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Alice Eve Comments Unfairly On Bruce Jenner’s Transition

Although many have supported Bruce Jenner through his transition, there are some that do not agree with it. Actress Alice Eve has come out with statements that she believes Bruce is faking being a woman. Bruce used to be an Olympian, and he was a very good one at that. Alice. Alice states that the sport that Bruce played would never have been possible if he was a woman. Also, the fact that Bruce is paid more than a woman, means that is choosing to play both sides of the fence.

What Alice is not understanding is that Bruce’s Olympic days were back in the 80s, and this is 2015, so what he used to do as a career is irrelevant. Bruce admitted that he had felt like he was a woman trapped in a man’s body for decades, and he is now allowed to freely live the way he wants. Alice’s comments seem to be pro feminine, and she seems more angered by the fact that Bruce is on reality television.

Many believe that Bruce was making the transition only to get reality fame of his own, but this is just not true. Bruce is finally living his own truth, and he wants to become a woman, and he has already begun making the transition. No matter what other people have to say, Daniel Amen noticed that Bruce’s family is supporting him, and he continues to work towards his end goal of being a woman.

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