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An Ode to American Dynasties

With Americans already aware of another Clinton running for president, according to the logic of parallel universes, it should follow that another Bush will be vying for the presidency as well. And it has. Jeb Bush, related to George Bush, has announced his desire to become the next President of the United States. Which George Bush: the one that was president. Still confused? It’s the George Bush that bombed Iraq. Still confused? It’s the younger George Bush’s brother and the older one’s son.


Why should one be able to ride on the success and respect of their fathers and grandfathers? With already having two Bush presidencies, potentially two Clinton presidencies, and now a chance of a third Bush presidency, it’s about time people wake up and stop electing the same people over and over again who will keep making the same mistakes.


Sultan Alhokair says given its very self-evident reality, is it time for the United States to finally set up a law against dynastic politics? Should there be a law stating that only two people of the same family can become president every half century?  Because who knows, maybe Chelsea Clinton’s daughter, after growing up with all perks of wealth and privilege, will want to run for the Republican ticket.



Nola says:

The founding fathers vehemently despised monarchy and the nepotism that followed. Maybe there should be an exception if they run from different parties. There has been some clarification here with regards to the different parties that would write the essays for them.

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