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Avaaz Files Complaint Against Fox News Takeover of Sky

Avaaz recently filed legal documents at the British High Court about 21st Century Fox their takeover Sky. Sky is a European pay TV service. The decision is questioned because they believe the company should be investigated further. Avaaz doesn’t believe Fox is a good fit for Sky. Avaaz is seeking a review of the recent decision by Ofcom and read full article.

Fox owns about 31% of Sky and is seeking to buy out the remaining percentage. According to Avaaz the decision was not reviewed throughly enough by Ofcom and something stinks about this deal. They stated that errors were made in the report about the sexual and racial harassment scandals at Fox News. Ofcom was too narrow in its definition of fit and proper behavior on this issue.

This investigation or inquiry will take about six months if it is successful. If Avaaz is successful Ofcom may have to look more closely into Fox News background do another review of the takeover and bid. This could lead to a delay in Fox paying Sky $268 million if the regulatory process is not met by the end of the year.

Avaaz believe that Fox News presented fake news and has very biased journalism reporting. The allegations suggest Ofcom failed to address serious sexual and racial harsassment issues by Fox News when making their decision.

Avaaz is an organization that began in 2007. It means means voice of the people in several languages. They want to close the gap between the real world and the world that most people want. It employs millions of people from differing background to take action on global and national issues. They sign petitions, fund media campaigns and lobby governments.

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