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How Betterworks Team Edition Enhances Productivity

Teamwork can Make or Break A Business

When it comes to winning more business and gaining continued long-term growth, teamwork is the ultimate secret weapon. However, too many businesses find themselves losing big opportunities because their team is simply not organized. Now, a leading performance software company has created an all-in-one solution to help any business stay more organized, more productive and more profitable. 

Introducing Betterworks Team Edition 

BetterWorks Team Edition is designed to help companies get the most out of each and every employee. Some of the highlights of this performance management software include basic goal setting and alignment features. This suite of features helps management set specific goals for each team member, keep everyone accountable and works seemingly with Slack. The bottom line? BetterWorks is the ultimate teamwork tool

The Betterworks Team Edition also includes a number of features that allows for real-time conversations and course corrections. These features allow team leaders to communicate with individual team members as well as specific groups. The software also includes a number of conversation templates that allows managers to easily and effectively communicate with team members. That means managers can waste less time doing a status meeting in order to keep the team up to date. 

In addition to a number of advanced tools, Betterworks Team Edition also comes with a number of support features to help anyone make the most out of the software. Features include in-product coaching guides, anytime access to an active support forum and live as well as on-demand webinars that help managers design and launch the program. With BetterWorks Team Edition, assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

About Betterworks

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2013, Betterworks is a leading creator of organizational tools that allow businesses to organize meaningful data. The company’s flagship Betterworks’ software system is the premier performance management product. 

Nitin Khanna Has Found Himself Immersed In A Number Of Business Sectors Throughout His Career:

Businessman Nitin Khanna’s current role finds him serving as Chief Executive Officer at MergerTech. He is also the founder of the mergers and acquisitions professional services provider. He has also had an extensive career in other avenues including the software company Saber Corp. which Nitin Khanna founded back in 1999 along with his business partner and brother. Nitin Khanna is currently based out of the Oregon city of Portland and he pursued his college studies at Purdue University in the state of Indiana. The conclusion of his studies at Purdue included his receipt of his industrial engineering Master’s Degree. Since he started MergerTech during 2009, Nitin Khanna has become a significant figure in the world of mergers and acquisitions. The firm operates as a tech bank that provides professional services to its clients in order to help them with their growth.

Another company that Nitin Khanna has played a major role with is Cura Cannabis. He formerly served the firm as its Chief Executive Officer. While he was at the head of Cura Cannabis, Nitin Khanna made a major difference in a burgeoning industry and was behind an innovative company that works in the area of cannabis oil and vape cartridges for cannabis. The company currently has a footprint that extends from Oregon into California and Nevada. Cannabis retailers in these states are able to sell the outstanding products that Cura Cannabis deals in and a great deal of growth was achieved during the tenure of Nitin Khanna as the firm’s CEO.

A big part of the push that was made during the tenure of Nitin Khanna at Cura Cannabis was to become the industry leader in providing high-quality cannabis oil. The firm also worked to become a leader in the edibles market. Another major focus is to simply help the medical cannabis customers who have come to rely on the high-quality products produced by Cura Cannabis. Being able to be involved in this industry is something that Nitin Khanna was very proud of. He is also proud of the impressive amount of growth that the firm achieved during his tenure.

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Watford Chair Gino Pozzo Brings Success To The English Soccer Club

The limitations of a mid-table soccer team in the top division of England professional football are clear to see. The top five or six clubs headed by Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham have the best players and the most money available to spend on their teams. Watford F.C. owner, Gino Pozzo has recently explained why he believes his club can become a stable Premier League club with a vast, vibrant fanbase.

Gino Pozzo believes the issue many clubs in the middle of the pack each year when the Premier League is being fought over is their failure to plan for the future. In soccer, the majority of teams are looking at the next few months instead of planning for the long-term by preparing for life many seasons ahead. Watford is taking a different approach to life in the Premier League with Pozzo and his Chief Executive, Scott Duxbury identifying the average time spent at a single club by a head coach is around two years for all but the top six clubs in England.

