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Caribou: The Best Courier Services Provider in the World


Caribou was founded in 2012 and worked to build a network of secure delivery locations across the globe. To help with the distance, location, weather, and other unforeseen constraints to delivery, the organization works closely with partners in the delivery world to ensure that the journey is always as smooth as possible.

Caribou is an integrated logistics and parcel company specializing in domestic and international parcels and postal services. They have come up with an exclusive parcel delivery solution for retail stores such as Toys R Us, Debenhams, and House of Fraser. Other parcel delivery services include “Community Connectors” for post offices, “care packages” for hospitals, and “Postal Collectors.” The organization also offers courier services, parcel booking, collection, money-back guarantees, coordinated package pickup, pick up from home, and return transport to most major locations in the UK.

Caribou Team: We provide convenient services and have our dedicated network of facilities, call centers, and data centers, enabling us to service our customers at a high standard, 24/7/365. Their services cater to both private and public sectors, and we deliver mail and parcel solutions.

The organization uses technology to revolutionize the delivery of parcels, which include international shipping and domestic shipping. They have developed a technology and solution that provides an efficient solution that benefits the entire community. The company consists of several wholly-owned and associate companies that provide services to many local and international companies.

Caribou delivers parcels and mail to you, delivered right to your door. They understand that your parcel is not just a parcel, it is personal, and you need to receive it exactly how you want. Every firm’s courier carries a ‘Gold Card’ which entitles them to use an exclusive one-hour window to deliver parcels and mail. That is right; they can deliver parcels and mail on the one-hour window (within the geographical limits of the UK and EU) after midnight. This service gives you a dedicated courier, and they can be your one-stop shop for parcels and mail.


Caribou has partnered with Postal operators, manufacturers, and other delivery services across the globe. That means customers get convenient and cost-effective delivery in different locations in the UK and internationally. One can also get any delivery address irrespective of where they are and pay the fee for the particular delivery. With the ‘Caribou Ready’ range of delivery services, customers are assured of the parcel reaching them on time.

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