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Boraie Development’s Project to Revitalize Bayonne’s Peninsula

 “The Boraie Project to Revitalize the Bayonne Peninsula is a plan by Boraie Development to build housing, offices, and shops along the Meadowlands shoreline and in the Seaport. The $4 billion project includes over 3.5 million square feet of space and up to 750,000 square feet of retail. Construction will take place in phases” Boraie Development, the project to revitalize Bayonne’s peninsula and bring back tourists is about to get ready for it’s grand opening. The new avenue of shops, luxury condos and hotels will bring a breath of fresh air for Bayonne and the Jersey Shore. Boraie Development is proud to announce its project, the revitalization of Bayonne’s peninsula. We feel that there is no better way to revitalize the York Bay, than by giving it a green roof. The new roof will offer many benefits both environmentally and socially, including a cleaner environment, added luxury and more space for development.

The Boraie Development project to revitalize the Bayonne Peninsula was

endorsed by the Bayonne City Council on Monday evening. This will be beneficial for the city of Bayonne in a number of ways. We are proud to present you the most luxurious project in Bayonne’s history. This is a real jewel located in the heart of the peninsula, the old fishermen’s neighborhood that is in need of modernization and rehabilitation. The BORAIE PR project will transform this area into an integral part of our city!

Boraie Development LLC, a New Jersey based real estate development and management firm, is currently designing and constructing the Bayonne’s Peninsula multi-family residential redevelopment project. The project will be comprised of two components. The first component will include construction of five single family rental units, four town homes and one condominium. The second component will consist of new constructions of four high rise and ground floor retail/business buildings; renovation of six existing residential buildings with 14 floors in total, along with parking garage renovations across all five buildings within the project site.

The Boraie Development Project to Revitalize Bayonne’s Peninsula will transform this area into a mixed-use development with an urban park, integrated retail and residential components, a public charter school and adjacent mixed-use nine story building. The project is located at the intersection of Routes 440 and 139. The city of Bayonne will be revitalized in a way that it hasn’t ever been before with the release of Boraie Development’s third phase. The company’s project to revitalize the Peninsula is being touted as a game changer for the area, making it what some call a New Jersey version of Miami Beach.

Beautiful bay haunts and majestic beaches of New Jersey have been long ignored, but things are changing. In efforts to rejuvenate the town, BORAIE Development has invested in developing a highly residential area by opening up two of its larger residential complexes known as the GRAND VILLAGE and the DELUXE VILLAGE. With approximately 20% occupied units coming out in Q2 2019 and 21% in Q3 2019, there is no doubt about it – this project has penetrated well into the hearts of Bayonne residents already.

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