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Gary McGaghey on What Makes a Great CFO

The recent pandemic has brought numerous disruptions across various sectors. Companies have had to show their purpose to investors and their clients as well. In 2021, consumers and investors are looking for companies that can offer more. A company with a purpose has a higher chance of attracting new talent and retaining current employees.

Also, the pandemic has led to the development of hybrid work. CFOs have now shifted their focus on making this transition easy for their employees while ensuring maximum efficiency for the company. CFOs have to come up with unique strategies and values that will place them ahead of their competition.

Another important focus for CFOs is digital transformation. CFOs are now looking to invest in data analytics, cloud, and customer transformation. Investing in digital transformation will help CFOs deliver quality services to clients and places them in a better position to handle any future unprecedented changes.

Gary McGaghey, CFO at Williams Lea Tag, is a renowned CFO with tons of experience in the industry. He has worked with numerous companies such as Unilever and Robertsons. He has a good academic background, having attended the prestigious University of Natal. Gary likes to plan his day carefully at the start of the day. He exercises before heading to work.

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Gary McGaghey believes in teamwork and collaboration. He encourages his team to brainstorm together to come up with valuable ideas. In addition, Gary notes that collaboration helps a company make informed decisions that help them formulate strategies to overcome unforeseen circumstances.

Gary attributes his success to networking. He highlights that working with a great team is one way to bring success your way. He advises young entrepreneurs to surround themselves with great people from whom they can learn great things. Also, he notes that it is important to be fast. When you make a mistake, do not give up. Learn from it and make the necessary changes.

Mahmoud Khattab: Three Shifts that will Grow the Healthcare Industry in 2021

Mahmoud Khattab is the CEO of Gartner, and he recently published an article about what to expect for healthcare in 2021. Mahmoud sees three shifts that will grow the industry: artificial intelligence, digital twins and augmented reality.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to lead doctors to diagnose diseases more accurate than before with the help of machine learning algorithms. Mahmoud also mentions that cognitive computing can help patients better understand their health conditions.

Digital Twins

In the future, Mahmoud Khattab sees a big change in how doctors interact with their equipment and products, as digital twins will be used to monitor devices remotely and provide a personalized experience before seeing a doctor. Mahmoud brings up an example of smart beds being able to track vital signs, which allow hospitals to respond faster if something is wrong with the patient’s condition.

Augmented Reality

Lastly, Mahmoud Khattab discusses augmented reality helping people control what they want from healthcare services by meeting them where they are at instead of forcing them into traditional medical settings. Mahmoud uses HoloLens as an example for this shift due to its ability to create custom user experiences based on individual needs. Mahmoud also mentions that digital transformation isn’t just for IT but rather a business-wide effort to improve how healthcare is provided and received by patients.

About Mahmoud Khattab

Mahmoud is the CEO of Precision MD, a healthcare technology company that focuses on using digital tools to improve the patient experience. Mahmoud is also an avid speaker about industry trends and their impact on society, writing articles for publications such as HealthTechZone & Digitalist Magazine. Mahmoud has been recognized by several awards, including being ranked #17 most influential CEO in Technology Leaders. Read article here:

Alejandro Betancourt: investor, leader, and visionary

Alejandro Betancourt was an early investor in the Hawkers sunglasses company. He invested in the company to save it in its early days when the company was struggling financially. Over time, because of creativity and good marketing, Alejandro Betancourt led the company to grow, and in 2021 it had revenue of $100 million.

Hawkers was created with just $300 and had financial difficulties when it started. The business almost failed before Alejandro Betancourt noticed the company and invested in it. He then provided the capital and direction for the company to grow all over the globe.

Hawkers produce designer-quality sunglasses for a fraction of the price as its competitors such as Gucci and Prada. Hawkers use the same facility that some of its competitors use to manufacture the sunglasses. Alejandro Betancourt focuses on creativity and new and interesting designs. Hawkers focus on designing environmentally-friendly glasses. Also, hawkers expanded into the contact lens business with a subscription business model. Hawkers are constantly trying new ideas with different colors and lens designs.

