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Athlo is a sharing fitness app with an emphasis on fun and fitness. The app offers running, walking, and cycling options and outdoor activities such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. It works with your current fitness tracker, but a manual option allows you to track your activity manually if you need to get into technology.

Mathew Mansell is the creator of Athlo, a digital fitness group. The fitness group, which the Athlo Founder says is the next fitness unicorn, was established during the covid-19 pandemic.


1. History

 Matthew Mansell, an avid runner and software developer who is the Athlo Founder. Athlo is a result of the desire to make it easy to see that you are progressing in your fitness. He said, “I started this project to get my fitness tracker back on track.” it is a part of Matthew Mansell journey to earn a marathon.

2. What’s it all about?

It is a fitness-tracking app that uses Fitbit and Garmin devices. The app will teach you how to use your fitness tracker in real time, including step counting, heart rate monitoring, and more. It also has the option of manual tracking if you don’t have a tracker.

3. The App’s Features

Users can use its four main features: step tracking, distance running, cycling, and heart rate monitoring. You can choose any of these at any time in addition to manually entering data for exercises you want to track. It’s the next fitness unicorn. It has a variety of trackers and data types, which means a wide range of users can use it.

4. The App’s Interface and Functionality

Athlo is an easy-to-use app that shows your daily activity on a timeline. You can add details such as your distance, speed, number of calories burned and time spent exercising. It will also show you your average heart rate, current heart rate, and time paid in the fat-burning zone.

Thanks to the increased capabilities of today’s devices, there are more and more fitness-tracking apps coming out all the time. Loads of new features are being added and becoming easier to use, which can be great for users. However, it also means you must research before choosing a fitting app, as some features are more challenging than they seem. See this page on CrunchBase, for related information.

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