding on how to begin their path of study, either online or in-person. A great amount of resources are also available online and scholarships are available to those who qualify.


A Look At Eric Pulier’s Interview With Ideamensch

Ideamensch inquired how Eric Pulier brings his ideas to fruition. Mr. Pulier responded by saying that he tries to write down important words of ideas and inspirations that may suddenly come to him. By writing his ideas or inspirations down, he can then come back to them later and not lose them. It also allows him to review his ideas and thoughts and to build on those thoughts later on. Eric Pulier believes that had he not written some of his ideas or inspirations down, then some of his major inventions and businesses would not have formed. He also says that he will often let something simmer for a while in his mind and that it often comes out as a brilliant new idea or thought later on.


Next Ideamensch asked Eric Pulier what trends he finds exciting and fascinating. Mr. Pulier said that genome editing technologies CRISPR-Cas9 can have major implications for the future of biotechnology. Editing genes in organisms permanently can have a major impact not only on plants but on humans and animals as well. Another development that excites him is known as blockchain technology. Pulier believes that blockchain technology can alter the way we write contracts and do business. He believes it can change the nature of the economy in a significant way.


Ideamensch also asked Eric Pulier what is a habit of his that makes him more productive. His response was that he uses the actual process of writing to think through and come up with solutions to problems that he faces. Writing to develop solutions says Pulier is different than writing to clarify. This gives him confidence to tackle challenges that seem very hard at first without having to work out all the details in advance.


Eric Pulier is a published author, software developer, investor, philanthropist and tech entrepeneur. He has started numerous technology and software companies such as ServiceMesh, Akana and Digital Evolution. As an investor, Eric Pulier has helped provide seed money for new tech companies and software companies. As a philanthropist Eric Pulier enjoys helping children in need through his work with the Painted Turtle and Starbright World charities.

Kenneth Goodgame portrays excellent leadership skills

Kenneth Goodgame once held the position of Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President at True Value Company. He held this post from the year 2013. As a company leader, he has shown real leadership and grown the company to higher levels of success. Goodgame has a good educational background; he graduated with a degree in Marketing and Finance from Tennessee University in Knoxville. His deep knowledge in finance has helped him increase his loss and profit management skills. He has built a larger team to enable him to conduct his duties correctly.

Upon being chosen as the Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Company, he transformed the company to become an international brand. He relied mainly on his experience, customer knowledge, and a customer-based philosophy. He is known to have developed innovative programs and products that True Value has found critical in the marketplace.

Career wise, Kenneth Goodgame has had a broad career experience. He has worked in several managerial positions in different firms. Through his unique leadership, he has been able to lead several companies to achieve expansion and growth in revenue. He served as vice president of True Value from 2013 to 2015. He made the company grow through a careful design of advertisement campaigns on various channels. The campaigns led to new retail price perception and an extra step in customer growth. The company moved to higher levels of success.

Before joining True Value Company, Kenneth Goodgame worked as the General Merchandizing Manager at the Ace Hardware Corporation. He served here between 2010 and 2013. During his leadership, the company gained 4.5% increase in sales. The annual store opening also grew by about 300%.

Goodgame left True Value Company to focus on lecturing and writing. He became a common face in the lecture unit. He today speaks regularly at several conventions, conferences, large gatherings in the United States and different parts of the world. His focus of presentation has been in sales, marketing, and other related matters. Apart from his professional endeavors, Goodgame has become very active in community work. He is associated with several non-profit organizations and programs. At present, he has no plans to return to any corporate position.

IT Powerhouse Promoted

Successful IT entrepreneur John Goullet has joined the Diversant team as its principal executive. Goullet started his career as an IT consultant, eventually making the transition to IT staffing in 1994. He went on to found Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that focused on providing forward solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Within five short years, Goullet’s business was worth a staggering $30 million. In 2010, John Goullet and Diversant owner Gene Waddy merged their companies together, creating the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the U.S..

John started his journey through the IT world at Ursinus College, where he earned both a bachelors and a masters degree in computer science. After graduating, he worked as an IT consultant at several New Jersey based firms, including Computer Sciences Corp., and The Constell Group.