Hawkers spread throughout the world, first to North America, then to Asia, and finally to Europe. Hawkers started with online-only sales. Alejandro Betancourt utilized social media such as Facebook and Instagram to quickly grow the company. Hawkers is one of the biggest fashion brands on Facebook. Hawkers also uses college students to promote its sunglasses on campuses. The company also has sponsorships from big names, including PlayStation and Mercedes-Benz. Hawkers now has both online and retail sales. Hawkers has over 40 retail stores across the world.

Maven CEO Ross Levinsohn Takes a Bold Approach with Sports Illustrated

Ross Levinsohn

For years, Maven has been the media technology firm that has provided behind-the-scenes services to more than 300 brands. Its valuable services cover everything from monetization to back-end support and infrastructure. Its brands served include, The Street with Jim Cramer, Ski Magazine, Maxim and several hundred others. In 2019, Sports Illustrated was added to this list through a multi-million-dollar deal. The deal was structured so that Maven gained full control over the publication’s digital and print media rights.

Across more than 70 years, Sports Illustrated has been a force to contend with in the publishing world. This media giant’s reach spans across multiple contents and touches millions of people. However, even an industry leader like Sports Illustrated has not been insulated against major challenges that have plagued so many other publications in recent years. Free online content has resulted in lower readership and a drop in ad revenue at Sports Illustrated, and the contract between Maven and Sports Illustrated was created to address the challenge. Once Maven’s CEO, Ross Levinsohn, gained access to Sports Illustrated’s rights, he immediately sprang into action. In an effort to tackle the problem directly, he rearranged some of the publication’s content so that premium content was only available via a premium subscription. This has resulted in higher income that is futureproofed against the current challenges.

Ross Levinsohn is not a stranger to the many challenges affecting the media technology world. In fact, after graduating from American University in 1998, he has served the industry in a variety of high-level capacities. These have included top executive positions at Guggenheim Digital Media, Yahoo! and Fox Interactive Media. The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard Magazine and AdWeek were all a part of the Guggenheim Digital Media umbrella. Levinsohn has also been associated with CBS Sportsline, the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Publishing.

Carl Daikeler: The Fitness Entrepreneur


You’re no doubt familiar with Beachbody, the fitness network marketing company that shows its members how to tone up at home while giving them the freedom to create passive income and even quit their 9-to-5 jobs. But do you know the man behind the program? If you haven’t heard of Carl Daikeler, his story is truly one of entrepreneurial vision brought to fruition with hard work and a relentless spirit.

Carl Daikeler was never a man to let setbacks stand in his way. Check out this story from when he was rejected from his school of choice, Ithaca College in Upstate New York. Most kids would just take the loss and go to their safety school, right? Not Daikeler. He drove to Ithaca and finagled a meeting with the admissions dean in which he convinced the dean to change his rejected status to “accepted” on the spot.

After college, Daikeler brought that don’t-take-no-for-an-answer dogged determination to his business pursuits. Remember “:08 Minute Abs,” the at-home crunch workout videos that were ubiquitous in the 1990s? That was a Daikeler venture, too. Once he saw how those videos motivated people to work out at home, he decided to scale up, and Beachbody was born.

Unlike many companies that have experienced ups and downs amid the economic turbulence of the 21st century, Beachbody has seen nothing but steady growth. When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, Daikeler and the company redoubled their efforts to get people sweating in their living rooms. The company has seen an unprecedented level of growth during the pandemic, with Daikeler already eyeing further expansions to get Beachbody into even more homes.


When Carl Daikeler isn’t growing Beachbody or brainstorming new business ideas, you can find him running, swimming, reading and logging time at his philanthropic pursuits. The Beachbody Foundation, where he serves as a board member and advisor, has raised millions of dollars and counting for a variety of charities.

Carl Daikeler lives in California with his wife and two children.

