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The Story of how Andrey Andreev Found Himself

There is a common trait among the innovators of the 21st Century. Each and every single one of them sought to shake up the present status quo. Andrey Andreev is a young innovator from Russia. He grew up dreaming to make it big, but soon found him soul searching for the exact angle he should pursue in life. His story is not the classic tale of a man hitting rich, but rather of someone calculating each step. Andrey Andreev’s success can only be attributed to his careful planning and reasonable expectations at each point of the journey.

Andrey Andreev‘s story begins when he was a curious child. He grew up in a wealthy household where everything was at his disposal. Andreev’s parents were both innovators in the field of science. They ran experiments and would frequently bring home new devices for him to play with. This was a time of peace and tranquility for Andreev. 

It was not until he turned 18 that he hit his first road bump in life. Andrey wanted to see the world, and thus he dropped out of the University of Russia to achieve this ambition. He went traveling around Spain and Europe in search of something that he could call he his own. A unique path forward for his innovative mind (Forbes).

During this period of travel and self-discovery, Andreev made numerous attempts at starting various businesses. While each of them achieved their purpose at the time, he was still seeking more. It was when Andrey developed Mamba, the dating service that the gears of his professional career moved forward. This service was a major hit and laid the foundation for Badoo, an internationally used dating service. It ranks among the highest in its categories.The businessman had at long last discovered his niche in the industry.

Over the years Andrey Andreev has worked to refine his approach more and more. He played a pivotal role in the creation of a female geared service named Bumble. his apps have helped bring the world and the people just a little closer together.

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Greg Blatt impact to online programs

His career and education background

Greg Blatt is the current executive manager of IAC. Here, his mandate was managing the approaches of the firm and their transactions. Previously, he worked in the same position for Match Group for some years. Later, he shifted to  be CEO at Tinder where he utilized his managerial skills to monitor and manage the firm. Has also served as a member of Grubman and Schindler who is a prominent law company in New York then Greg Blatt pursued his studies at Colgate University where he attained a degree. Additionally, he did his Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School.

His approaches to succeed

At IAC Match sector, Greg Blatt was in-charge for monitoring and Also, he managed their global investments which were their essential transaction. On his daily routine, he believes that having face to face meetings are useful when improving a project. He can transform his concepts into reality by sharing them with a skilled team. Later, ensure they are heading the right way and execute it. A trend that he is passionate about is the potential of video to bring people together in different regions. Video communication continues to dominate, and he believes it will change in the future.

His guidance and platforms he utilizes the tools that as s a businessman makes him useful by following a road that will ignite creativity. He urges entrepreneurs to keep questioning their operations until it is late to make adjustments. Afterward, they should not ask their process as they know their objective. He maintains to grow in the business by remaining flexible in his activities (Digitalmode).

Being able to balance operations in the office and at home is a crucial aspect of his life. By developing several strategies, the entrepreneur is ready to lead and manage different organizations. To prosper, he urges people to cover a variety of bases. Success tends to surpass a variety of failures hence necessary to continue with the process. Greg Blatt suggests that failures are learning steps to get teachings from, and later good things occur. A web service which excites him is Gmail and Google Calendars. It is because they enable him to operate efficiently and keep an update of meetings in the calendar.

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Gregory Blatt Serves in Sean Rad’s Stead as CEO

In latter part of 2016 when Tinder CEO Sean Rad stepped down from the CEO position for the second time in two years, Greg Blatt stepped up to fill the vacancy. Unlike the first time, which occurred in 2015, this time Sean Rad was not pushed out, but rather he voluntarily elected to serve Tinder in the capacity of chairman by Greg Blatt. The swapping of roles within Tinder was disclosed in a press release regarding a new investment fund established by Tinder called Swipe Ventures for the stated purpose of expanding Tinder’s footprint through the acquisition of dating and social space businesses, the development of new businesses of this sort, and the investing in new and existing businesses of this type. One of Sean Rad’s new duty as Tinder’s chairman is to run Swipe Ventures (Bloomberg) .

