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Vijay Eswaran’s Visionary Leadership: Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Vijay Eswaran is a billionaire and business magnate known for his work in the financial services industry, primarily as the CEO of The unregulated secret agent Bitcoin uses. Vijay has been called one of the leading visionaries of power.

Eswaran co-founded an online gaming company based on poker and became the chairman emeritus after selling it to IGT Interactive Gaming. Eswaran said that learning to notice without judging was crucial to business success despite never achieving a high school degree.

Eswaran founded the City Seasons retail chain in Malaysia. Finally, Eswaran was the founder of Freedom Holdings, which at one point held assets worth more than $4 billion and was listed as one of Asia’s 50 richest people.

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Eswaran is also a philanthropist who has worked to promote education globally, and he is the founder of the Vijayaratnam Foundation. The foundation supports several nonprofits, such as The Women’s Aid Organization, Home for Human Rights, Water Aid, and Blood Banks. Eswaran is also the patron of several children’s charities. He has worked with several schools in Malaysia and China to provide infrastructure support and fund scholarships. Vijay Eswaran has also worked with a leading university in Malaysia to establish an institute that he named after his father. He was instrumental in raising funds to construct the building that houses the institute, which specialized in studying and researching childhood diseases such as childhood cancer.

Vijay Eswaran real estate company Eversendai, best known for developing the popular Time Square shopping mall, is poised to benefit from slowing new supply growth in Kuala Lumpur’s prime areas amid an increasingly competitive retail landscape. The financial services company says the slowing rate of new supply growth in prime Kuala Lumpur areas through 2018 is expected to put increasing pressure on landlords, with Eversendai expected to be among the winners. It also owns and operates Malaysia’s largest amusement park Sunway Lagoon, a shopping mall, and a serviced apartment development.

Hassan Jameel: An Influential Leader Empowering Women and Driving Digital Transformation

Hassan Jameel is an innovative leader spearheading Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) Group’s digital transformation and driving its growth through smart strategies. Backed by over two decades of automotive experience, Hassan brings a fresh viewpoint to their family-run enterprise, modernizing it into a 21st-century enterprise.

He recently shared with ABC Money how he reinvented a 75-year-old start-up through digitization strategies. Believing that digitization holds the future for the automotive industry, Hassan leads ALJ Group’s efforts to embrace technology to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. Under his direction, various digital initiatives, such as big data analytics, have been implemented to enhance sales forecasting and customer engagement, helping optimize supply chains, reduce costs, and enhance operations efficiency.


Jameel is committed to driving digital transformation while championing women in Saudi Arabia. Recently, he unveiled the Rally Jameel initiative, which seeks to empower and engage female motorsport participants – including organizing Saudi Arabia’s inaugural women-only motorsport event held in November 2021 – providing women a chance to display their driving talents and promote gender equality within a traditionally male-dominated sport.

In 2021 Hassan was recognized for his many accomplishments by being listed among Saudi Arabia’s four achievers for driving innovation and growth at ALJ Group as well as for his philanthropy through Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiative, which supports education, job creation, and environmental sustainability across Saudi Arabia and around the globe.

In conclusion, Hassan Jameel is an innovative leader pioneering change at ALJ Group through innovation, growth, and social impact. His focus on digitization and women empowerment is making a profound, impactful statement about who runs his company. As he leads ALJ into its future, he will surely inspire others with his leadership, passion for making a difference, visionary approach, and unique entrepreneurial style.

Mo Katibeh Leverages His Affinity for Tech in Business

Mo Katibeh leverages his affinity for technology in business and owns four successful companies. His work attracted the attention of General Electric, who invited him to their headquarters to give a talk on Arabic entrepreneurs.

Mo Katibeh, born in the United States and has three children, has worked as a computer programmer, a manager for several firms, and a quality control engineer. He decided to start his own business after receiving an offer from GENERAL ELECTRIC to take his talk about Arabic entrepreneurs around the world.

He received offers from British Airways, American Airlines, and KLM to present his ideas in marketing. He chose GE because of its global market reach, but he found out that GE does not need any more lecturers in its organization. So he chose to start a business instead. “I want to serve them very well. I have three children and look at them as my main priority.”

