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About IM Academy

IM Academy is an innovative online training platform that offers a variety of courses designed to educate on forex trading. With the help of innovative software tools, the Academy provides highly effective learning experiences that allow users to learn more about forex effectively without ever having to leave home.

IM Academy was put up in 2013 by two forex traders. They had the vision to create a simple, easy-to-use platform to share information about Forex trading. Today, IM Academy offers many educational materials for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders. The content has been created through detailed research into trading psychology and professional traders’ feedback. By continuously delivering high-quality content, the team at IM Academy has become one of the most trusted names in education in this field.  You can find employees from many businesses on the site, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. So if you need advice on landing an internship with a particular company, there is a good chance that an employer will be discussing their internship program on the site.

IM Academy‘s remote working environment allows them to reach more people around the globe with fewer expenses. Students can work their hours and choose their preferred time zone. This makes learning much more accessible and gives students maximum flexibility. In a remote working environment, the Academy saved on space and reduced travel costs associated with commuting from home to place of work. With the new policies, the company could hire top-notch talent without worrying about location or geographic constraints. Since the crisis hit, the company has had no issues maintaining continuity in operations.

The Academy offers four distinct training programs that new customers can quickly sign up for through referrals. Each course provides informational videos interspersed with unlimited opportunities to interact online with instructors and fellow learners. The videos offer students an introduction to Forex and the basics of trading methodologies. They also contain interactive live teaching sessions where students can ask questions about the material they’ve just learned. These sessions allow them to remember more about Forex trading without purchasing additional materials. Kindly refer to this page for more information about IM Academy. 

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