Apart from being Tinder’s CEO, Gregory Blatt is the chief executive officer at IAC, a position he has held since December 2010. His primary responsibilities at IAC includes serving as the company’s strategic leader and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business. Prior to assuming this position, Blatt served as CEO of Match, a segment within IAC where his duties include overseeing, People Media,, Singlesnet and’s various international investments. Gregory first joined IAC in 2003 from which time he served as executive vice president, general counsel, and a member of the Office of the Chairman until early 2009. In these various capacities, Gregory Blatt was charged with overseeing the legal, communications, human resources functions of IAC.

Prior to going to work at IAC, Gregory was engaged at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., where served as executive vice president, general counsel, business affairs, and secretary, overseeing Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc.’s transactions and legal matters. Gregory Blatt has also been an associate at the law firms of Grubman Indursky & Schindler and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, both based in New York. Gregory received his B.A. degree from Colgate University prior to his study of law at Columbia Law School, where he earned a J.D. degree.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Life as a Feminist and a Businesswoman

Whitney Wolfe is the woman to watch out for; at only 29 she has achieved so much for her age. She is the CEO of a dating application that has grown to over 40 million subscribers in the past four years. Through this app, she has changed the notion about women by letting them make the first move. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

The idea of establishing her dating app came in mind after having a bad experience in tinder where she was one of the co-founders. Whitney Wolfe pressed sexual harassment charges in 2014 citing the discrimination she suffered while working for the dating app. It is then that she decided to put more emphasis on women through her dating app Bumble. It is so far the most significant competitor for Tinder. She says that the whole idea of focusing on women in her dating app was to get rid of the traditional male chauvinism and train women to be conversation starters. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at The New York Times.

Whitney Wolfe has however had her lows in life. Earlier this year, Match a company owned by Tinder, took Bumble to court for theft on their trade secrets. They meant that Bumble had stolen their ‘swipe’ idea. Whitney Wolfe published a comeback letter reading ‘ we swipe left on you’ She also accused them of trying to copy, buy and intimidate Bumble and took them to court for attempting to acquire private information falsely and at the same time scaring off potential investors.

Bumble has refused to accept the buyout bid by Match and said that it is considering selling its shares to the public. It, however, made it clear that its acquisition was a negotiable option. Whitney Wolfe made this statement adding that if the acquisition would help them achieve their mission which was women empowerment, inspiring them and doing away with oppressive societal norms, then they would go for it.


Bumble has registered many achievements in the recent past including, expansion to skincare by involving dermatologists in the production of skin serums, outlawing any gun photos on their app, funding women investments through the Bumble fund and offering support to sexual assault survivors.

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Upwork is well-positioned in the gig economy as an efficient matchmaker between freelance professionals and clients

The gig economy is the gold rush of the 21st Century. Instead of mining the California landscape for precious metals, freelancers are remotely collaborating and revolutionizing the concept of work as it stands today. For students, graduates, and even boomers, bucket list destinations and the power to work wherever, whenever is becoming paramount.

Traditional employers are taking advantage. By 2020, half of the workforce will consist of freelancers or independent professionals, unrestrained by location. Small businesses and large corporations alike will have access to larger pools of talent with specialized skill sets available on demand, decreasing the time needed to find appropriate candidates via traditional means.

Virtual freelancing platforms like Upwork are helping these digital nomads of all backgrounds trade 9 to 5 drudgery for freedom and flexibility.

Prior to the 2001 formation of the Freelancers Union, freelance writers and computer repair professionals especially struggled to find adequate compensation and steady workflow.

Born from the 2013 merger of Elance and Odesk, Upwork usership has grown to 140 million in 180 countries. Upwork caters directly to the culture and lifestyle of remote workers everywhere, requiring only a computer and internet connection.

Effective crowdsourcing through the platform assures both clients and freelancers a positive experience when participating.

Upwork gives clients the ability to offer entry, intermediate, and expert level tasks, allowing experienced freelancers to complete projects according to matching skill level. Real time chat provide clients opportunities to quickly ascertain the best talent.

Although the platform has removed previous hurdles in virtual relationship management, success on Upwork requires substantial commitment and motivation. Competition is fierce, clients can have unreal expectations, Upwork takes 20% cut. Making profit can take time, despite prior work experience. Reputation and rapport building can sometimes require anywhere from 6 months to a year. A convincing bio with a large portfolio of work samples and effective time management can help diminish these barriers.

