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Alejandro Betancourt: investor, leader, and visionary

Alejandro Betancourt was an early investor in the Hawkers sunglasses company. He invested in the company to save it in its early days when the company was struggling financially. Over time, because of creativity and good marketing, Alejandro Betancourt led the company to grow, and in 2021 it had revenue of $100 million.

Hawkers was created with just $300 and had financial difficulties when it started. The business almost failed before Alejandro Betancourt noticed the company and invested in it. He then provided the capital and direction for the company to grow all over the globe.

Hawkers produce designer-quality sunglasses for a fraction of the price as its competitors such as Gucci and Prada. Hawkers use the same facility that some of its competitors use to manufacture the sunglasses. Alejandro Betancourt focuses on creativity and new and interesting designs. Hawkers focus on designing environmentally-friendly glasses. Also, hawkers expanded into the contact lens business with a subscription business model. Hawkers are constantly trying new ideas with different colors and lens designs.

Hawkers spread throughout the world, first to North America, then to Asia, and finally to Europe. Hawkers started with online-only sales. Alejandro Betancourt utilized social media such as Facebook and Instagram to quickly grow the company. Hawkers is one of the biggest fashion brands on Facebook. Hawkers also uses college students to promote its sunglasses on campuses. The company also has sponsorships from big names, including PlayStation and Mercedes-Benz. Hawkers now has both online and retail sales. Hawkers has over 40 retail stores across the world.

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