You may wonder why the length of time a coach spends at a club is important to the owner? The answer is Gino Pozzo believes a head coach at a soccer club should be involved in coaching players but not in the long-term development of the team. Pozzo uses a team of scouts headed by the former Italian soccer international Andrea Carnevale who provides lists of players he believes can be purchased by both Watford and Udinese. Both clubs are intent on buying young, exciting players who can step into the first team when established players are sold on to other teams. Gino Pozzo is so certain that Watford is one of the leading investments he has made that he has moved his family from Barcelona to London to ensure the club achieves its goals.

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Tj Maloney Talks Lincolnshire Excitement

Lincolnshire Management Inc. is a private equity company based in New York with an office in Chicago that specializes in middle-market companies. Since 1986, the firm has invested in and acquired companies that primarily operate as manufacturing, distribution, and services businesses.

Recently, Lincolnshire announced that it would be introducing four new team members to help grow the company’s portfolio. Lincolnshire Chairman and CEO, Tj Maloney, spoke about the four new team members in a statement. He mentioned how exciting it was to have Matthew Nacier back at the company and to welcome Yashna Ginodia, Nicolas Vega Llona, and Georg Stolt-Nielsen to the firm.

Matthew Nacier used to work as an Analyst in 2014, but left to work with another company. He returned to Lincolnshire as a Senior Associate. He specializes in go-to-market strategies, add-on acquisitions identification and diligence experience, and growth opportunities analyst.

Nicolas Vega Llona used to work with several industries, including automotive, agro-export, and construction industries at a company called Grupo Alese. He served as their Director of Business Development and Finance. He joined Lincolnshire alongside Nacier as a new Senior Associate.

The two young professionals joining the company are Yashna Ginodia and G. Stolt-Nielsen. They’re joining Lincolnshire as Analysts. Both recently graduated from their respective universities and have a small amount of real-world experience working on due diligence teams. Ginodia used to conduct diligence at Noonmark Capital, and Stolt-Nielsen worked at a Norwegian company the summer before joining Lincolnshire Management.

Tj Maloney, an active member on the Investment committee is also actively involved with the firm’s portfolio companies. He believes working closely to ensure their success is the best way to ensure Lincolnshire’s success. Tj Maloney learned his hands-on approach while practicing merger, acquisition, and securities law. Shortly after leaving law, Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management Inc.

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How Bhanu Choudhrie Mastered His Credible Investment Skills

Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian strategic investor that has built a brand in the strategic investment industry over the years. Born in June 1978, the C&C Group founder has achieved more than many older investors. His aggressiveness and expertise in the sector are top rated. Bhanu’s investment interests revolve around banking, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. The talented businessman has also achieved significantly in the utilities, aviation, and real estate industries.

His contribution to the upcoming companies by helping them understand the market is admirable. Bhanu Choudhrie has won a reputation from mature businesses through offering guidance on the ways of achieving their investment goals. His heart goes to Boston University for sharpening the skills that help him survive in the competitive world. The International Business and Marketing training he acquired from the institution is the recipe of his unmatched success. The Harvard School of Business fine-tuned his expertise after graduating from Boston through the Owner Management Program.

The C&C Alpha Group opened its first office in 2001 paving the way for Bhanu Choudhrie to face the industry more professionally. The company has gained from the sectors through significant and profitable investments. India and the Philippines are some of the markets that the company has made successful investments. The leadership skills of Choudhrie have attracted other players in the market that seek his services in their executive boards. Bhanu serves Bancorp that operates from America as a member of both the Risk and Executive committees and Board of Directors.

Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation benefited significantly from the services of Bhanu Choudhrie as a Director. He also sat in the Compensation, Executive, and capital committees. His contribution to the Nominating as well as Audit and Governance committees before Ameris purchased the company in May 2018 were remarkable.

