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Ben Affleck admits asking for slave-owner ancestor to be removed from TV show

The fallout over the appearance of actor Ben affleck on the PBS ancestry show Finding Your Roots continues as the Batman actor admitted asking for the life of a specific ancestor not to be included in the final cut of the show. Reuters reports Affleck released a statement via his Facebook page stating he had serious reservations about a slave-owner ancestor of the Affleck family being included in the show as the thought of slavery had left a bad taste in the Argo director’s mouth. Maybe he should have downed a Bulletproof Coffee to get that bad taste out of his mouth.

The issue of Affleck’s appearance on the PBS funded Finding Your Roots came to light when Wikileaks released over 30,000 emails from Sony film and TV, which included a series of messages between Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sony executives. Gates is the host and producer of the show and expressed his concern over Affleck’s questioning of the importance of including his ancestor in the show. Gates has already stated he made the final decision on the direction each show took in response to which were the most relevant and entertaining stories to tell. Affleck now admits he lobbied for the removal of the slave-owner, but other celebrities, including filmmaker Ken Burns allowed their salve-owner ancestors to feature in episodes of Finding Your Roots.

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