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A Brighter Future Through ClassDojo

If you have children in grade and/or middle school, chances are you have heard of ClassDojo. This company specializes in educational technology, or edtech for short, and they are making very impressive inroads to elementary and middle schools all across the country.

For decades now, we have heard from pupils and teachers alike about how “boring” school can be. ClassDojo has made it one of their missions to rectify this issue. They do so with innovate apps that range from making the time spent at school more like an interactive video game, to apps that take a Bill Nye approach. That is to say, injecting humor into the learning process.

There is also a push by ClassDojo to put a more commonsense approach into the teaching process. This enables teachers to put the curriculum on more of a level that the students can better understand and relate to. This enables students to learn more and learn it quicker. And this will boost their confidence level which it makes it easier for them to learn even more subjects. It is an approach that has a definite snowball effect.

What ClassDojo does not do is change the testing procedures that the schools which have partial or full government funding have to abide by. What they can do however is to make the trip that students and teachers have to take to get to the testing processes, more fun, interactive and with a better pace.

We are seeing groundbreaking strides that ClassDojo is taking to make schooling better and easier for everyone. The most impressive is that ClassDojo puts advancements of their products ahead of potential profits. The profits will come, and they know this. Therefore, they have no issue with advancing their applications of current technology., over initial profits. And considering they are just getting started with this specific application of technology, the future will be brighter.

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