Besides acquiring the investment skills from the University, Choudhrie grew up in a family that specialized in business, starting with the real estate. The early exposure to the industry contributes to his confidence in trying out new investment strategies. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the family had invested in different sectors, and he follows in the same direction. He pointed out in an interview that his great grandfathers had interests in India’s Punjab National Bank with one of them serving as a Chairman in those days.

The Story of how Andrey Andreev Found Himself

There is a common trait among the innovators of the 21st Century. Each and every single one of them sought to shake up the present status quo. Andrey Andreev is a young innovator from Russia. He grew up dreaming to make it big, but soon found him soul searching for the exact angle he should pursue in life. His story is not the classic tale of a man hitting rich, but rather of someone calculating each step. Andrey Andreev’s success can only be attributed to his careful planning and reasonable expectations at each point of the journey.

Andrey Andreev‘s story begins when he was a curious child. He grew up in a wealthy household where everything was at his disposal. Andreev’s parents were both innovators in the field of science. They ran experiments and would frequently bring home new devices for him to play with. This was a time of peace and tranquility for Andreev. 

It was not until he turned 18 that he hit his first road bump in life. Andrey wanted to see the world, and thus he dropped out of the University of Russia to achieve this ambition. He went traveling around Spain and Europe in search of something that he could call he his own. A unique path forward for his innovative mind (Forbes).

During this period of travel and self-discovery, Andreev made numerous attempts at starting various businesses. While each of them achieved their purpose at the time, he was still seeking more. It was when Andrey developed Mamba, the dating service that the gears of his professional career moved forward. This service was a major hit and laid the foundation for Badoo, an internationally used dating service. It ranks among the highest in its categories.The businessman had at long last discovered his niche in the industry.

Over the years Andrey Andreev has worked to refine his approach more and more. He played a pivotal role in the creation of a female geared service named Bumble. his apps have helped bring the world and the people just a little closer together.

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Nitin Khanna Story in the Entrepreneurial Department

Nitin Khanna has come a long way in the business section. People know the executive because of his creativity, entrepreneurialism, innovation and philanthropy. In his career life, the businessman has showcased his great skills in various industries. Using the resources he has earned over the years, the business executive has tried his best to impact lives by giving those who come from needy backgrounds. The business leader founded a company named Merger Tech few years ago, and currently, he is serving as the chief executive officer. Before starting the successful platform, Nitin Khanna had already served in various technology companies, and he had the skills needed to make the company successful. His great career in the investment world, however, has set him apart from the other people in technology.

There are many factors that pushed Nitin Khanna to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. The businessman was born and raised in his hometown in India, and he had the opportunity to attend boarding schools that are in this country. His father played a role in making sure that Khanna did well in school although he was in the army. The other family members were focusing in business, and they were all very successful in each of the investments they were taking care of. Interacting with family members who were doing well in the investment department motivated Nitin Khanna to work even harder so that he could join them. Fortunately for the businessman, he managed to go and study abroad where he got a degree in industrial engineering.

When his brother joined Nitin Khanna in the United States for his studies, they formed a strong team and then ventured into business. Being in a foreign land did not make the two young executives scared of the business outcome. The brother have raised one of the largest and most successful institutions, giving back to their family members in India. The business executive started to earn money when he was still very young, and this is what he uses to motivate other personalities who are starting their investments after leaving school. Nitin Khanna is also trying to incubate investments for many companies in India.

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Aaron Lupuloff Congratulates Saville on His Induction in Gwinnett Sports Hall of Fame

Nick Saban is a soccer coach in Alabama. May 1, 2019, he introduced six honored people in the hall of fame of public institutions found in Gwinnett County. David Saville was one of the people inducted. He recently graduated from the University of Clemson. Despite suffering from Down Syndrome, Saville inspired a lot of people through his speech. He stated that having a bad attitude is the only disability one could ever have. He stated this when he was delivering his speech as an inductee and also talked about his condition. He is a good model for strength in a community and the benefits a strengthened community can bring in an education environment that is supported strongly for the benefit of the students.

