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Behind the scenes with Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad graduated from Cairo University with honors in Medicine. He was born in Palestine and grew up in Kuwait. He is one among eight children, three surgeons, and two masters in Engineering, two Ph.D., and one teacher.

He did his internship in England after his graduation, thereafter relocating to the United States. After his residency in Pediatric Surgery, he got a certification from the United States medical board.

During the 1980’s, Dr. Saad Saad lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and worked as a personal pediatric surgeon for the royal family in Saudi Arabia.

This was as a result of the certification by the US board and his fluency in both Arabic and English dialects. He worked at King Specialist Hospital in Riyadh where he performed light and complex surgical procedures.

Dr. Saad Saad is a compassionate doctor who made two inventions to reduce the pain and risks involved for his patients. He employed electromagnetic energy to locate catheters in the body without using x-rays or Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The invention is similar to a metal detector, where the external locator is used to illuminate the light when the position of the catheter is directly below the external device. Also, the invention of the suction and irrigation device for endoscopes has created a safer and faster working environment for doctors.

During his career, he performed lots of endoscopies to remove stuck food, marbles, needles, grains, and other items that children swallow or inhale when playing. He can attest to the importance of the suction-irrigation device in the procedures. Learn more about Dr Saad Saad: and

In his efforts to assist his people in Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad was conferred with two awards.

In 2010, he was awarded the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund Humanitarian Award, and the Palestinian Ministry of Health recognized him for his Humanitarian services. He was personally awarded the Gold Medal of Palestine by Palestinian President, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas in 2015.

Dr. Saad Saad has trained many pediatric surgeons in the United States and the Middle East, leading to the enhancement of the lives of children globally. His impact and hard work continue to make a difference in patients’ lives even after his retirement.

Dr. Saad Saad contribution in the world of medicine has made a different change and patients can now enjoy the fruits of his commitment and dedication.

The world requires such great figure for all-round development and advancement in all sectors and departments.

His discovery has dramatically contributed towards giving this industry a face-lift. Safety is the top priority in the treatment of patients. This is mainly because of it one of the right ways to guarantee good health and wellness. Thanks to Dr. Saad Saad for this effort.

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