Katibeh founded the Arab Business Association in 2010. He first presented his business ideas to business people in the United States, but after they rejected him, he presented his ideas to young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley instead. “I decided to talk about entrepreneurship in general, not about specific ideas,” he said. “I wanted to talk about my experience and how it benefited me.”

He established Mo Katibeh Consulting Inc., which he used after the success of his first two companies, and started working for Capital One as a regional manager for worldwide marketing. Katibeh signed a contract with Capital One but quit because of boredom and other priorities.

Katibeh said he wants to establish two or three companies with his name on them, but at the moment, he is working on the third idea, which entails using his knowledge of both computer science and business management to create a site for sharing ideas about social networks among people who are interested in business ideas.

How to Stay Ahead in a Competitive Industry – Lessons from Edgard Corona

In today’s fast-paced world, competition is fierce in almost every industry. Remaining on top can be a daunting challenge, but it is crucial for any business’ success. Many entrepreneurs often wonder how to achieve this feat, and the answer lies in learning from the best in the business. One such person is Edgard Corona, the CEO of SmartFit.

1. Focus on your customers

Edgard Corona believes that the customer is an essential part of any business’s success. It is crucial to understand their needs, recognize their pain points, and provide them with impressive solutions that address those issues. Smart Fit offers gym membership at affordable prices, making it accessible to everyone, which has helped them win the trust and loyalty of their customers. As an entrepreneur, focusing on your customers will help you deliver better products or services, stay ahead of the curve, and earn their loyalty.

2. Embrace Innovation and Technology

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, it is vital to embrace innovation and technology continually. Find ways to integrate technology into your business processes and take advantage of the benefits it offers. SmartFit, under Edgard Corona’s leadership, uses the latest technology to manage gym memberships, provide feedback and suggestions to customers, and enhance their experience. Embracing technology can help you streamline your operations, improve productivity, and stay ahead of the curve.

3. Invest in Your Employees

Employees are the backbone of any organization, and investing in them can help you gain a competitive edge. Edgard Corona believes in providing the right training, support, and a conducive work environment for its staff. This approach has helped SmartFit in creating an engaged and motivated workforce, which is critical for business success.

4. Build a Robust Brand

A strong brand can help you stand out in a crowded market, attract a loyal customer base and stay ahead of your competitors. Edgard Corona has built Smart Fit into a strong fitness brand that is widely recognized and loved by its customers. He focused on creating a unique value proposition for the brand, invested in marketing and advertising, and built a robust social media presence. Building a robust brand takes time, effort, and a well-executed strategy, but it can help you create a lasting impression and stay ahead of your competitors.

Don Manifold: A Leading Advisor in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestments

Don Manifold is a highly respected advisor in the world of mergers, acquisitions, and divestments. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Manifold has built a reputation for his expertise, professionalism, and strategic approach to transactions.

Manifold is the founder of Don Manifold Advisory, a boutique advisory firm based in Adelaide, Australia. The firm specializes in providing personalized advice to clients on mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and other complex transactions. Manifold’s extensive experience and knowledge of the industry have made him a trusted advisor to clients across a range of sectors.

Over the course of his career, Manifold has worked on numerous high-profile transactions, including the sale of a majority stake in Intelematics, a leading provider of connected vehicle services. He has also advised on the acquisition of a majority stake in South Australian-based IT services provider, Empired, and the sale of one of Australia’s largest livestock exporters, Wellard Limited.

Manifold’s expertise in the industry has led him to become a sought-after speaker and commentator on topics related to mergers and acquisitions. He has been featured in numerous publications, including The Boss Magazine, and has been invited to speak at conferences and events around the world.

Prior to founding Don Manifold Advisory, Manifold held senior roles at various investment banks, including Credit Suisse, J.P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs. He has also served as a director and non-executive director for several companies in Adelaide.

Manifold’s success as an advisor is due in part to his unique approach to transactions. He is known for his ability to build strong relationships with clients and his focus on understanding their goals and objectives. He takes a hands-on approach to transactions, working closely with clients throughout the process to ensure a successful outcome.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Don Manifold is also a committed philanthropist. He is a member of the board of trustees for the Crows Foundation, a charitable organization that supports community initiatives in South Australia.

