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AHBE and Bruce Levenson File Lawsuit Against Major Insurer

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball (AHBE) and Entertainment in conjunction with Bruce Levenson, the well known business man and lauded philanthropist have recently filed a civil action law suit against the massive insurance company AIG Insurance.

The catalyst for the law suit was a claim made by a former employee and general manager of the AHBE group named Danny Ferry who wished for a settlement after parting from the company. Mr. Ferry and Mr. Levenson both were under the impression that AIG covered the settlement claims made by the aforementioned Mr. Ferry, however, AIG begged to differ. AIG Insurance claimed that contrary to what either Mr. Ferry, Mr. Levenson or AHBE claimed or believed, that wrongful termination and workplace tort were in fact, not covered under the original coverage plan.

Due to this disagreement Levenson and AHBE filed a civil action law suit against the insurance company over a egregious breach of contract. Thus far, the current administration for the Atlanta Sea Hawks, they are well aware of the civil suit but do not deem it necessary to comment. According to PR News, the sport’s teams current administration explained themselves in a public missive wherein they stated that due to the fact that since neither Mr. Levenson nor Mr. Ferry were any longer working with the Hawks in a professional capacity it was their affair entirely.


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