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Achievements of Andy Wirth.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of squaw valley ski holdings; he is well seasoned with management skills that enable him to develop strategies that make the area one of the best sightseeing and tourist destinations in the world. He is a major contributor to environmental and community service evident by the fact that he co-founded a foundation; ironman. The organization was started after the near fatal accident. He co-founded warrior support that honors the men of the navy seals. The primary function of the corporation is to raise funds that is used to facilitate the operations of the members of the group including their families. Andy Wirth recognizes that the navy seals play and important role in the global security which creates a favorable environment in the world economic development. He believes in improving the life of people through environmental improvement and quality air services. He is a major contributor to the different programs and organizations situated in the Lake Tahoe region with the primary focus of making living better for people of all ages.

Andy Wirth has been elected the chairman and the president of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC). This is due to his outstanding skills and unrelenting efforts in increasing the quality of air service thus attracting more tourist to the Lake Tahoe region. His services target not only the business organizations but also the communities living in Colorado and Quebec area. The board that has been elected is composed of the various heads and owners of hotels and casinos in the area. The primary function of the Regional Air Service Corporation is to foster development and improve the quality of the air service by designing strategies and identifying ways of increasing flights to the area. Andy Wirth feels honored that he can serve as the chairman of the corporation and above all be part of the team that would bring about change in the air service. Lake Tahoe region is endowed with the favorable environment for economic growth and development, air service into the area implies a growing and lucrative economy. Wirth is widely known for lobbying for the new development airports and air service for resorts and the local communities.

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