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Alex Pissios Recap

Alex had a very successful career in high school with multiple awards for academics and athletics. He then went to Penn State for undergrad, where he started to run more speedy times than any other runner had ever done before him in the university.

Alex brought film and tv to Chicago just a few weeks after Penn State introduced him to the university as a new student. He shot and edited his first movie at nineteen and made his first tv pilot at twenty-three. He also wrote a book called “The Golden Game.”

He completed filming for his movie “Cotton Candy” in January 2014 and premiered it at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 12th, 2014. Harvey Weinstein produced his second feature.

Alex Pissios resigned from NBC after six years of service with them when he was terminated from their show “Rivals” for an undisclosed reason. His manager notified him that this show would be ending. Alex decided to take a year off from his career and grew cotton candy in his parent’s backyard. He plans to start shooting the sequel of “Cotton Candy” soon with more original actors and feature-length actors from tv.

He has been nominated for a Golden Light Award in New York but has yet to receive it. He is a massive fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia Eagles. He is pleased with his decision to choose Penn State University, where his life began.

A film about a young man who moves to Hollywood only to find out life is not as glamorous as he had believed it would be. It is loosely based on the natural life history of Alex Pissios.

He has since retired from his film career and is now focusing on trying to take back his job at NBC in hopes of keeping it and starting up a pilot program that will show the viewers what he did at Penn State while at school.

Being fired from his job for what would be an undisclosed reason, Alex then decides to give himself four months off from acting, writing, or even making friends or watching tv shows or movies.

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