The new partnership between Goullet and Waddy has created an IT dynamo; between the pair, they have decades of experience in the business and a like minded goal – to provide the best they possibly can. Diversant focuses on promoting diversity, according to the pair, and coming up with out of the box solutions for problems. Their firsthand understanding of the workplace gives them a unique insight to what businesses need out of their employees and how to empower them.

As an MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise), Diversant actively mentors other, smaller MBE companies. By providing networking between these smaller business and their Fortune 500 companies has helped Goullet and Waddy expand the benefits of their own experience. They also use these industry connections to promote STEM education, diversity, and job creation, while encouraging their employees to volunteer their time towards the same goals.

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Zero to Hero, Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Market

Sanjay Shah is the proud founder of a fully international boutique institution based upon investing and finance, the name of this institution is “Solo Capital Market“.
Sanjay Shah was born in Kenya and moved at an early age with his parents to the United Kingdom wherein he grew up in London. Shah lived an average life, ending up studying accounting and finance and eventually working as an accountant. Sanjay Shah, however, despised his job due to the lack of reward in exchange for backbreaking effort. He would drive hour to and from work every day just to work shifts that would often exceed ten hours. He cycled throughout a plethora of accounting and finance positions in the industry, but never felt anything more than as if he was wasting his life away. Sanjay Shah hated his job and the conditions therein; however, before he would leave the industry, the international financial crisis of 2008 struck and devastated his entire industry, costing him his career in the process.
Sanjay Shah was forced to rent a small room in London and within that same small room he would develop the company that today has changed his whole life exponentially: Solo Captial. Upon starting his company, Sanjay Shah employed only a handful of people; however, today, Shah employs thousands of people around the world through the multitude of companies that he either owns entirely or is a power-wielding official within.
Aged only in his early forties, Sanjay Shah considers himself retired. He owns offices in both London and Dubai. The company focuses on “proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments” as its specialties. Sanjay Shah’s diligence has allowed him to incorporate his company and own each of the controlling companies above Solo Capital itself. He also is the proud owner of over three dozen other companies across the globe.
Solo Capital offers financial services through all of its specialties and has since established itself along with Sanjay Shah as figureheads within the industry simply by always executing their work with greater precision and to much greater detail than competing companies. Solo Capital is a truly self made company that now outshines those established before it.


Learn more about Solo Capital:

Devco to Handle CRDA’s $20 Million Unpaid Debt Amicably

From the 2007-2008 financial recession, businesses haven’t performed at their best; many of them have since collapsed while some have been acquired by banks or other established organizations. The same fate hit the Heldrich Hotel which opened its doors at the same time. Nonetheless, regardless of the bleak financial times, the facility is still offering services.


During the construction of the facility which was based on investments and loans from the Middlesex County Development Authority, it has striven to meet its mandate regardless. Particularly, the county owes 20 million dollars that it got from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The loan was acquired to facilitate the construction of the Heldrich hotel. It boasts as the biggest hotel of its kind in New Brunswick, and is famous for hosting the Johnson & Johnson board meetings. It is famous for offering exquisite conferencing facilities.


New Brunswick Development Corp took of the management of the hotel from the Middlesex Development Authority. The authority has been applauded for running the affairs of the hotel efficiently, and making sure that the debt owned by the hotel is cleared. It has continued to offer contractual and employment opportunities to local traders and residents.


The Development Authority has since cleared the debts owed by most secured creditors which were amounting to 30 million dollars. Nonetheless, CRDA isn’t worried since DEVCO is not likely to default. The private sector is efficient and more grounded compared to government-run institutions. Devco is one among such private facilities established to jumpstart development initiatives in Middlesex County.


It was established in 1972 and has since achieved several milestones. Stephen Sweeney, the Senate President was impressed by the Authority’s recent efforts of acquiring the Heldrich hotel and conference facility. Devco has never deviated from its objectives and it owes allegiance to the Atlanta City and Middlesex County community. The establishment is managed by Chris Paladino.


This article was written on Press of Atlantic City.