Don Manifold’s impressive career and expertise in the world of mergers, acquisitions, and divestments have made him a leading advisor in the industry. His dedication to his clients, strategic approach to transactions, and commitment to philanthropy have earned him a reputation as a respected and trusted advisor.


Mo Katibeh: Leading the Charge in Transforming AT&T’s Network and Technology

Mo Katibeh, the Chief Product and Platform Officer at AT&T Business, is a highly regarded executive known for his leadership in driving innovation and transformation in the telecommunications industry. In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Mo shared his insights and experiences on the future of technology and AT&T’s role in shaping it.

Mo Katibeh has been with AT&T for over a decade, working across multiple functions and leading major initiatives in network transformation, 5G deployment, and edge computing. He emphasizes the importance of building a strong team and fostering a culture of collaboration and diversity in driving successful outcomes.

One of the key challenges that Mo and his team are currently focused on is unlocking the potential of 5G technology to enable new use cases and business models. This requires building out the physical infrastructure and developing the software and platforms that can leverage 5G’s capabilities. Mo believes that AT&T’s strong partnerships with customers and technology vendors will be critical in achieving this goal.

Another area of focus for Mo Katibeh is edge computing, which brings processing and data storage closer to the end-users and devices. This is particularly relevant in healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries, where low latency and high bandwidth are crucial for real-time applications. AT&T has been investing heavily in edge computing, including partnerships with Microsoft and IBM, and Mo sees this as a key area of growth in the coming years.

Mo Katibeh is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. He has been involved in initiatives such as the “Believe Dallas” campaign, which aims to reduce poverty and inequality in the city by providing job training and other resources to underserved communities.

In summary, Mo Katibeh is a visionary leader driving AT&T’s transformation in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. His focus on building a strong team, leveraging partnerships, and fostering a culture of innovation and inclusion will undoubtedly continue to shape AT&T’s success in the years to come.

Miki Agrawal On Adding Value

We spend significant years of our lives formulating our professions. But we spend hardly any time concocting things that will regulate the superiority of our life involvement and the excellence of our relationships, health, mindset, and comfort. Mindvalley is a personal growth organization that educates you on what matters most. MindValley does it by combining the best techniques taught by the world’s best educators in the best platforms accessible by everyone. At MindValley, learning is a lifelong adventure. Mindvalley has programs to release the fullest potential in your soul, spirit, and mind. At Mindvalley is all about being the best at the workplace and getting the joy, peace, happiness, and health you deserve.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Mindvalley launched a new quest called; Zeroto$100million. The organization that Vishen founded has invited Miki Agrawal, an international entrepreneur, to educate Mindvalley learners. The zeroto$100million program will train students on running a business from its foundation to its execution. Miki and Vishen noted that the program had been launched at the right time, when the country is healing from the effects of the pandemic and when most Americans are executing their ideas. Most people in the world, including Americans, lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic and have to find other alternatives for earning an income.

Miki Agrawal will lead the training that will be taught in seven stages, as listed below.

Step 1: Looking into your ideas and constructing your business.

Step 2: getting skills on the winning formula and creating the best team.

Step 3: Let your communication through tone, message, and voice.

Step 4: the game plan incorporated in the Zeroto$100million and learning what Miki Agrawal implemented in her businesses.

Step 5: going through the media while being yourself and telling your story.

Step 6: how to get investors to get capital.

Step 7: Get a valuable community around your product.

Miki Agrawal is an international business person who has won the odds of the community to launch various companies, including TUSHY, AND THINX.

Bronia Buchanan

As a former master’s degree student in both business and psychology, Bronia Buchanan founded BBA management to help established professionals manage the delicate balance between professional and personal life. Ms. Buchanan had a difficult time managing her hectic work life while simultaneously tending to her daughter’s needs, so she created an online coaching program that offers students a no-frills approach to learning how to successfully juggle their professional and personal lives without feeling overwhelmed.