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The Improvement Of Communication With ClassDojo

ClassDojo has made a lot of changes to the education industry for people that have taken part in it. Students, teachers, and parents are more able to connect with one another with this app. They remain connected so much that parents no longer have to wait until the conference in order to know how their child is really doing. However, it is not just about keeping tabs on children. Parents can also be there to encourage their children and let them know that they are still there with them. For one thing, children are more likely to adjust well in school when they know that they are not alone.  Click to read more.


While schools tend to be the place where children and parents grow apart, the app can be one of the apps that can actually strengthen the connection between the students and the parents. For one thing, the parents can get a look at how much school has changed since they have last been there. It is like they are experiencing school again except through the eyes of their child. They can also be better able to help their child go through the days of school and deal with different circumstances.  Check


ClassDojo also improves on the communication between students and teachers in that it increases the frequency of the communication. Parents will be able to tell the teacher more about what would work with their child. For one thing, each child is different. ClassDojo can not only help teachers adjust their educational style to meet different needs, but it could also help the educational system as a whole. Therefore, more children will have a better time learning in class. They will also get higher scores and graduate at higher grade levels so that they can get a successful career that they are passionate about.

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ClassDojo: the Leading Education Technology App in the World

On April 15, 2016, ClassDojo announced that it had collected $21 million through its Series B of financing. Co-founders Don and Chaudhary said that the Series B round ended in late 2015. They added that the capital raised would help them to expand their team and introduce new features and content to benefit parents who rely on the app to monitor the progress of their children. Chaudhary stated that their goal is to give parents the power to oversee conversations at home and improve the quality of learning their children are receiving at school.


For now, the primary mission of ClassDojo is to promote the usage of its app in more schools and homes. The 25-employee tech startup is planning to design premium content and features that parents and teachers can pay a small fee to use. The General Catalyst-led Series B funding attracted new investors such as SignalFire, GSV, and Reach Capital.  Follow them here.




ClassDojo is an education technology app that is transforming how teachers communicate with learners and their parents. The application enables educators to develop a perfect learning environment within the classroom. It also makes parents major players in the improvement of the quality of education by sending them real-time videos and snaps of activities that their children are carrying out. The company behind the innovative app is situated in San Francisco, California. It developed the app back in 2011.  Ckick here for more info


ClassDojo is the world’s fastest rising education technology app of all times, used and cherished by millions of educators, parents, and pupils in about 90 percent of K-8 schools in the United States and other nations.  Source: ClassDojo’s team comprise of teachers, engineers, and app developers from every part of the globe, with professional expertise in public and charter programs. The company collaborates with other professionals from Y Combinator, Facebook, Airbnb, Amazon, Google, and Dropbox.  Visit

Talk Fusion’s Newest Luxury Vacation Incentive

The world leader in Global video marketing solutions and direct selling, Talk Fusion, recently announced a new luxury vacation incentive.

The new trip to Milan, Italy is slotted for December 2017, on-wards. It was designed with the Independent Associates in mind. The new luxury vacation incentive will act as a strong motivating factor for associates who look forward to growing their businesses next year.


They will have the opportunity to enjoy Milan’s high-end shopping experience, fantastic Italian cuisines and exciting sightseeing excursions with a rich history and culture. The company will cater for the airfare and also provide first class hotel accommodations for the qualified Independent Associates and their spouses.


Destination Milan is the latest addition to a list of other incentives offered by Talk Fusion such as Diamond Recognitions Rings, Rolex Watches, Fully -Purchased Mercedes-Benz and free vacation to Maui, Tampa, Dubai, and Orlando, Florida. The newest trip is open to current and future associates who are participating in Talk Fusion’s Worlds First Instant Pay Compensation Plan in more than 140 countries. These individuals benefit from supplemental income through sharing all-in-one Video Marketing Solution as well as a renowned business opportunity with others. This notwithstanding, for a person to qualify for the Milan Trip, he or she must reach or surpass the “Diamond” rank by 29th of October 2017.


