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Avatar Sequels to Be Coming in Big

Avatar Scripts Have Room for Plenty of Sequels

The year of 2009 saw the release of Avatar, one of the biggest and most talked about movies to hit cinemas at the time. A sequel coming from that was all but a certainty, given the success that it enjoyed.

From director James Cameron’s mouth, people eager to see Avatar 2 in theaters will have to wait until at least 2017 for it to come out. But what should be taken into account in regards to the Avatar franchise is that the sequel is being filmed at the same time as both Avatar 3 and 4, which will hit theaters in even later dates.

This is all because Cameron’s script for the movie series has so much material in it that there’s enough to make at least four movies, according to film connoisseur Ricardo Tosto. Cameron originally wanted the first sequel to debut a year from now but like many other movies, felt that pushing back the release date leaves room to develop it further.

Some good news with this is that a ton of story material means that the films will end on an appropriate note and not be extended for too long, something the first Avatar film was criticized for. With this in mind, Cameron will also have four screenwriters on his staff for the sequels so that the material used fits in perfectly.

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