BBA Management is an online coaching firm that offers one-on-one coaching and education programs to a diverse group of professionals. The program is geared towards busy professionals who are looking for ways to learn how to manage their professional and personal lives more effectively. Ms. Buchanan’s research and experience in business, human resources and psychology led her to the realization that there was a significant market for people who were ready to learn how to manage both professionally and personally simultaneously because they were juggling so much of their time between work and family life.

Aside from Ms. Buchanan’s work with BBA Management, she is also a dedicated and successful entrepreneur who has founded her own firms in Canada and the United States. In addition to all of her work as an entrepreneur, Ms. Buchanan also volunteers for several organizations that focus on women’s issues and education, including the YWCA, The Canadian Women’s Foundation and The Kids Help Phone. She is also a regular contributor for several online publications about leadership and personal empowerment.

About BBA Management:

According to a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association, some of the most vital attributes that highly effective workplace leaders possess are self-awareness, a drive to support their employees, a willingness to make necessary changes and a commitment to regularly ask for feedback from staff. In addition to helping students learn how to make these skills integral parts of their personal and professional lives, BBA Management also includes an intensive course on how students can effectively communicate with others.

Edgard Corona’s Work Life Balance

Edgard Corona, the founder, CEO and Chairman of Smart Fit, is known not only for his entrepreneurial success but also for his active social life. He is a well-respected figure in Brazil and is frequently seen at various social events and gatherings.

Corona is known for his love of sports and fitness, and he often participates in sports events and competitions. He is an avid runner and has completed several marathons, including the New York City Marathon. He has also participated in triathlons and Ironman competitions, which require a high level of fitness and endurance.

In addition to sports, Corona is also passionate about music and the arts. He is a guitar player and enjoys playing music in his spare time. He is also a supporter of the arts and has made significant donations to several cultural institutions in Brazil. Corona is an active member of several social organizations, including the Brazilian Association of Entrepreneurs and the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Brazilian Institute of Humanistic Ethics and Citizenship.

Edgard Corona is known for his philanthropic work, and he frequently participates in charity events and fundraisers. He has also been a guest speaker at several events related to social and economic development in Brazil. Despite his busy schedule, Corona values spending time with his family and friends. He is married and has two children, and he often takes them on vacations and trips. He is also known for his love of food and enjoys trying new restaurants and cuisines.

Edgard Corona’s social life is an active and diverse one, with a focus on sports, music, philanthropy, and social organizations. He is a well-known and respected figure in Brazil, having founded Smart Fit, and his various interests and activities reflect his commitment to personal growth, social development, and community involvement.

Bhanu Choudhrie Investment Expertise Spans the Globe

Born in India, educated in the United States and now a citizen of London, Bhanu Choudhrie has blazed a unique trail across the world of international business. Choudhrie is perhaps best known as the founder of C&C Alpha Group based in the U.K. and one of the premier investment firms in Europe and the world. But his business interests have been wide-ranging over his two-decade-plus career.

His favored investment sectors include aviation, real estate, banking, hospitality, health care and more. Bhanu Choudhrie has also gained world renown as a tireless philanthropist. He is currently the director of a major charity, Paths to Success, a London-based charity founded by his mother, Anita Choudhrie.

Bhanu Choudhrie has shown a keen interest in helping key groups, such as disabled athletes. He has been a strong advocate and financial supporter of various Paralympics teams, including para-badminton, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and para powerlifting. A noted early success in Choudhrie’s investment career was his founding of the Alpha Aviation Group. This company is a provider of pilot training for commercial airline pilots. It serves primarily emerging economy nations, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, India and Arabic nations.

Bhanu Choudhrie was among the first to recognize a major deficiency in pilots for Asian and Near Asian nations. The latter have been eager to ramp up their aviation infrastructures as part of an overall competitive economic model. Choudhrie has been known to take an active interest in both U.K. and Indian politics. Local media sources note that he has been a benefactor to the Liberal Democratic Party in the U.K.

Choudhrie has also served as the director of the Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation. The latter was acquired by Ameris in 2018. He was the co-founder of Megalith Capital Management. He serves or has served on numerous other boards of directors and charity groups.

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