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A Unique Look – EOS Lip Balm Review

 If you have been in any convenience, drug, or supermarket store in the past few years, you have seen how the lip care aisle has expanded. With all of the competition on the market, it may seem impossible to have a major share. This has not been the case with the EOS Lip Balm brand. The company was started 7 years ago by Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, and they have never looked back. Here is a unique EOS Lip Balm Review.

Jonathan and Sanjiv started EOS when the recognized a few key details missing from the lip balm market. The biggest problems that faced the industry at the time included a non- women based lip balm and those women losing their lip balms in their various bags.

To compensate for the various issues, Jonathan and Sanjiv spent a few years designing the perfect lip balm. What they came up with was the now unique and widely known sphere shaped lip balms. When asked by interviewers about the sphere shape, the two responded that the sphere ‘helps women identify the lip balm in purses, gym bags, and other places that lip balms are usually lost.’

What makes the company unique from their competitors is that their branding is social media based and contain more natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. Something else that makes the company unique is that the two investors used their own personal finances to make their dreams come true. This gamble certainly paid off because EOS Lip Balm is now a 250 million dollar business that will be around for generations to come.

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Immigrants like Doe Deere see a Version of America that Born Citizens often Overlook…

It’s no secret that born citizens often take the North American continent for granted. Immigrants like Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, happen to see America differently. The title of her most recent piece in Entrepreneur magazine suggests something simple enough; nobody can come along and make America great as it was already great all along! Deere and many others from countries such as Russia seem to view the country in such a light even when the odds are stacked against them.

Like Doe discussed, many immigrants migrate over with visions of Hollywood movie scenes playing in their heads. When they see our real-life cities, they are typically nothing like what was presented within the popular media presentations. Deere contrasts the real-life NYC, that she experienced for the first time at age 17, with the city she imagined while consuming all those books, movies and magazines as a Jewish child living in Russia.

Doe’s story is not unlike those told by other immigrants. After learning how America differed from its media representation, the family soon went broke. What we see during this next part of her story is a theme that is all too common within these stories; Doe’s mother had an accounting degree that the US was reluctant to accept! Because of this, she was forced to remain underemployed cleaning the homes of others.

As you can probably imagine, the cleaning job doesn’t tide them over for long. The family eventually goes entirely broke and must live off of soup kitchens and shelters until they eventually have the cash flow to live in a low income, urban area. The crime is only briefly mentioned by the author, however. In much greater detail she outlines how much the family appreciated having their own apartment with their very own kitchen!

Doe’s story is certainly an aspiring one. As she is wrapping up she ponders how somebody that was once homeless could employ almost 40 people and become a CEO. Mrs. Deere has certainly proven why the immigrant viewpoint/attitude seems to produce a lot more business owners than the viewpoint/attitude that is all too common among born citizens.

Traveling With Wengie


Wengie has offered several hacks to make life easier as well as a look into her life. One of her latest videos offers hacks for traveling that make it a bit more convenient and exciting for the family. Place a fragile sticker or tag on your luggage the next time you travel so that the people who handle your baggage will take more care of your belongings. Your luggage being labeled as fragile might also mean that it gets off the cart faster as it’s often placed near the top of the items loaded on the plane.


If you like reading books while flying but find that your eyes get dry, then consider downloading audio books. You’ll want to have a set of earbuds handy so that you don’t disrupt the people around you while listening to the books. There are several apps that offer free books that you can download to your phone. Your plants might be a bit brown while you’re gone. Make a small hole on a bottle lid before filling a bottle with water. Place the bottle upside down over the plants that you want watered while you’re gone. The small hole will allow for a small drop to fall over the plants to keep them hydrated. If you forgot to pack shaving cream in your suitcase, you can use hair conditioner to shave your legs and moisturize your skin. Avoid using conditioner that has fragrances as this can irritate the skin while you’re shaving, especially if you don’t use water.

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Removing Candy Makeup – The Painful Truth

If you watch Wengie’s videos on a regular basis, or even just once in a while, you may have come across her recent video on Harley Quinn based makeup made entirely from candy. If you have come across this video, you know that it was a long process, but a very fruitful one, no pun intended. Her candy makeup came out deliciously and looked splendid! Okay, enough bad candy puns.

Honestly, though, her candy makeup was not so simple, but looked really sharp and neat and worked really well, despite the Cool Ade in her eye at one point. That just looked painful!

She did her candy makeup with the following and more:


  • Cool Ade


  • Smarties


  • Chocolate Melts


  • Squeezable Candy Sugar


  • Loli-Pops


  • Gum Balls


She was very satisfied with her video and the results and in her vlog, found here, she went through the grueling process of taking off all that sticky, candy makeup! It took a long time, was a slight struggle, but she was able to get it all off!
In this vlog, you also get to catch a glimpse of her fience, which is always a special treat! If you haven’t heard of him or don’t know this, he has is own YouTube channel with more DIY’s and fun videos, just like Wengie!

The most difficult part of the video, Wengie declared, was trying to get the Cool Ade off her eyes! She was afraid it would stain, but it did not end up staining her skin beyond repair. All in all, a delicious experience!