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Aaron Lupuloff gathering society for its children’s success

Do you know the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, Aaron Lupuloff is the Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation has translated this to – It takes a community to raise the next generation of leaders. His passion to improve students achievements in the United States is inspiring America to improve its low educational success.

Students that have a better chance of success are those who are happy, purposeful, and perseverant. These can be fostered by encouraging and engaging activities provided by schools. However, as Aaron Lupuloff points out, schools, teachers, and parents cannot do it on their own without the support of their communities and organizations.

According to, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology is the top school in Georgia and ranked 13th best school in the whole United States. Their success is attributed to not only their teachers and staff but also to the helpful organizations like The Gwinnett County Public School Foundation. Having well-trained and professional teachers are a great start but having the necessary resources for the students, like school supplies, educational content that is engaging, and proper meals, are all needed.

Other organizations and the community also play a crucial role as well. Surprisingly, the success of the school district is tied with the success of the students. The country and state’s businesses and communities are able to help with fundraising, which reduces the burden of the parents, teachers, and students to have the resources the children need to succeed. Annual supply drives were created to supply necessary supplies. Aaron Lupuloff has placed a lot of concern for all children to receive the same quality of education. With different economic backgrounds enrolled in the same schools, efforts from society are needed to support this goal.

Sports are great physical activities that maintain the happiness of their students and teach them teamwork. The Atlanta Falcons even contributed by helping to create Gwinnett County Public School districts’ first girl’s flag football team. They even have goals to take this program to a statewide level. Efforts like these show what can be accomplished if we treat the children of our community as our own.

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