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Alliance Defending Freedom Defends Religious Freedom

The Alliance Defending Freedom is a legal defense organization dedicated to defending the rights of people and organizations that espouse unpopular religious values. ADF is known for taking up cases involving religious liberty in First Amendment controversies, such as freedom of expression and child welfare. It has been involved in many high-profile cases that have set precedents for future cases involving church-state separation.

About Alliance Defending Freedom

ADF was founded in 1994 as the Alliance Defense Fund and later changed its name to the Alliance Defending Freedom. It was created by a group that included, among others, conservative Christian leaders and Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ. The goal of this group was to create a legal organization that could defend religious freedoms by sending letters to government leaders supporting religious liberty. During its first years, the organization’s main goal was to use litigation to test pro-family legislation and judicial decisions. Some of its early successes include overturning the amendments which prohibited religious organizations from advocating for political candidates.

What is Religious Freedom?

Religious freedom is a right that allows people to act according to their faith without government interference. It is the freedom to live out one’s beliefs without government coercion. This means they do not have to comply with laws or regulations that violate their religious beliefs or practices.

The organization believes that this right is guaranteed to all by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Since its inception, Alliance Defending Freedom has been involved in numerous cases involving religious freedom and has defended the rights of Jews, Pagans, Muslims, the rights of Christians, and pro-family organizations.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is dedicated to defending the rights of individuals and religious organizations that other groups might not represent. They believe in preserving religious freedom and are willing to take legal action when necessary. See related link for additional information.

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