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Alex A Molinaroli Explains the Relationship Between Fossil Fuels and Climate Change

Obviously, the world is currently facing some major challenges that need immediate addressing. This is a common aspect that almost every other person around the world already knows. Unfortunately, people are doing very little or nothing to ensure that they are dealing with the majority of the challenges. This means that such problems seem to be growing instead of decreasing despite people having sufficient information on the threat they are facing.

According to Alex A Molinaroli, everyone around the world is aware that the use of carbon fuels has been one of the main contributors to global warming and extreme climate changes around the world. It has long been known that carbon fuels have a net negative impact on the entire world. That is why environmentalists have been urging other individuals to come up with some alternative sources of energy to reduce their carbon footprint around the globe.

In the view of Alex A Molinaroli, the majority of the developed countries out there in the world have been the biggest contributors to the current climate degradation through the use of fossil fuels. Therefore, those who are currently causing environmental damages already have the capacity to limit such issues. Therefore, there should be some strategic plans and measurable goals that will work towards dealing with the use of carbon fuels out there in the globe.

Alex A Molinaroli indicates that dealing with the issue of climate change is not something that should be addressed in media houses and written research papers for academic purposes. This is a global challenge that calls for actionable details that can help change the progress of the world. People should play a vital role in dealing with the current challenges so that they can be effective in solving the issue of climate change, and the most appropriate method of eliminating the problem is phasing out fossil fuels.

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