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Bruce Levenson remains active in many business areas

The founder of the United Communications Group, better known as UCG, Bruce Levenson has never stood still in the business World. Instead, he has spent many years exploring the opportunities and options his role as a partner in the company has awarded him, from investing in sports franchises to expanding the work of UCG to different area, Levenson has refused to rest on his laurels as a successful business person. In recent years, the focus for Levenson and his family has shifted towards the development of a philanthropic focus to his work, which has seen him donate large sums to create the Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Levenson has led an interesting life in terms of the way he has developed his business, with UCG beginning in a humble store room that was converted into an office space by Levenson and his business partner, Ed Peskowitz. Bruce Levenson himself was working at the Washington Star when the partners developed the Oil Express newsletter that quickly grew to become one of the most important in the oil and gas industry. Forming the United Communications Group in the mid 1970s allowed Levenson and Peskowitz to purchase more and more newsletters and information based companies to create one of the largest business to business suppliers of information for various industries across the globe.

Despite helping to lead UCG to great success, Levenson also looked to expand the business empire that was being created to include new technologies, which are represented by TechTarget and GasBuddy. Levenson also led the investment in the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, which allowed the entrepreneur the chance to sit on the board of governors for the sporting body. The Atlanta hawks have become an important factor in most of Levenson’s philanthropic programs, with the team attending the US Holocaust Museum the Levenson family were instrumental in funding. Perhaps the greatest achievement of Bruce Levenson will be the non profit studies program at the University of Maryland, which has already provided recent graduates with the skills to expand on the good works done by groups in Washington DC and around the World.

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