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A Unique Look – EOS Lip Balm Review

 If you have been in any convenience, drug, or supermarket store in the past few years, you have seen how the lip care aisle has expanded. With all of the competition on the market, it may seem impossible to have a major share. This has not been the case with the EOS Lip Balm brand. The company was started 7 years ago by Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, and they have never looked back. Here is a unique EOS Lip Balm Review.

Jonathan and Sanjiv started EOS when the recognized a few key details missing from the lip balm market. The biggest problems that faced the industry at the time included a non- women based lip balm and those women losing their lip balms in their various bags.

To compensate for the various issues, Jonathan and Sanjiv spent a few years designing the perfect lip balm. What they came up with was the now unique and widely known sphere shaped lip balms. When asked by interviewers about the sphere shape, the two responded that the sphere ‘helps women identify the lip balm in purses, gym bags, and other places that lip balms are usually lost.’

What makes the company unique from their competitors is that their branding is social media based and contain more natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. Something else that makes the company unique is that the two investors used their own personal finances to make their dreams come true. This gamble certainly paid off because EOS Lip Balm is now a 250 million dollar business that will be around for generations to come.

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