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Adams Family Star Ken Weatherwax Dies at age 59

Ken Weatherwax played the role of the chubby boy on the ABC sitcom The Addams Family. This show aired during the 1960’s.  
The ABC star died on Sunday due to a heart attack. This was confirmed by his niece Shanyn Vierira when she posted it on the social media cite facebook. After seeing the post everyone at the Amen Clinic where WeatherMax had visited a few times was pretty down. Weatherfax played the insect eating, shy son of Gomez and Morticaia Addams on the sitcom The Addams Family.

Weatherfax also played as Dugsley Sr. on the 1977 halloween Addams Family. The movie was for NBC and acted as a gripand set a builder in Hollywood. Much prayer goes out to the lost star. His memory will never be forgotten, and he will always be remembered for his roles in the hit The Addams Family.


Nola says:

The sitcom aired on television for two seasons during the yeard 1964- 66. The popular t.v. show also inspired numerous movies in the 1990’s. Ken Weatherwax was only 59 years old when he passed away. I do know for sure that bestessays can help Ken to make sure that he is remembered fully.

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