M Patrick Carroll, Real Estate Magnate And Soon To Be Soccer Team Owner, Setting His Cap To Acquire SPAL With Partner Joe Tacopina

M Patrick Carroll recently broke the news. He’s set to go the way of many wealthy entrepreneurs and CEOs. The millionaire real-estate magnate has an estimated worth of approximately $20 million. His investment portfolio has at least 25,000 residential and commercial properties peppered along the eastern portion of the United States.

Carroll’s business success story is near legendary, featuring a young would-be-ace without a High School diploma, who nonetheless manages to grow a retail assets venue into a nationally recognized real estate company. But he’s yet to break his soccer-team-owner cherry.

M Patrick Carroll is now ready to take that hurdle and acquire a soccer team, as many moguls do. He will likely manage the hurdle in style as well, because Carroll has an experienced partner joining him. Unlike Carroll, Joe Tacopina is not a soccer-team-buying neophyte.

A U.S. lawyer, Tacopina is also known for his television presence in news shows and legal dramas. His leap into the arena of sports management involved aiding in the acquisition of A.S. Roma and acted on the association’s board until 2014. A.S. Roma is a pro Italian football club dating back to the 1920s. Joe also took the mantle of president of the Bologna football club, albeit only for a year.

Tacopina was set to acquire a Sicilian football club as well before the investment process went south. Now, with M Patrick Carroll on board, the pair have a new opportunity to garner Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor, or SPAL, as it’s often referred to. SPAL is a Ferrara-based Italian team playing within the second highest tier of Italian football, otherwise known as a Serie B team. As the new team owners, M Patrick Carroll and Joe Tacopina have vowed to take their investment assets to Serie A status.

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Randal Nardone Is Continuing His Financial Journey With The Firm That He Co-Founded

Randal Nardone is a major player in the financial industry and is a legend in the investment game as one of the three co-founders in 1998 of Fortress Investment Group. The other two individuals were Rob Kauffman and Wes Edens. Randal Nardone continues to be a driving force behind the company’s impressive fortunes and serves as Principal. He also continues to hold the role of CEO with the firm and has been in this role in an interim capacity since 2011 and a full capacity since 2013. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in the subject of Science that he obtained from the University of Connecticut as well as a J.D. that he obtained from the School of Law at Boston U. 2007 was a huge year for Randal Nardone as he made the list of World Billionaires that is published by the prestigious publication known as Forbes. Randal Nardone has been a major reason for the fact that Fortress Investment Group is today one of the top alternative asset management operations going.

The prior experience and success that Randal Nardone had accumulated before his involvement with Fortress is a major reason that he has been able to become so successful with the company that he co-founded. This experience includes time as the principal with a firm called Black Rock Financial Management. Randal also served for a period of time in the role of UBS’s Managing Director.

Randal Nardone was at the forefront of the recent blockbuster deal which saw Fortress Investment Group acquired by legendary Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. This huge deal came in at a total value of more than $3 billion. Even though the company is now under the SoftBank umbrella, Fortress Investment Group has continued its operations in the same manner as it was conducting them before being acquired. This has been massive for the continued success of the firm and Randal has been at the heart of keeping things on track. With the impressive backing of the SoftBank company, the future truly looks to be filled with limitless possibilities for Randal and the Fortress Investment Group team and more

Joseph Ashford Ellis on how to deal with competition

It is not a joke to stand out in the current market. The competition is out of the world, not forgetting the capital challenges faced by brand owners. If you have to stand out, the help and knowledge given by experts is necessary. For thousands of London business owners, Joseph is the ideal candidate to assist in business activities. With many successful years in the challenging London environment, Joseph Ashford Ellis navigates the hardships in the market with ease. Joseph Ashford Ellis gives his followers numerous ways of ensuring success with the ongoing competition. These expert secrets have worked for most United Kingdom entrepreneurs.

