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Ryan Seacrest Travels From NY To LA Every Week To Host American Idol

A month ago, people from all over the country anxiously tuned into their TV screens, awaiting the newest season of American Idol. With a brand new set of judges and talent, the only thing that has genuinely managed to stay consistent through all these years is Ryan Seacrest, the host of the hit reality tv show. But while Seacrest might be one of the more calming faces that contestants can turn to on the show, there is a lot more that people don’t know about the host, who has gone far beyond what anyone would have imagined.

Dubbed as one of the most ‘Hardworking Men In Hollywood,’ Ryan Seacrest has taken on more projects than one can count on their fingers. When American Idol was set to close after its fifteenth season, Ryan Seacrest was put in a position wherein he would have to close this fifteen-year long chapter in his life. This was when he decided to move to New York to be a host on a new show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. However, just a few months later, ABC Network decided to once again revive American Idol, leaving Ryan Seacrest in a precarious position as to which show he would choose. While Live with Kelly and Ryan was being shot in New York, American Idol was being shot in LA, which meant that Seacrest would have to travel between states just to be able to appear on both shows. Standing true to the title that he has been given, he decided that he would take up both gigs, entailing a flight to and fro every week to be able to do the jobs that he has taken up.

Television show hosting isn’t the only thing that Ryan Seacrest is being known to do. He has his line of menswear called ‘Distinction’ and his skincare range for men called ‘Polished.’ In addition, he is also a producer for the E! Network and is famous for bringing the worldwide phenomenon of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to our screens, in addition to many more well-known shows. See the latest updates from Seacrest on Twitter and Instagram.

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Jason Hope Reveals How Wireless Technology Is Changing The Way We Travel

It is easy to see the level of innovation and technology that is growing in many different industrial areas, particularly in the way the so-called Internet of things is changing everyday activities like traveling by air.

Technology innovator Jason Hope has recently been explaining how wireless and Bluetooth technology can be used to keep a fleet of aircraft running at their maximum potential and to make the journey of any passenger as comfortable as possible.

Airline passengers will be happy to know every aspect of an aircraft is now monitored throughout each journey by airlines including Virgin Atlantic to make sure any under performing parts can be changed by mechanics as soon as the plane lands; a similar innovation sees an aircraft monitored inflight from the ground to keep fuel efficiency as high as possible and eventually lower ticket prices for passengers. In other areas the comfort of passengers will is be seen to increase as wireless beacons will allow a passenger to track their luggage from the moment it is handed over to an airline.

The work of entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope is largely located in the state of Arizona, but he has recently begun playing a major role in national politics throughout the U.S. in his bid to bring technological advances to the people of the world. Born in Arizona, Hope attended Arizona State University for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Jason Hope wishes to aid the development of the state of Arizona as a technology leader and in terms of the success of local communities; as a philanthropist, Jason Hope is interested in a range of humanitarian organizations that are looking to promote a healthier lifestyle for all people at any age.

Vincent Parascandola – The Man Who Knows How To Get it Done!

AXA is a french multinational insurance firm, not restricted to just France but having offices at different locales around the world, it has marked a valiant presence in almost all the major regions of the world, including but not limited to the like of the USA, European countries, Asia pacific and also a nascent stage of development in the Africa region. AXA is basically a cohesion of different companies coming together to form one entity, following the set rigid guidelines of the various countries it works in.

The company originally founded in the year 1816 as the Ancienne Mutuelle, went through a rapid phase of acquisition and merger in the golden years of the 80s and 90s, resulting in the company that we see today.Not to be the one to be left out on philanthropic activities, it has dabbled its foot in various funds meant for the betterment and upliftment of the society, starting with the creation of the AXA research fund, with an initial corpus of 100 million euros.

Vincent Parascandola, Senior Executive Vice President, AXA, New York

Words are not enough to epitomize the dedication, hard work and constant creed of ideas enumerated from his head. He has been a natural leader and a guiding force, helping the company reach unfathomable and never before reached milestones. With a continuous experience of 25 years in the insurance field, with awards like the rookie of the year and GAMA career development and agency awards under his kitty, he surely is a force to reckon with in this sector.

One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards declared Troy McQuagge as the Gold Winner

According to a Press Release on January 10, 2017, from Fort Worth, Texas, One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards has declared Troy McQuagge, the CEO and president of USHEALTH Group Inc. as the Gold winner of its CEO of the Year Award. This was a remarkable news for Troy who has been working with USHEALTH Group since 2014 and received some similar recognition from other awards programs. However, it is a significant achievement for Troy to win an award from One Planet that is considered the premier awards programs in the USA. Usually, One Planet considers hundreds of organizations and professionals in every sector from the local and global arena and awards them based on their business and professional attainments. This is why this is a very competitive and prestigious award, and Troy was truly delighted to get this one.



Troy Mcquagge has more than 30 years of sales and insurance experience, and he has served in some of the largest organization throughout his career. He has Bachelor Degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. He has worked with HealthMarket from more than 11 years between 1996 to 2008 and assumed the position of President Agency Marketing Group. Afterward, Troy joined USHEALTH Advisors as its President & CEO in 2010. Since then, he has been working to transform this company into the largest Captives Sales Organizations in the USA focusing on the “Under 65” Health Insurance Market. While working here, he developed some intuitive strategies and solutions that doubled up its growth and profit such as a proprietary Agency Platform and much more. In 2014, Troy assumed the role of President, CEO, and member of the Board of Directors of USHEALTH Group, Inc. while working here; Troy again proved his professional excellence by securing record-breaking profit and growth for this group over last three years.



This award from One Planet was a testament to the commitment of Troy and USHEALTH Group to bring in affordable health care solutions. According to Troy, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, and it will be a big motivation for everyone at this group to work even harder in the future. In a meeting with media, Troy also informed that he and his group would continue to develop innovative coverage to solve the healthcare affordability problem for the customers in future.



With more than 30 years of experience in sales and insurance, Troy is considered as the leading executives in his forte. He has been awarded numerous awards by other programs such as Stevie Awards, Golden Bridge Awards and much more. He has a keen interest in Children, Health Care, Civil Rights and involved with some voluntary organizations such as Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas and Crisis Nursery Phoenix.

AHBE and Bruce Levenson File Lawsuit Against Major Insurer

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball (AHBE) and Entertainment in conjunction with Bruce Levenson, the well known business man and lauded philanthropist have recently filed a civil action law suit against the massive insurance company AIG Insurance.

The catalyst for the law suit was a claim made by a former employee and general manager of the AHBE group named Danny Ferry who wished for a settlement after parting from the company. Mr. Ferry and Mr. Levenson both were under the impression that AIG covered the settlement claims made by the aforementioned Mr. Ferry, however, AIG begged to differ. AIG Insurance claimed that contrary to what either Mr. Ferry, Mr. Levenson or AHBE claimed or believed, that wrongful termination and workplace tort were in fact, not covered under the original coverage plan.

Due to this disagreement Levenson and AHBE filed a civil action law suit against the insurance company over a egregious breach of contract. Thus far, the current administration for the Atlanta Sea Hawks, they are well aware of the civil suit but do not deem it necessary to comment. According to PR News, the sport’s teams current administration explained themselves in a public missive wherein they stated that due to the fact that since neither Mr. Levenson nor Mr. Ferry were any longer working with the Hawks in a professional capacity it was their affair entirely.