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A Look At Eric Pulier’s Interview With Ideamensch

Ideamensch inquired how Eric Pulier brings his ideas to fruition. Mr. Pulier responded by saying that he tries to write down important words of ideas and inspirations that may suddenly come to him. By writing his ideas or inspirations down, he can then come back to them later and not lose them. It also allows him to review his ideas and thoughts and to build on those thoughts later on. Eric Pulier believes that had he not written some of his ideas or inspirations down, then some of his major inventions and businesses would not have formed. He also says that he will often let something simmer for a while in his mind and that it often comes out as a brilliant new idea or thought later on.


Next Ideamensch asked Eric Pulier what trends he finds exciting and fascinating. Mr. Pulier said that genome editing technologies CRISPR-Cas9 can have major implications for the future of biotechnology. Editing genes in organisms permanently can have a major impact not only on plants but on humans and animals as well. Another development that excites him is known as blockchain technology. Pulier believes that blockchain technology can alter the way we write contracts and do business. He believes it can change the nature of the economy in a significant way.


Ideamensch also asked Eric Pulier what is a habit of his that makes him more productive. His response was that he uses the actual process of writing to think through and come up with solutions to problems that he faces. Writing to develop solutions says Pulier is different than writing to clarify. This gives him confidence to tackle challenges that seem very hard at first without having to work out all the details in advance.


Eric Pulier is a published author, software developer, investor, philanthropist and tech entrepeneur. He has started numerous technology and software companies such as ServiceMesh, Akana and Digital Evolution. As an investor, Eric Pulier has helped provide seed money for new tech companies and software companies. As a philanthropist Eric Pulier enjoys helping children in need through his work with the Painted Turtle and Starbright World charities.

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