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Beneful – For a Happy, Healthy Dog

You know the slogan – “Healthy with a side of happy”. You know the commercials – they are on tv ALL the time. So….why haven’t you tried it yet? Beneful dog food comes in many varieties that dogs of all ages and sizes love.

I will admit, it took me a while to try Beneful. I had been using the same brand of dog food for my Sophia since she was a little pup. I am a loyal customer; once I find a product I like I stay with it. But, one day not too long ago I was at my local Walmart reaching for a bag of the same old brand, when I spotted a bag of Beneful out of the corner of my eye. I thought back to the commercials I had seen on tv; they seemed too good to be true. Curious, I headed to the check out lane with both, a bag of the same old and a bag of Beneful.

The first bag of Purinastore Beneful that I tried was the Beneful originals with real beef. (Yes, that is REAL beef!) Looking over the ingredients list, I immediately fell in love with this brand. Not only was there real meat in this dog food, but there was spinach, peas and carrots as well. My concern was that my little Sophia would not like this new, healthy, balanced meal I was about to serve her (I had purchased other brands in the past and she refused to eat them). I poured a few pieces in her dish and within seconds her bowl was empty! She was intently staring at me as if to say “stop teasing me already and give me some more”. I filled her bowl and she devoured it all. Since then, I have also tried the Beneful Originals with real chicken and the Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life all with the same outcome.

I was intrigued. This had never happened before. So, on my next trip to the store I decided to try something new again. Now, I do not normally feed little Sophia we dog food. The reason is the smell of opening a can of freshly opened dog food makes me gag. What a horrible smell! However, after my recent awesome experience with Beneful, I was willing to try anything, I bought the Beneful wet dog food Incredibites. I really think Sophia smiled when I put this in front of her. She loved it AND it did not have the horrid, dreaded dog food smell.

Beneful offers a full line of dry dog food, wet dog food and treats: I am overjoyed with the fact that I found these products. We are now one big, happy, healthy family,




Nola says:

Imagine a woman saying that her concern was that his little Sophia would not like this new food but the dog loved it very much later. This goes to show that Beneful is doing great and my paper writer should write about this. I will encourage him to do so.

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