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Beneful leading way with new premium food options

Customers are beginning to clamor for higher quality food for their pets and premium dog foods are slowly taking over the aisles of Wal-Mart supermarkets and specialty pet food stores. During the past six years, sales for premium dog foods have increased by 45% and brands are increasingly coming up with new food blends for their dogs.
One of the leading dog food manufacturers is Beneful, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestle and sold under their PurinaStore brand of foods. Both Purina and Beneful have long been known for providing high quality dog food that is fresh and nutritious but lately their dog food options have been expanding further into new markets in interesting ways.

Beneful recently acquired the first Certified Organic dog food maker in the United States, Merrick Pet Care. Since then, Beneful has released several new organic food options and have utilized the experience and expertise of Merrick Pet Care to provide new healthier and more natural products for dogs.

Beneful has also released new foods for elderly dogs that are having problems processing foods due to digestive problems. Beneful’s new dog food products for this market segment contains what is known as medium grade triglycerides which contain fats that are derived from coconut oil and which are easier to process for older dogs. While this is more of a niche product, it is one that is premium and very much in demand for older dogs.

To provide customers with greater choice, Beneful has launched an online ordering service on that allows dog owners to select the exact ingredients in their pet food. This helps dog owners avoid many of the dog food allergies that their dog is struggling from and allow dog owners to customize food blends that are healthier for their dogs and fit their unique size and nutritional requirements. After all, dogs do not come in the same shape and size and their food requirements vary drastically as a result.

Beneful has truly introduced a variety of new dog food options out there that serve the premium market. These offer customers greater choice and hopefully healthier pets.

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