Talk Fusion has a long tradition of offering two luxury incentive trips annually. Apart from the recent addition to Milan, qualified associates will also be able to take advantage of a free vacation to Maui, Hawaii in June 2017. The official dates for the trips have not been announced yet. For more details about these first class incentives, and opportunities to earn income, visit The information is available in multiple languages.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is driven by the desire to deliver nothing short of life changing experiences through its All-in-one video marketing solutions. Video Marketing products include Video Newsletters, Video Email, Video Chat, live meetings as well as innovative sign-up forms. Members can also take advantage of Talk Fusion’s business opportunity for earning supplemental income. Talk Fusion boasts of its ability to pay commissions instantly; within three minutes of making a sale. The company enjoys a worldwide membership with its presence in more than 140 countries and counting. They thrive in helping the members realize their dreams.



You have got to start somewhere

When I first started college, I did not have the money to even live in campus. I have no car, so my main transportation was public transit. The situation that I found myself in means that I had to afford living on campus at some point because the commute is too long for me to sustain making that type of trip on a regular basis. I worked multiple jobs on and even weekend jobs before I was finally able to afford my dorm room on campus. I had a roommate, but he was gone all of the time. It was really freeing. I felt that I was finally in college and not simply just going to school. I felt that I had not made the transition because I was still living at home under high school rules.

The moment that I finally realized that I was out of that situation and into real college life, I got a little rambunctious. I quit some of the jobs that I had. I needed them, but I could not simply keep that type of load up. Meanwhile, I started to notice my roommate doing weird things. He always had money for things, but none of us knew why he had more cash than us. Anytime that my friends were in the room and we were discussing pour financial issues, he would laugh sarcastically, and mumble comment under his breath. It was annoying enough that I started to watch him more closely because we have all heard of the nightmare roommate stories.

He would come into the room with five gallon buckets with lids that resembled seats that he would set on his side of the bed so that no one could see or touch them without him knowing. They emitted a chemical-type odor. I did not know what he as up to, but my imagination was beginning to get the best of me. I started to alert my dorm attendant that I was worried that my roommate was up to something. I told him about the money and the chemical buckets. The dorm attendant was a laid back graduate student that could not really be bothered, so I made up my mind to go through those buckets if I got the chance. When finally I did, they were full of cleaning things.

Of course, he comes back into the room and busts me going through his stuff. He was upset at first until I informed him that I thought he was acting weird, and I had a right to know if he was up to something dangerous. Instead, he was working via this app. He cleaned homes and did not want anyone to know, so he did not say much when we were chilling. He was a highly rated cleaner, and he made really good money with the Handy app. I was broke, and it was beginning to be a problem, so it all happened perfectly, and now, I am my own boss via the Handy app too.

Visual Search and the Rise of the Instant Gratification App

The Neiman Marcus app allows its user to identify an article of clothing just by taking a picture. The app can identify any product from Neiman Marcus, allowing fans of the brand to easily style themselves and copy parts of the styles of other shoppers they see, even outside the store.
The technology behind this app comes from Slyce’s image recognition, an visual search software company that helps brands and companies quickly connect with shoppers from anywhere, just as long as they take a picture of Neiman Marcus product. Slyce connects a vast database of images to their brand names and prices, and allows users to purchase products from anywhere. This technology makes it much easier for brands to sell products. As long as someone sees something they enjoy, like a Neiman Marcus handbag, they can just snap a picture of it. The visual search app will identify the product, and allow the user to buy one for themselves right there.
This is just one application of the growing field of image recognition and visual search. With this technology, computer software is able to identify images, read text, and even describe pictures to the blind. Google uses image recognition to find the sources and descriptions of pictures uploaded to the search engine. Some surveillance systems use image recognition to read license plates or find human faces. The possibilities for using this technology seem limitless.
But for retail manufacturers, visual search technology provides a means of doing business that can literally cut out the middleman- retail stores. Brands can now be there right at the very moment a potential customer sees something they like. Before, when someone had a moment of inspiration, they would carry on with their day, often forgetting about the stylish coat they saw someone wearing, or a new car they thought they would look good in. With visual search technology being utilized in the manner of companies like Slyce could not only change that, but perhaps alter the way in which people shop altogether by helping switch the economy more towards online shopping.
From a business perspective, visual search is the ultimate technology for instant gratification. Where this leads the world in the future, and the ubiquity of the field remain to be seen.