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A Look into the Profile of BMG Bank under CEO Ricardo Guimarães

BMG is a Brazilian based financial institution. It is owned and operated by PentagnaGuimarães family, whose interest in the Brazilian financial industry dates back to 1930. Ricardo Guimarães is the president and CEO of BMG.
Here, the purpose is to outline the profile of one of the leading banks in Brazil.
BMG – Background
The existence of BMG dates back to 1930 when it was originally founded as Banco de CréditoPredial S.A.
It was later renamed to Banco de Minas Gerais S.A, with the sole aim of offering commercial banking services to individuals and institutions.
With over 85 years in business, BMG has grown to be among the largest and most influential institutions in Brazil.
Business Portfolio
The main areas of focus in BMG business profile include the following:
• Credit Card Payroll
• Pensioners and Servers
• Facing Retirees
• BMG Enterprises
• BMG Performs
Whereas BMG enterprises specialize in providing financing services for medium and large corporations, BMG Performs is involved in lending to property assurance.
Additionally, BMG offers vehicle financing, in partnership with various institutions like Cipher Vehicles and Consortium Furniture and Vehicles.
With the extensive diversification of business portfolio, BMG solidifies its policy of delivering financial solutions geared towards facilitating the realization of dreams, as it contributes to the economic and social development in Brazil.
BMG partly attributes its success to its human capital that has been a force to reckon with. This is one of its primary assets. Based on its culture of meritocracy and framework for talent recognition, BMG has been able to develop a high synergy team, able to manoeuvre through challenges, thanks to ingenuity and teamwork.
The contributions of the banks CEO and President, Ricardo Guimarães,cannot be overlooked. Ricardo Guimarães holds a degree in Business administration from UNA University Centre, from where he graduated in 1988. He has been the CEO and President of the bank since 2004.
Ricardo Guimarães started his career at BMG Group in 1980 and has served in various positions before ascending to the position of CEO in 2004.
Since its founding, BMG Bank has grown to be the frontrunner in payroll loans in Brazil, and among the country’s largest financial institutions. It is part of the BMG Group – one of the leading and most significant business groups in Brazil. For over 80 years, the bank has excelled in delivering financial solutions aimed at facilitating the realization of dreams, as well as contributing to socio-economic development of Brazil.

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