Creating an impressive online impression

In many interviews, Joseph Ashford Ellis insists on having an on online presence. In the twenty first century, business is not as usual. Internet has taken over the marketplace like never before. The marketplace is a battlefield because of internet. The best thing that investors stand to get from the internet are the numerous opportunities. Consumers learn about new businesses and their products when they conduct a search online. The customer feedback in your business website is what makes clients come or run away from your business. If you never have an online presence, no one will know about your business or services. Credible business already know this secret.

Listening to customers

The old adage that says that a customer will always be right is not false. Joseph Ashford Ellis listens to customers, even when they get mad at him. Have enough time to listen to the customers because they bring you revenue at the end of the day. You only need to know that a customer is your employer because they keep you in business. One negative experience from a customer, according to expert Joseph Ashford Ellis can bring very negative results in the business you have created for years.

To know more visit@CEO Spotlight: Joseph Ashford, Founder K4 Global

Vijay Eswaran and How He Managed to Launch the QI Group of Companies Successfully

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. The company is a multi-business entity that supports a range of sectors, including financial services, retail, education, hospitality, and direct selling. The QI Group of Companies has a subsidiary unit known as QNET, a global entity with several offices in the UAE. According to Vijay Eswaran, his company’s primary goal was to connect the people’s direct sales force with online marketing. Before they decided to launch the QI Group firm, his team tried and tested several direct selling models and the upcoming e-commerce platforms. It was while they were working on the models that they settled on selling precious metals.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran’s journey towards entrepreneurship was difficult. Speaking during an interview, he stated that he did not have any funding or connections from family or friends. His country, Asia, was also going through a terrible financial crisis, and nobody believed in his venture. However, Vijay did not believe in employment, and in his journey, he connected with some like-minded people who believed in his dream. They faced many challenges and setbacks, but Vijay was positive that the obstacles prepared him for good days. The first business that he launched as a part of the direct selling sectors. Vijay Eswaran works alongside a team of members, and they have successfully launched a University in Malaysia. They are building new campus residential blocks, teaching hospitals, and hostel blocks for these students.

The long-term goal for Vijay Eswaran is to build a green campus free from pollution, which uses electric buggies for transport and solar power. He also shared some valuable lessons he has learned over the years regarding success in business. First, Vijay says that his primary purpose in the industry is to serve his customers, and the key players in the industry are praised when a business succeeds. Read More:

Ara Chackerian Takes a Deeper Look at the Mental Health Side of the Tech Industry

Ara Chackerian has worked with a lot of health company startups in the past. He has developed many connections within the health field from those endeavors. One area of health that he deals with has to do with mental health within the tech industry. Since Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur that specializes in these areas he understands the problems associated with mental health workers and their mental health.

You might not believe this but the University of California discovered that 72% of all tech entrepreneurs have a mental health disorder. Most of these individuals are not necessarily suffering from them but they have them none the less. Many tech workers who operate startups confess to diagnoses of ADD, ADHD and even depression. They are dealing with anxiety, addiction and even bipolar disorder. Many of the people that have these problems admitted to experiencing these disorders. This is something that is quite surprising.

Not too many people would think that entrepreneurs would be suffering from mental health conditions. After all, a person’s mind has to be bright and sharp enough to start a new tech related service or product. However, many people within the tech industry don’t see things this way. Ara Chackerian points out that tech entrepreneurs are under a lot of pressure. They primarily have to figure out how to beat their competition and how to get things done quickly with very little funding. Also, tech entrepreneurs (like any other business startup) are under a lot of pressure to bring about quick and beneficial results for their investors.

The pressure is on these individuals to perform better and to do a good job. Sometimes, this can be too much for tech entrepreneurs to handle. So, they could end up developing some type of problem as a result of this situation. This problem could be an addiction to alcohol or drugs to ease their tension and fears. It could also be depression that stems from not being able to adequately compete in this arena. The point is that tech entrepreneurs need to have mental health evaluations frequently. Ara Chackerian knows that many tech startup companies now have resources in place to help entrepreneurs to successfully tackle mental health issues.