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A Funny Look at Jared Leto

A really funny Jared Leto photo has just surfaced online and it gives us a bit of insight into what The Joker is going to look like on the silver screen. Leto is riding his bike around Toronto sporting a sleeveless shirt and, yes, short-cropped green hair. The green hair should not come as a surprise. That is The Joker’s trademark. What is surprising is just how buff Leto looks. The guys in the weight-room at Boraie Development assume the man definitely has been hitting the gym and hitting it hard.

This is usually atypical for The Joker. The character has always been rather lean and sickly in the books. Jack Nicholson did a rather fat turn as The Joker in the 1980’s, but no one has ever played a muscles up version. Mr. Freeze was never muscular either, but The Arnold did play a bulked up version. Okay, let us not think about that villain and film right now. We might jinx the release of Suicide Squad.

A buff Joker is not totally new. In Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, we saw a beefier version of The Joker appear. The change in the look of The Joker helped him appear a bit more menacing although he was no match for the bigger and stronger Batman.

A bulked-up Leto does help give his take on the Clown Prince of Crime an original perspective. This is important because audiences are not interested in a retread performance.

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