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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Leads Bradesco Successfully

Luiz Carlos Trabuco spends his days striving to make the Brazilian banking giant known as Bradesco the best in the business. He serves as their CEO and has been tasked with this job since 2009 when he was promoted after a successful stint in their Insurance division. Trabuco, as he is best known, has served in several top executive posts throughout his tenure at Bradesco and knows their business culture like few others. When the time was right, he was a natural choice to lead the company.

Trabuco began his career with Bradesco in his hometown of Marília where he was born in 1951. Starting in 1969, he was a clerk and served in this capacity for two years which gave him valuable experience in interacting daily with customers. His potential for the banking industry was noted and he was transferred to the company headquarters in São Paulo. There, he embarked upon a path of continual growth and development that saw him rise to the top of many divisions.

The University of São Paulo was where Trabuco received his education when he secured a degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. This was an unlikely path for a banking figure such as Trabuco. Most top banking officials complete their degrees in Business or Finance. However, Trabuco demonstrated an ability to adapt and a tremendous ability to learn sophisticated financial principles which have served him and Bradesco very well.

Innovation is one of Trabuco’s calling cards and he helped change Bradesco’s marketing structure to a significant degree when he was their leader. For the first time in their history, Bradesco engaged in publicity campaigns when they established a relationship with the media and financial reporters. This has modernized their communications and increased their brand awareness among Brazilians.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the obvious choice to succeed Márcio Cypriano as the company’s CEO when he successfully led the Insurance division to unprecedented profits during the years of 2003-2009. Profits rose dramatically during this time and made a huge contribution to the overall success of Bradesco’s bottom line. They consolidated their leadership position in the Brazilian market and in Latin America as well. Trabuco received honor and recognition for his outstanding performance when he was named twice as the Insurance Personality of the Year.

A corporate university is another of Trabuco’s innovations and he instituted this when he took over as CEO. The opportunity to develop the next wave of Bradesco’s leadership was the primary aim and it continued their tradition of continuity and renewal from the company’s ranks. Worthy employees were promoted and given a greater voice in the company. Trabuco and other top executive officers were able to determine those with the most potential to successfully lead Bradesco.

With the quest for market leadership in the back of his mind, Trabuco engineered a blockbuster deal in 2015 when Bradesco acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC. It was the largest such deal of the year and it created quite a buzz in the world of Brazilian finance.

With one remarkable deal, Bradesco added the equivalent of six years of organic growth to their business. This has made them much more competitive in the battle for leadership in the private banking industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco received a high honor for his role in the acquisition when he was declared to be the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by DINHEIRO.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco goes about his important job as Bradesco’s CEO with a noted lack of ostentation. He is soft-spoken and quick with a wide grin. His opinions on serious financial matters are widely followed by top political and financial figures. He is married and the father of three children.

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