The induction ceremony marked Gwinnett Sports Hall of Fame tenth anniversary. The ceremony was a success given the tremendous support the institutions receive from the residents of Gwinnett County. The residents contribute money in order to make sure that the public institutions of Gwinnett County keep to be a system of institutions considered world-class. Saville’s Down syndrome was genetically inherited and is described by intellectual delays. He is a native of Norcross and the former equipment manager of Blue Devils Football. He is well-recognized by fans of college football in his active participation in the national championship program of Clemson University.

He also participated in ClemsonLIFE. It is a program based on offering employment opportunities and living arrangements to students suffering from intellectual disabilities. For his charisma and a positive outlook, he was honored with an American Hero Award presented by Walter Camp Football Foundation. Saville felt most appreciated by the induction ceremony as he was recognized by the people residing where he came from. Gwinnett County is his home as well as Norcross. You can visit for more info.

Aaron Lupuloff, the speaker of the ceremony, stated that Saville brings integrity, love, selfness, honor, and perspective to residents of Norcross as well as Peachtree Corners, especially adults and his fellow peers. Lupuloff added that the ceremony was an example of how strong the foundation of the public schools in Gwinnett County is.

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Eric Lefkofsky Discusses Solutions to Healthcare Inefficiencies

During a panel discussion at the Milken Global Conference, Eric Lefkofsky discussed the need to reshape the existing health care model. He summed up the problem with this statement, “it’s crazy that we are giving better technology to truck drivers picking up pallets of water bottles than we are to doctors making life and death decisions.”

A few years ago, Eric Lefkofsky did not foresee working on healthcare issues in his future. All of that changed when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Eric came from a technology background. He was working on technology systems to solve problems in the transportation industry when his wife received her diagnosis. During the process of getting his wife treatment, Eric witnessed many of the inefficiencies in the healthcare industry. He felt compelled to make changes happen.

Some estimate that one-third of the resources dedicated to healthcare processes are lost due to inefficiencies. This leaves room for private companies to find ways to solve problems. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus – a technology company hoping to reshape healthcare by providing data analytics. Tempus plans to build the world’s most extensive library of molecular and clinical data. The company will build analytic tools to allow this data to be useful in enabling doctors to provide cancer treatments efficiently.

The Milken Institute is a nonprofit thinktank organization dedicated to advancing solutions that increase prosperity and improve health. Their flagship event is the Milken Institute Global Conference. This event brings together a diverse set of leaders from many industries to discuss relevant topics. Find out more about Eric Lefkofsky:

Vijay Eswaran Notes How Technology Can Improve Access To Jobs

The role of technology in the business world has been growing and growing over the past few decades. This impact is something that was the subject of extensive debate at the World Economic Forum. While many at the event suggested that this innovation may hurt job growth, Vijay Eswaran disagrees. As the founder and chief executive of the QI Group, he’s developed an extensive amount of experience in the business world over the past two decades. Originally established as a multilevel marketing firm, the QI Group evolved into an e-commerce conglomerate with a hand in the likes of telecommunications, media, travel, and much more.

Vijay Eswaran has noted that this growth was primarily driven by innovation in technology and wouldn’t have been possible without it. At the World Economic Forum, he highlighted that businesses could benefit from technology in a variety of different ways. One of the most notable of these is a greater access to qualified candidates across the world. This is driven by the evolution and expansion of remote working technology. By taking advantage of this, as well as other technology, Vijay Eswaran notes that companies can reduce the cost of hiring and employing workers.

This isn’t the only area that companies can benefit from technology. As Eswaran noted at the World Economic Forum, technology can decrease the amount of resources needed to sustain or improve their output. This can help companies save a significant amount of revenue, which they can subsequently reinvest into the business. By doing so, Vijay Eswaran notes that technology can have a positive effect on jobs, both for companies and the employees themselves. Because of that, companies can retain the high-quality nature of their products and services while decreasing the cost of creating and delivering them. This is something that he’s highlighted extensively with his experience with the QI Group.