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Blac Chyna Has a New Man

Kylie and Blac Chyna have been going at it on Instagram for months now, and it seems like every time we thing the dust has settled one of the kicked things back into high gear and things get messy all over again. It all started when Kylie started posting photos of her and a Tyga, the photo was so stealth that only people that recognized Tyga’s grandmother’s name tattooed on him could tell it was actually Tyga. Weeks ago Chyna posted a photo of some arm candy gifted to her by Tyga, only for Kylie to follow up with a photo of her wearing the exact same watch.

FreedomPop users have noticed that after a few back and forth shots between Chyna and Kylie, it was clear Chyna was ready to finish her because when she posted screenshots of texts from Tyga begging her to be a family again, the world seemed to hold still. Kylie was devastated and immediately stopped talking to Tyga, of course that only lasted for a short time because soon the two were spotted out and about in New York party hopping after the Met Gala. Most recently, Kylie took a shot at Chyna by posting a photo of her wearing an outfit identical to hers just minutes after Chyna posted a photo in an outfit similar, but nothing seemed to come from that and now its clear why.

Apparently Chyna has moved on to bigger and better things, and is not worried about Kylie and Tyga at the moment. She is currently being linked to boxer J’leon Love, Chyna posted a photo of them and from the looks of it things could be heating up, but Chyna insists that they won’t be hooking up in the bedroom for at least a month because her new man has strict rules about sex while training for a big match.

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