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A look at the two years of the US Monetary Reserve

For two years, the U.S Reserve has been running an internship program through which they mentor young people to become better professionals. As they celebrated their second anniversary, it was good to look at the progress that they made over that period.

Everyone can see that the program has been an enormous success going by the performance of the people who have been through it. The organizers were impressed with the fast growth, and they announced that they would be recruiting a new round of interns for the summer. Let us look at where it all started and how everything unfolded.

Starting the internship program

When the U.S. Money Reserve wanted to start the internship program, they approached Mallory Burgess to kick start it. She is a professional who had worked in the same company with Vice President in charge of Marketing and Communications, Jim Warren. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | Manta

Jim described Mallory as a brilliant leader who was capable of initiating new projects. True to his word, she swiftly implemented the internship idea, and that is when the first intern walked through the company’s doors. Subsequent recruitment have been successful too. Mallory also works as the Media Buyer.

What is in store for the new interns?

The new rounds of interns will experience a different environment compared to the previous ones. This is because the company decided to bring back former supervisor, Sierra Taylor. Taylor worked with the interns in early 2018 and has come back to join management.

She revealed that the company would be opening the doors for six interns who will be deployed to various departments including social media and Radio, TV, and Film. While working with the management, she will also be handling the company’s social media accounts and continuing with her studies at the University of Texas where she studies advertising.

The story behind the U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Reserve was formed to distribute gold that is supplied by governments. In 2001, there was a need for a distributor who would reach out to the people who wanted to invest in gold, and that is how the company came into existence.

They have grown to become the largest distributor of such gold, and they have hundreds of thousands of customers. The exponential growth is attributed to the understanding that gold provides the best investment platform based on its ever appreciating market value. In addition to that, it can be stored for as long as the owner wants.

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