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Advances Being Made at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is working collectively to bring Allscripts and NantHealth together to make a custom solution for the clinical support that the center offers to each and every patient. The collection of workflow that is used by Allscripts Sunrise Electronics health records is using a seamless integration for the support and solutions for those in the pathway programs. This program will work to help those with cancer to make an informed decision about their treatment options without creating a disruption of the workflow by each physician. The system will allow for those involved in the care of each patient to be treated independently instead of being treated as a whole group of patients.

The Clinical Pathways that creates the treatment of the patients is aimed appropriately to each patient. The guesswork is eliminated in each patients records and clinicians can work better by not reading the unneeded notes and records of a patient. All of the data and the research needed for oncology is always being updated and the standard of care for each of the patients to choose from is aimed specifically towards their own needs and not those needs of others who are affected or diagnosed with cancer.

It is the Cancer Treatment Centers of America that works to bring every patient who is affected by or their loved ones who are affected by cancer to be treated privately. For every person who is affected and for every patient that is diagnosed, their case of cancer is independent and entirely separate from another patients level of care. No cancer case is ever identical and how each person responds to their own level of care is completely separate. Although there is a situation that is similar, their cases are independent. For this reason alone, their care should also be separate from one another and their treatment options should be as well.

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